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Thanks for the theme! I’m using your User Guide to install it, and I’ve run into a problem.

I’m doing the “install complete site method” and I made it through everything with the Akeeba Backup Installer, but now I can’t log in to the administrator page.

At the very end of this tutorial on your user guide, it says “3. Login to your administrator panel using ‘admin’ as username and using a your password.”

I’m wondering if there was a typo here in the “a your” part, and there’s also a broken link to an image right above it (it’s a box with a blue question mark).

In, I’ve tried every combination of “admin” as my username and any password I can think it might be, but I’m just really confused.

Thanks for any help you can give me, Tessa

Sorry to post again, but I realize that I probably have this problem because I didn’t specify a Smart Sign-In or whatever it’s called in the Akeeba Installer. It seems like it’s too late to go back to the installer; in fact, I removed the configuration already (if that matters).

Is there any other way to specify a password or do I have to delete the entire quickstart and reinstall on my ftp server? It took quite a long time so I don’t want to do this unless there’s no other way.

Thank you!!!


Could you please re-submit your question on our forum support.

before re-submitting your question you could please PM me , so I can come back to you with an account for you to log in there.

Thank you very much PS : I’m so sorry for my late reply

I just purchased your theme and did the “quickstart” install. Now when I go into the theme and select the “Dodger” profile it still displays all the colors and stylings of the “default” orange profile. I tried saving and clearing the cache. Even changes made to the “default” style to test things don’t show such as switching from “LTR” to “RTL”.


Could you please re-submit your question on our forum support.

before re-submitting your question you could please PM me , so I can come back to you with an account for you to log in there.

Thank you very much PS : I’m so sorry for my late reply

Along with my previous issue I can’t remove the cpanel even after following your guide it still appears.


Could you please re-submit your question on our forum support.

before re-submitting your question you could please PM me , so I can come back to you with an account for you to log in there.

Thank you very much PS : I’m so sorry for my late reply

Hi maskeenan

This is a great template and i am loving it. I have some questions and requirements before purchasing this template

1. I am going to have educational website, with study materials, discussion forum and blog. My primary requirement is K2, is this template styled according to K2

2. Most of my students visit and browse website through tablet and android, so how does this template look and feel in mobile.

3. Honestly speaking i am confused in between T3 framework and gantry framework, and i am still learning joomla and seeing both of its features, my mind is blown away what to choose?

This is also my favourite template because its very simple and elegant, so i thought to ask you

Hope you will not mind


Hello Jumi,

Thank you very much for your post. I’m so glad to know you’re interested in my template.
  1. Yes, this template has been restyled inbuilt K2 powerful joomla component.
  2. T3 has inbuilt system for mobile device. But, I have to tell you honestly that the mobile layout of eatoreh is not as good as the desktop version. Maybe, I need to update it in next future. Here your step to check our (eatoreh) in mobile version.
    • Run Safari browser
    • Click on Edit -> Preference
    • Please go to Advanced tab check the checkbox for Showing Develop menu in menu bar option
    • Then, exit from the Preference dialog window
    • A new “Develop” menu will show in the menu bar click on the Develop
    • Afterwards, Select the User Agent in the pull down menu
    • Select Mobile Safari – iPhone
  3. T3 framework and gantry are the most popular framework to develop joomla template, there are still others framework outside of both above framework. Unfortunately, I can’t say which one is better, it depends on us, But I myself feel more comfortable with T3 framework

I do hope I can answer your question. I’m so sorry for my so late reply.

Have a nice day Keenan

Hi maskeenan

Thank you so much for your reply. I have seen the template preview in mobile and its good, but need more polish..but i love this template..and i have bookmarked it..i will be waiting for updates..till then i am practicing joomla

thanks Regards

I am having trouble with my Eatoreh template for Joomla 1.6 it has seriously messed my my site and I don’t know how to fix it or what to do or who to go to. PLEASE HELP ME !!! look at my website, it is a disaster

Hello Adam, Could you please PM me here

So I could send you back an account for you to access our forum support.


I am highly disappointed by the service and assistance received by the author of this template.

I posted a PM, as suggested on his personal page, highlighting problems in installing the kickstart package. I NEVER GOT A REPLY .

Only after several days of personal attempts I found out that the problem relies on the folders permissions. For some reason the package has all permissions changed and I had to change them manually.

Dear author, I have to say that I found many pirate copies of this template, just googling, but I am a serious person and bought it also because I expect post-sale assistance.

