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Sorry, but this template is horrible. I tried to upload a logo, css completely goes to waste. After a fresh install of the template all menu items show twice (one and one Make changes in the theme options erratically wastes css.

I have bought and used many templates, but this is just outright badly coded and unworkable.

I want my money back!

Think before you buy this. You can’t have multiple pages besides your blog. I asked if there was a way around this and got absolutely no response from the theme creator. Just know that you may be on your own when it comes to support.

Bought your Theme today. None of shown Items on your preview are working without coding efforts. Want have the money back.

Dear Sir,

I can assure you that you can make the site just as in the preview within 3 minutes – as long as you read the documentation that came with the theme and follow the instructions provided there.

If you have any issues with the theme please leave a ticket describing your issue at

As for the refund please contact ThemeForest as I am not in possession of your money – ThemeForest is and they are the only one who can provide you with a refund.

Is it possible to get step-by-step instructions on how to get the blog page to show up, including pictures? I’ve googled and checked this forum and even the theme website but there is nothing to that effect. The blog page is the one page I am yet to configure. Once I do, I will be able to get paid. My babies need diapers :)

I’ve spent at least 3 hours on this, to no avail. Your help is appreciated…

Sorry but wanted to add that when you hover over the blog menu item, you see, When you click it however, you are redirected to the home page. If you “hardcode” the URL in a separate browser window, you can see the blog. Why is that?

1. Please check the docummentation that is distributed with the theme or it’s online version on how to setup everything

2. For any other issues, questions or extra help please use the dedicated support forum –

Hello we are having trouble changing the title in the chapters section for our client. Please help.

Hello any help please.

how about integration with Easy Digital Downlod???? Is it possible ?

Coming in the next update in about two weeks

Hi It is nice theme, Do you have app to use for ebook. Thanks

What do you mean saying “app”?

android app or IOS app connect with website and buy book download and read.

No Sir. This is just a WP theme. There is no dedicated selling platform. That way user can implement the desired way of selling (paypal, amazon, or as you say app) on their own.

Important We have changed the support site to Please post all your issues there.

Hi there, I logged a ticket this morning through the dedicated support forum at but for some reasons this website is now inaccessible. Could you please let me know if you are available for support?

I would like to be able to create a page. Thank you for getting back to me as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Dear Sir/Madam

As of yesterday we have integrated the support forum as an integral part of our website so the external support page is not available anymore. Please visit the new forum at: where we will be more than happy to help you with any issues you might have.

Best regards

I am very unhappy with this theme. They have constructed the theme in such away that you can NOT add a ‘page’. I have never seen a theme constructed in this fashion where they arbitrarily REMOVE standard WordPress functionality,

Dear Sir, We would really appreciated if you stop spreading your assumptions that are – of course – not true. ALL standard WordPress functionality like creating pages are of course present in the theme. You can – of course – create/add new pages. The new created page will be added to the one page layout – as this is the ONE PAGE with external blog template – as it reads in the title of item and it’s description.

For more information please see your ticket on the forum, where we have properly described your problem for you – which as mentioned is NOT the absence of creating pages function. Again: all WP functionality is present in eBookie

“As for moving everyone to your chat forum so you can hide these discussions from potential buyers”

By ThemeForest rules – not mine – I can pick the way to provide support. I picked the way as hundreds of others – external support system. Nothing wired about that.

As for pages… yo can have as many pages as you want. Create them, change them and do whatever you want with them. Nothing is missing as you call it. It’s just loaded on one page. If you want them separate you can always modify the exclude array and you will have pages that by slug are not loaded there – therefore will be separate. Since you can not understand a simple thing that there is nothing missing – thus you have a very little knowledge of WP – I didn’t even considered sharing this idea with you since you will be unable to implement this anyway. Instead I informed you of upcoming update – guess that didn’t please you as well.

Please feel free to report any of your concerns to appropriate authorities and stop spreading the “can’t add page” nonsense.

Hi, I purchased your theme. But its giving demo data installation issue. Can you please help me? My website url is:

Can this theme support Polish diacritical letters? Does it support affiliate links to Amazon for example? Will I be able to add different pricing for ebook, printed book, app or a bundle? Does it support WooCommerce and coupon codes?

Where exactly is this Ebook Creator? I downloaded your update but can’t find a thing and I can’t find anything in the documentation. :-(

Hi Themezie, I’m thinking about purchasing eBookie but noticed that you were replying to all of the questions on this comment thread until the three comments posted in the last year. Are you still actively supporting the theme?

Hello, I don’t understand anything about the theme and customization, I think it was one-click installation or easy setup after I instal the theme it took me 2 people from Fiverr to support me and make some changes on them, I want to refund my money back, I’m not satisfied with the product.

Very unhappy with this theme. There was no documentation file in my folders that showed instructions on how to make this theme look like the demo. Plus, the page links in the Header section still repeated, even after I created a new blank theme. I requested a refund and the author of this theme was extremely rude in his response. Called me a man when I am a woman, claimed it was my fault for not following instructions or contacting him even though I read through all of his support and replies in the forum, then proceeded to act like all of this was MY fault! The theme I uploaded looked nothing like the demo, and I feel like I was tricked into buying this theme. I had a degree in CIS and have extensive knowledge on coding… I looked through the files and must say this was subpar coding and Mr. Author, I wouldn’t be surprised if you used that horrible “BootStrapper” program to create the coding for this. I would advise anyone else to stay away from this theme. Simply read through the other comments and you’ll see why. Mostly everyone up here has complaints about the theme and requested their money back. I’ve decided I’m done with Envato, as they don’t seem to care that some of their authors are pulling this kind of crap and taking people’s money. I hope it’s worth it to you to try so hard to keep my $39 bucks, buddy. Buy a couple of extra boxes of Ramen Noodles with it.