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Great work, love it! Good luck with sales!

Hello MNKY ,

Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, I do hope so this template will have good sales volume…;)

cheers Keenan

Really nice design. Probably one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while. Good luck!

Hello Cartermatic,

So glad to know you like this template. Thank you very much.

Cheers, Keenan

Hey maskeenan! Nice design..definitely worth more that $35! Keep up the Joomla themes…We really need more fresh and new ideas for Joomla as is this one… Good luck with the sales!

Uh la la…BoxedCreative,

Thank you very much for your very kind words. I’m so glad you like my work. Yea, Hopefully I’m still blessed to produce other nice joomla templates. Good luck for your businees too, BoxedCreative

Cheers, MasKeenan

Hi Maskeenan, I am very impressed with this template. I would like to purchase for my new business but am concerned that the font is slightly too small and would also like my font to be darker. Are these things that are easy for me to change? I am confident with most non-coding aspects of joomla template customisation but have not had to do this in the past. If I know i can make these changes I will buy your template. Thankyou for a great template! Regards.

Hello Speedymoody,

Thank you very much for your question, So glad to know you’re interested in this template. If it’s concerning with font-size surely it should be easy thing for you. For example, if you think the body font size is too small, you just need to change this line
body#bd{font:normal 13px/22px 'DroidSansRegular', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#888;}
as you see above, 13px is font-size itself, 22px is the line-height, and #888 is its color. you can change those values to be suitable with your need. And if it’s concerning with the title heading size, it’s also so easy too, though you will need to change some (h1, h2, h3, h4, .contentheading) font-size. But…, please no worries, I’m trying to assist you to have your own setting with this template.

Hopefully my reply will help you to make a decision of purchasing this templates. Thank you very much.

Cheers, Maskeenan

Wew good luck with dodolane yo mas….tak bookmark sik waiting for a client hehehe…

Makasih banyak mas Schro, Moga mas schro segera dapet klien sing uakeh cekne ndang tuku template iki, hehehe

coba posting komen jareeee… g percoyo tah lek aku sing tuku…

Oke oke percoyo aku, suwun yo jeh

brarti aku pertamax komen sebagai dengan status purchased ikiiiii…

Hi Mate,

Very clean template! Good luck with sales


Hello Arrowart,

Thank you very much, good sales for you too ;)

Cheers, Maskeenan

I have purchased this theme, overall I think this is a very nice theme, simple and modern, highly recommended … I really get full of support from maskeenan anytime I need, related to troubleshooting of it …, You provide 24-hours technical support services don’t you?... :d :d :d

Should I reply here or on you facebook page? hehehe. Especially for you, I’ll dedicated my whole time for you ;) Anyway, thank you very much mate, for your very kind words and surely for purchasing my work :)

Turkish characters have a problem. How can I solve this. ?? Öö I? Üü ??

Hello Saklimavi,

Thank you very much for purchasing this template. Well, in eatoreh template, the article title uses MgOpenModataRegular font-type, and DroidSansRegular font-type is used in body. I use @font-face syntax to implement a cross browser compatible font face. the error occurs on you web, because MgOpenModataRegular and DroidSansRegular might not support the turkish character, and to solve this problem you need to change this font-type and choose another font-type that surely support the Turkish character. to replace the @font-face is very easy, you just need about 4 steps

  1. Generate your font, you need to go to this site to generate a webfont kit. Upload your font there and download your webfont kit. you will have 4 types of font files, *.eot, *woff, *.ttf, *.svg.
  2. Place those 4 files into the fonts directory, templates/eatoreh/fonts
  3. Declare your @font-face in css, no worry about this, you don’t need to type it by yourself, because The generated web font kit also includes a stylesheet.css file that contains almost the same syntax. You can copy the syntax from there and modify its url to match your directory structure
  4. Apply your @font-face on elements just like I did on this line (please open template.css file)
    .contentheading, .componentheading, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-weight: normal; font-family:’MgOpenModataRegular’; }

Ok, hopefully those steps will help you.

Cheers, Maskeenan

Thank you for the reply but the problem in the menus. expression attached picture.

Hello Saklimavi,

So, the problem is caused by the “DroidSansRegular” font-type, by using same step from my previous reply, then you could change this line
.ja-megamenu ul.level0 li {font-size:13px; font-family:'DroidSansRegular';}
it’s in mega.css file (if you use mega menu as your default menu system), it’s located on folder eatoreh16 > css > menu. You could please change DroidSansRegular with your font type that is fully support turkish character. Hopefully, it will help.

Cheers, Keenan

Thank you for your assistance. problem is resolved.

You’re welcome ;)

logo a limited measure. 193px – 67px setting.css are making changes, but also does not happen. Where you need to set? :)

Hello Saklimavi,

Yea, you’re on a right place to set your own logo. if your logo still doesn’t appear replacing eatoreh logo, you should check
  • Please check where you store your logo image, it should be on folder eatoreh16 > images
  • if it still doesn’t appear, probably you need to clean your JAT3 Cache, it’s easy, just hit “JAT3 clean cache” on your administration page
  • Afterwards, you could please try to press ctrl + F5 at once on your keyboard while refreshing your page

Hopefully those steps could answer your question, thanks.


Nice design! Love to see templates that don’t look like Joomla templates ;)

Good luck with the sales :)

Hello Tomdekok,

Thank you very much for your kind words, tom…;)

Beautiful theme, just love the layout. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion. Thought the Google maps edge to edge thing was pretty sweet.

Uh la la Ianmh,

What a great description…, really.. I’m so appreciated it…, I don’t know what to say thank you to you. I myself have no idea/words to describe my own work…, but you…, you did really really great thing, amazing…, I’m so touched of it. Thank you very much, have a nice day.


I love this theme!!, is very nice, good luck!

Hello Juanrane,

Thank you very much for purchasing this theme, and I’m glad to know you like it, please enjoy it.

Beautiful design!

hello, Thank you very much steve….:)

How I can change the footer? (Copyrigh, etc. ..) thanks

Hello Juanrane,

It’s so easy to have your own copyright, please go to templates > eatoreh16 > html > mod_footer > default.php, then you can change/edit that file to have your own.

Cheers, Maskeenan

This a very super cool theme…

I’m having some trouble installing the demo content (by the way, the company I work, bought this theme with another account, I can give you the details of the purchase to proof it)

I’ll appreciate your help!

Hello Voltadg,

I’m sorry for my late reply. Don’t be worried I could believe in you, no need to prove anything ;) Well, Could you please detail me what kind of problem that you have? Have you followed the easy steps that I wrote down on my documentation/tutorial? I’m looking forward to your detail.

Have a nice day, Maskeenan

woops!.. I’ll provably need to connect with the company account so everything is cool with theme forest… sorry for the inconvenience

Hi I’m trying to view to available content/user module positions available for this template but don’t seem to find a link to them. Is there one?

Hello Iengage,

Thank you very much for dropping by on my work. Well, I have to confess that I forgot to provide that information. But, please don’t be worried, you could get it here

Hope you enjoy it and surely I do hope you’d like to purchase my work then ;) Thanks.