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Hello Maskeenan

I have been developing a website using your great template on the Firefox browser

I have made many changes to the css of the template, which all look great on Firefox.

Today I happened to check the website on Google Chrome and found that many of the css changes (particularly the color) have not changed and the original default orange colour is appearing on IChrome as well as Internet Explorer and Safari

You can view the website at

I am not sure what has happened

Should I have created a new color style instead of changing the default orange styling?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Thank you


Hello Novare,

I’m so sorry just reply your messages. No, everything should be find on chrome and firefox. And Now I’ve checked on all browser, and your website looks fine. Well, i think you’ve solved the problem, huh?

Anyway, You did great modification on this template, amazing and congratulation.

Hello Maskeenan

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I solved the problem, so sorry to bother you.

Have really enjoyed working with your template.


I am interested in buying this very nice template but have a couple of questions please.

Does the quick start package also include Joomla? If so what version of 1.6.?

Is there a way I can review the documentation before I purchase?

Do you have a help/support forum?

Thank you! :)

Hello Coryzane,

Thank you, I’m glad you’re interested in my template. For now, I haven’t had any support forum, you can only leave me a messages through this discussion board and also PM me.

or you can PM me, so I can send you the documentation. This quickstart is also included joomla, So by using quictstart it’s kind of a clone of this demo. The version is Joomla 1.6.3

I have a question before I would buy this.. Great layout for what I am looking for is this compatible with all the major browsers?? You don’t have Google Chrome listed on there.. I would need something that would work on all the major platforms.. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hello Rufus,

Thank you very much, I’m so glad to know you’re interested in my template. yes, it’s compatible on major browser, you can test it by visiting it using chrome or the others.

Cheers, Keenan

I have bought the theme and so far only a couple of items.

1) I am still waiting for the response on my response answering your questions about the Logo not resizing. I emailed and resent via the PM function as well. It is important that I be able to use a larger logo for my client.

2) On the module “Most Read Content” the bullets are in the wrong place. They come up on top of the first letter on each line and not beside the letter as a normal bullet would position.

Otherwise so far so good, Thanks for your help. :)

I responded to your email and answered your question about logo size.

I am still waiting for an answer and solution for the Logo not resizing as per your instructions.

  • Even worse is the fact that my Client is still waiting!

Please lets get this resolved.


O la la Frank, I’m so sorry, I forgot to tell you that you need to change its logo size in two css files.

  • First one in default setting.css, it’s on templates > eatoreh > css
  • and also in core > themes > yale > css > setting.css

Good luck, I do hope this one will solve your problem Thanks

Hi Keenan,

Read my previous email again please as I told you I already tried the above.

I tried doing the theme / yale / css / setting css and it pushed the menu over and forced it into two lines.

I have tried all of the above using several different sizes even one that was only 250×100 and it still skewed the menu if i changed it in the theme / yale / css / setting css :(

Hello Frank,

I’ve tested on my local using your logo size, 250×100px, it run well, the menu also run very well, it was not pushed and forced into two line, whereas I have wider size of the menu than yours.

Maybe you could please show me your website which is in 250×100 logo size, i’d like to see what causes this mess.

Or you could try to reduce padding value for each menu item (templates > eatoreh > css > menu > mega.css), on around line 6 you should see

.ja-megamenu ul.level0 li.mega a.mega {padding:2px 35px 2px 0; color:#363636; height:30px; font-weight: normal!important;}
please try to change padding:2px 35px 2px 0; to padding:2px 25px 2px 0

Good luck

Hi! I only installed the template for Joomla 1.6 without the quickstart. When I try to set the Google Map I can’t find your sliderload position in the different choices, and it doesn’t work in any other position? Did I forget to install something?


Hello Saperlipop,

Thanks for purchasing my template. Well, have you ensured this module enabled/published? Also have you ensured this module assignment to be displayed on all page or only on selected page?