If you ignore requests for help, what’s the purpose of spending money for your templates, when I can get full assistance from any other template maker?

O la la…, Sasso…!!!

I’m so sorry for this inconvenient I’ve made. It was my fault, I was careless in managing my inbox mail, I didn’t notice there was your email on my inbox, because I use one email for my account on themeforest, for my forum support, and the others.

Besides receiving email about a PM from themeforest I received email notification from my forum support, that’s why on a date you sent me a PM, there were also many others incoming email on my inbox, and I was careless not read your messages, I’m so sorry.

I’ve learned from this case, I’ve separated my email, my primary email is now fully 100% for my themeforest account, So I do hope in the future there is no more un-replied messages/PM that’s caused by my careless.


PS : I’ve created an account for you to access my forum support username and password has been sent to your email.

Your reply is very much appreciated. Mine was a constructive critic to push you to be more active, and it looks like you promised that.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much, Sappolo. Your words have waken me up…..!!! I’m so much appreciated.

I wanted to use the Template on an existing 1.5 with virtuemart. But i already gettin an Error after activitaing the template: “The plugin JAT3 framework must be installed and enabled.”

I think i did it how it should – but i dont find a solution.


Thank you very much for purchasing my template. Could you please PM me here

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Hello maskeenan,

I am interested in buying this nice template but have one question. Can I upload videos into the portfolio or in a single article ?


Hello cedric,

Thank you very much for your post. I think, default joomla system should be able to display the video on both inside or outside video link. But, I never try it before…!! If not I think there would be 3rd party video plugin could be use to display the video on a single article.

I do hope I could ansswer your question. Thanks


Hi there! I wonder if its compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and any K2 version that goes with it.

Hello Makis,

Thank you very much for your post. I haven’t tested it yet. But, I believe my current template version (Joomla 1.7) is also compatible for joomla 2.5. Because template for joomla 1.7 should also works for joomla 2.5. You can easily install my current qurickstart version then upgrade it to joomla 2.5. Update joomla version is now easier than ever before.

Thanks Keenan

Hello Maskeenan

I am using your excellent Eatoreh template and wish to add some javascript between the <head> tags on the home page of the website.

Could you please advise me where I can find the php file which contains the <head> tags for the home page.

Thanks and Regards


Hello Novare,

Thank you very much for purchasing my template, To insert a js code in <head>, you need to go to templates > eatoreh > blocks folder, and please find head.php file, place your code on the last line. I do hope I can answer your question, and there would be another question, you could post on our forum support you could tell me your email, So I could send you back an account for you.


There seems to be bug, dropline menu doesnt works in demo? I tried from 4 different browsers and pc before coming to conclusion. Although I like the theme but i need something with dropline and that too visible on click instead of mouseover.

I tried to send message to author, he hasnt cared to reply yet!


its been 7 days i asked the question…....but no response

Hello, I’ve just replied your email. Thanks for your feedback anyway.

Hi Maskeenan,

Great template, I love it! Can you help me, where can I change the fonts? We are using Latin-2 characters in Hungary, and this fonts can’t show normaly the long “üÜöÖ” characters.


Oh, sorry, I found your message for Eventlog, and there you wrote the good solution! Thank you!

Hello Szila,

I’m glad you’re finally can find the solution by yourself. Anyway, I also recommend you to PM me, so I can activate your account to be used on our forum. So, if you have another problem of using this template, you can easily reach there.

Thanks Keenan

I would like to know if this template works in Joomla 2.5 and if I can take off the copyright info from the footer.



Thanks for your post. Yes, this template is totally ready for joomla 2.5, and surely you could be able to remove the copyright line.


PS : I’m so sorry for my very late reply.

I installed the quickstart version of Eatoreh. I have unpublished a number of menus and added a couple of my own. Now the bar under the menu looks strange.

The site i’m building is available here:

Any tips on how I can resolve this?

Hello Colmsjo,

Thank you very much for purchasing my template. But, could you please repost your question on our forum So, please PM me here to activate your account on our forum.

Kindly regards

How do you reduce the space between the header main menu and the colored line on the header.

Hello Bruno,

Thank you very much for your post. I’m so sorry for my late reply. But, I’m so curious, did you purchase my template…??? If so, why there is no purchase badge on your post..!!! And based on your profile, you never purchase any items on envato.


Never Mind…Solved it…Nice template