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I was just wondering if this theme would support e-commerce plugins such as Cart66, or any other recommended e-commerce plugin. Please also provide any other considerations for implementing an e-commerce page for ‘catering’ section.


Hi dragontailseo, officially we do not support WooCommerce but you can make it work with a special woocommerce.php file. If you like I can send that to you. Contact us via our author profile page and we’ll send that to you.

Again, it’s not perfect but I think with some CSS tweaks you can fix the aesthetics and make it work. We are seriously considering providing full WooCommerce Support.

I hope that helps.

Yes, WooCommerce or cart 66 would be beneficial for this site in the long run, as we have plans to integrate this in the future. Would it be possible to be notified when this WooCommerce support will be integrated. Regards

H dragontailseo, that sounds like a plan. Please subscribe to our author profile so we can stay in touch with you.


Can you tell me what dimensions the header would need to be in order for it to stretch the entire screen length and not tile? I’ve made a 340×1080 px header but it still tiles (in all three of the responsive/fixed options). Please advise.

Glad to hear it’s working now :)


Please ignore the comment above – I’ve resolved that issue but can’t figure out how to remove my previous post.

However, I am wondering what the shortcode for the tabbed menu is (shown on the bottom of the “mixed style” menu page on your demo site)...I can’t seem to find it in the documentation.


Hi there, the tabbed menu is created by inserting the menu shortcode inside of the tab shortcode. Here’s the example code for the Mixed Style page tabs:

[tab title="Signature Items"][foodmenu groups=signature-items][/tab]
[tab title="Healthy Choices"][foodmenu groups=healthy-choices][/tab]
[tab title="New Items"][foodmenu groups=new-to-menu][/tab]
We include the pages in the Demo Content, but we will also make sure to add it into the theme demo. Cheers!

There are pages that I would like to change the position of the sidebar, in some cases not using the sidebar and moving? the navigation to a horizontal top bar. Would there be anything in the Eatery theme to cause any more than the normal motions of creating a new page layout for a WordPress theme? Thanks, Don

Hi Don, thanks for contacting us. The sidebar is an integral part of the layout and we feel that it works very well as part of the overall design. Anything is possible but it would require modification. If you have any more question please let us know :)

Hi, I purchased this great theme and now I am customising it for a client.

I would like to add a little vegetarian symbol or a little meat symbol next to the name of the dish to indicate that it is vegetarian (or not). Can you please help me, do you have any ideas how to do that? Thank you, Sonja

Hi Sonja, try adding a

<img src="PATH-TO-YOUR-ICON.png" />
into the Price Description Field on the menu item you would like it to show up on. I added this just before before the price description text and it worked pretty well. I hope this helps you.

This is a hack and there is no official feature for this but I’m sure you can make it work.

Thanks for choosing our theme.

When I enter menu food items I am getting this: in/profile.php” title=”My Account”>Howdy, mmppms •mmppms •Edit My Profile •Log Out Log Out

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong? I have four or five main categories for menu items and I placed the information in the right group….

Hi mmppms, if you can send us a link through our author profile page ( then we will have a look and get it sorted out. Cheers!

Hi, I’m trying to add a OpenTable widget, to the left nav under the social media icons and the widget is sitting on top – overlaying the social media icons…is there another way of doing this? This is the widget code OpenTable provided

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><a href="" class="OT_ExtLink">Ma'Kai Reservations</a>
Hi alonomix, with just the code they provide it doesn’t display correctly. If you wrap it in a div tag then it helps. There is also some CSS to be added to Custom CSS box in the Theme Options to make it look correct. You can copy it as below, or if you send us a message through our author profile page ( with your WP login info, then I can add that in. Cheers!
h1.OT_title, h2.OT_subtitle, #sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_timeList li a, #sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_partyList li a {color:#000 !important;}

h1.OT_title {
font-size:14px !important;
margin:0 !important;
h2.OT_subtitle {
font-size:8px !important;

#sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_timeList, #sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_partyList {display:none; text-align:left;}

#sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_timeList li, #sidebar .side-widget ul#OT_partyList li {display:inline; line-height:110% !important; padding:0 !important; margin:0 !important;}

That worked perfect! Thanks for the quick response and support!

You’re very welcome!

Hi there….

Once again, great theme….great support.

I´ve just noticed one issue though. The sidebar background seems to cut short in Chrome…..what´s the way around this?


Hi danboy20, I just tested your site on Chrome for Windows as well as Chrome for Mac, and I’m not seeing the issue. I’ll reply to your email and we can get it sorted out!

Yes, it seems to be okay now…..very strange.

Awesome! Let us know if it comes back. :)


Seems to only be the homepage sidebar which is cutting short in chrome, so that it isn´t reaching the bottom of the page.