Again, for example you’d like to place a module, and your intended position is not on the modules list, you can directly type the position’s name in that field.

Good Luck

Dear maskeenan:

Im interested in this template but i wanna know if you are going to develop it to version 1.7

Best regards


Hello Tony, Yes, I plan to update this template into Joomla 1.7 as well. After migrating my Arapah Theme and panekah theme to 1.7, then I’ll update this theme as well. I’ll let you know then.


HI Maskeenan

I have bought your template and would like some customisation work done, are you available for freelance work?



Hello Lewis,

Thanks for purchasing my template, and actually I’m worried I have no more space for new freelance work. But, who knows, maybe I still can do something for you. So, Could you specify me your requirement? please PM me.


Hello Maskeenan

I’ve bought your template, it looks great! Yet I’ve a question (first time joomla user):

On the homepage there is a tab-control at the bottom, it works but where can I say where the articles have to open? Now it opens just above it and that’s not the right place.

I hope you can help me!

Thanks, Miriam

Hello Miriam,

Could you provide me your live url please? Anyway, Thank you very much for purchasing my template.


Hi maskeenan,

i have purchsed your excellent template for a project I am working on and have made quite a few changes, but i am having a few issues.

1) when you hover over any of the buttons (more info/webiste or Find now) on the Members page the text does not change to white as i want it to, i have modified the css but am struggling to find a solution.

2) when looking at Archived Articles the layout goes wrong and the lread more buttons don’t display correctly

3) i can not get the Contact Us page to display as i’d like – i need to get the Contact Us header in the same location as the headers on the other pages.

you can look at my site here:

any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, some may be very simple to sort out (i hope) but i’m newish to this sort of modifications.

Again i must say i’m very impressed by this templete!

thanks in advance,


Hello Chris,

Thank you very much for purchasing my template, and I should say that you did really great modification. and about your your problem, I’ll try to answer them :

  1. please open your setting.css file and on this line
    ul.gkTabs li:hover, .purchase a:hover, .button:hover, #member-registration .validate:hover, .form-validate button:hover, #s5_qc_submitbutton.button:hover, #ja-container .readmore a:hover span{background:#E4051F!important;}
    you shoud fill different color property from your a:link color property
  2. Archieved article…?? where is that? could you provide me the link?
  3. I’m sorry I’m not really understand with this question, probably you’d be better provide me any screenshot.

Thanks, hopefully I can help.

Hello Maskeenan,

I have a problem with fonts on my site. Everything is ok when I use english language but I’m from Poland and I’m creating a polish language site. Some special for polish language letters looks bad, like replaced by the same letters but from different font. Is it possible to fix it global or do I have to change fonts on my site? If I have to change fonts please tell me where can I find them. I use Joomla 1.6 with Polish language package.

Thank You for your help,

Hello Maskeenan,

I think that I should specify my question a little bit. I have problem with polish letters in such places:

1. Top menu. 2. Pear font and button in promo module (Purchase in template’s demo) 3.Search button (this with name GO) 4. In this featrued project slider module in names of different sources (like All, Website design or Graphic design) 5. In the bottom area (grey) in names of modules (Like Who’s online and Recent Blog post). 6. When I put more than 2 articles in Blog menu, there is a text under the second article (More articles) and links to the rest. These text More articles when I changed it to the polish (Wi?cej artyku?ów) looks bad.

I think that’s all.

But for example everything is ok in main menu (when I put there positions with polish font) and in the subscribe module when i changed the text to polish.

Thank You in advance,

Hello Eventlog,

font I use on those positions are DroidSansRegular, So, it might be caused unsupported this font in polish language. Maybe you need to replace DroidSans with the other font-types, then please follow this steps.
  • Generate your font, you need to go to this site to generate a webfont kit. Upload your font there and download your webfont kit. you will have 4 types of font files, *.eot, *woff, *.ttf, *.svg.
  • Place those 4 files into the fonts directory, templates/eatoreh/fonts
  • Declare your @font-face in css, no worry about this, you don’t need to type it by yourself, because The generated web font kit also includes a stylesheet.css file that contains almost the same syntax. You can copy the syntax from there and modify its url to match your directory structure.
  • Apply your @font-face on elements just like I did on this line
    .button, .purchase a, #member-registration .validate, .form-validate button{    
        text-transform: uppercase; 
        font-family: 'DroidSansRegular';

    PS : maybe easier way just use “find and replace” feature of your software (dreamweaver) > find DroidSansRegular > then replace with font-type.

    dziekuje and good luck

Would like to get this, how soon for 1.7?

Hello Enrika,

Eatoreh now is updated to native Joomla 1.7 I’m looking forward to your purchase.


Hello Maskeenan,

Thank You very much for your help. I found DroidSansRegular font in template’s files and replaced it in code to another font. It looks like Droid doesn’t support polish letters. Now everything is ok and looks fine.

Thank You for your help, Eventlog

Hi Maskeenan

Not sure you received my email regarding freelance work but may be able to sort it my self if you could advice on the following:

1. Menu items: I would like these to be in bold to match the rollover state.

2. Copy font: I would like to change the colour reference to be darker.

3. Header and footer spacing: I would like to reduce the header and footer space, I have a jpeg that shows this more clearly if you want me to send

Probably most of these can be done through the CSS but I cannot find them , if you could tell me the sheets and lines to look at that would be fantastic!



Hello Lewis,

No, I haven’t received your email about this things, please let me check, I use thunderbird as my email client. Also please let me check about your need, yes, it should be and surely can be handled by css.


I’ve found your email. please hold on a second. I’ll come back with the solution for your answer…

  1. Menu Items, Please open mega.css file on templates > eatoreh > menu folder, you should see
    .ja-megamenu ul.level0 li.mega a.mega {padding:2px 35px 2px 0; color:#363636; height:30px; font-weight: normal!important;}
    You could change the font-weight:normal to be bold
  2. Copy Font, please open template.css file, then you should see this line
    body#bd{background:#fff url(../images/bg-main.png) 0 0 repeat; font:normal 13px/22px 'DroidSansRegular', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#888;}
        padding:35px 0 20px 0;
    You could change the color:#888 to another darker color, for example color:#333
  3. Header and footer Spacing : reducing the spacing, you need to reduce the padding of #ja-container and #ja-featured .main

I do hope I can answer your questions, then please let me know how it will be.


Hi Maskeenan

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I can resend if that saves you time looking through your old email.

What would be the best address as the one I am currently using seems to be a problem.



No no no, I’ve found it and I’ve answered it as well. So, please read my previous reply on your previous post


Hi Maskeenan

First of all I thank you for this template. Beautifull style!

I have one small problem. On some article-pages my breadcrums dont show up. I can’t even copy a working articel-page (same contents, same settings) still the breadrums dont show up. Du you have an idea?

Thanks Michel

Hello Michel,

The article itself should have active menu or active parent menu, and please make sure that the breadcrumb modules is assigned/published on that menu. I do hope I can answer your question.

anyway thank you very much for purchasing my eatoreh. Have a nice day

Hey Maskeenan,

I just wanted to congratulate you, not only on a great theme, but also on a terrific level of support your providing.

Here’s looking forward to the 1.7 version! :-)

Regards – John

Updated to Joomla 1.7, You may please redownload the file.


Can you describe the update process from the 1.6 quickstart to the 1.7 version?

Hello John,

Could you please PM me? I’ll reply your PM with an account (username and password) So you can access our Forum support



I’ve just purchased your template. I am not knowledge about setup up template in Joomla.

I noticed that you include the quick start version. I just want to setup the template the same way as you do in the demo. I wonder if I need to import the database as well? where is the database located?



Hello Vic,

How is your project using my templates? did my last reply work for you?