See above.

I just installed a clean copy of WordPress and uploaded this theme, when I activate it I get an error and WordPress becomes unusable.

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in XXXXX/wp-content/themes/eatery2/framework/mobile/walker_responsive_menu.php on line 85”

Hi atomicpopmonkey, can you please contact via our author profile? This is very strange and has never come up before. Here is a link to out author profile so we will help you out. :)

I just want to say what a fantastic theme this is; but more importantly, such excellent customer service, from people that can be bothered to help.

Sounds really cheesy, but if you have bought enough themes from here, you know the good ones from the bad.

Thank you very much! Great to hear you’ve enjoyed the theme so much. We really appreciate it. :)

I want to use the tabs on my menu the way you have on your sample page, but my tabs are not lining up across the page horizontally, they are going vertically. How do I correct this? Each tab is calling to a food group. This is the short code I’m using. title=”Big Bites”]foodmenu groups=big-bites groups=seafood-bar][/tab] groups=new-to-menu]/tab P.S. I’ve read through your threads and the manual for so long that I’m cross-eyed before asking! :-)

oh, well that shortcode didn’t really come through that post accurately…lets just say I copied it from an example you gave 3 weeks ago in another thread.

UGH! Never mind, there was some random tag in front of it all. I took it out and it’s fine!

That’s great that you got it working Seared! If you have any other questions, let us know.

Hi, I buyed today the theme, Is it possibile to change the sidebar textures with one of my images ? For example a wood-texture. Thanks

ok, I solved It ! Thanks

Sounds like you found the area in the Theme Options. Great!

Hi, sorry… Can you tell me how order the categories of menu: Antipasto-Primo-Secondo-Conorno ? Tnanks !

ok, I solved It ! Thanks ! Sorry ! -> [foodmenu groups=breakfast,lunch, etc etc…]

No worries, glad it’s working for you :)

Hi, can you tell me, how change the header images with 1 panoramic image ? Thanks ! !

Hi VinDesign,

The way the header works is you can upload up to 8 images and the theme will resize them to a height of 340px and stitch them together. So if you want one panoramic image, it would be best to resize and/or crop it to a height of 340px with whatever width you’d like and then upload it in the theme. Cheers!

ok, thanks ! Very Good !

You’re very welcome :) the reservation area the hours for it are from 10 am to 12 pm but my restaurant is open only from 10 to 16 ,how can I reduce the hours in the way to adjust them for my restaurant?

Hi VinDesign, we wanted to keep it simple with the reservation form, so that’s not a built-in feature, but you can edit the template file to make that change. Based on how you describe it, it sounds like you want to use 24 clock also, which would make it more readable in the dropdown menu as well. In the file eatery/reservations-page.php, find on or around line 134:


    $hoursInClock = 24;
$hoursInClock ++;
for ($i = 0; $i < $hoursInClock; $i++) {

and change it to:


    $hoursInClock = 16;
$hoursInClock ++;
for ($i = 10; $i < $hoursInClock; $i++) {

Then just make sure that you have 24 hour clock enabled in the Theme Options > General. Let us know how that works for you. Cheers!

Ok ! Great ! Thanks !

How I choose the H1, H2, H3… the font in article ? Is there a code html ?

Are you wondering how to tell which heading on your website is H1 and H2? The main page title is H1. You can figure out the rest by view source or try using the Web Developer FireFox add on.

You could also figure it out through trial and error.


Ok ! I thought that there was a another way ! Thanks !

No problem. Cheers! :)

Can I change the link effect, for example when I pass the mouse over the link ? Thanks

Hi VinDesign, in terms of theme colours, we designed the theme so that you can create your own scheme if you want, which allows for any colour for most areas of the theme, including link hover. More info here:

Or if you want everything exactly how it is, but want to change just that 1 colour, then you can add a line of code to the Custom CSS box in Appearance > Theme Options: #inner-content a:hover {color:#fff !important; background-color:#000 !important;}
and then adjust as necessary.
If you have any other questions, we just ask that you please send us an email through our author profile page: (bottom right) Cheers!

Hi there. I’m interested in purchasing your theme, but I have a question first. The client I am working for has two restaurants, so they will need to include a menu link for each in the nav bar. Each menu will have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Is it possible to easily create a two separate menus each with three subheadings in this theme? Thanks!

Hi blossomaz, yes because we are using shortcodes and unlimited menu groups can you create as many menus as you wish. You an also separate them as many time as you like. A two menu system would be easy to do. Cheers!

Great! Thanks much!

No problem. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

hejjj there,
thanks for great theme.. Is it safe to upgrade to WordPress 3.6?

Hello arbeni! Yes Eatery is fully compatible with WordPress 3.6

Thanks for asking :)