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Clean and beautiful!

Thank you.

Looks wonderful! Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

I love the design of this theme, is there any way to modify it so it’s not a single page theme?

Thanks. Yes there is such possibility. You would have to delete small part of code in one file and then use WP menu biulder in Wordpress to create menu that goes to separate pages (just drag/drop like in a normal theme). For more info go to forum after you buy the file where I will describe it in detail.

Are there any page templates with the theme?

wonderful! Good luck with sales!


Does it have a “contact us” shortcode? Any other color options?

Thank you.

I contacted some authors before I did this and they all said that twitter, facebook, g+ and mail links would do just fine. Maybe I will add in the update as well as color options – coming very soon.

Color options added. You can now set color from WP backend for background (also an image if you want), header, footer, text, links, hover states etc. More updates on the way :)

Is it possible to embed a video player?

Looks quite nice :)

Thank you.

How do you use the PSD eBook creator? I’ve opened the file in PS, but not sure where to place the jpeg cover of the book.


Just double click the “fron cover”, “side cover” etc layer icon which are smart objects and paste image there. Then just close it applying changes. For future questions please use this forum.


Will this theme allow me to create several “book” pages. I have several books I want to sell and feature and I’d like to create a home/sales page for each of them…

In the form that is currently available – no, but after few quick modifications – yes. You would have to change the code that reads in all pages to a code that reads a single page. That way each page would display separately instead of “all pages on one page”. That way you could just set a separate page for each book and the top menu links would just go to a separate pages when you click them (there would be no “slide to a part of page” effect like now since every link would go to a separate book which would be a separate page instead of a section of a page).

It you would like I can make this modification for you (free of course). Just please leave a message at support forum – here – after you buy the theme where I will send you the solution (on monday of course – currently it is sunday).

Hi, I’m selling a DVD course so is it possible to replace a book image with a DVD cover in header?

Thank you.

Yes of course.

Just a quick pre-sales question: I noticed that the blog is a separate page and not part of the “one page”. If I wanted a separate contact page with a contact form, would I be able to do that with this theme without breaking the “one page” functionality?

Let me know – thanks in advance!

There is a php filter that excludes pages via slug/ID from the “one page” so by editing it and adding the contact page with it’s slug/ID it could be possible. So the short anwser would be – with a litte work YES

A special theme! Does it support RTL? Thanks, Anat

unfortunately no RTL support


There seems to be an error with top-menu bar duplicating its content in WP. I tested it on two different domains and bug shows up each time.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

No bug. Read the documentation. You need to create menu in wordpress that is EMPTY! This WP menu shouldn’t even be there in my opinion at all but Envato staff/reviewers said that it has to be added. So create and asign an EMPTY menu and it will be ok. For more info READ THE DOCS.

Jumped the gun! I knew something had throw me off. Apologies for not checking the Doc file first. Great job with this theme and many thanks for responding right away. You earned a repeat-customer.

No problem. If you find some time please rate the theme. Thank you in advance.

Hello, could you please let me know if it is possible to add new pages that DO NOT form part of the main “home” page, but that can be linked to the navigation?

Many thanks

After slight code modification it would be possible

Your demo site is broken … just above the pricing info area… type is being overlaid on top of each other… you might want to fix it..

I’ve checked in all major browser and it looks fine. What browser are you using?

Could you check my support ticket? I opened it 4 days ago.

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay. Answered.

First theme I’ve ever purchased! So excited to install it :D

Glad to hear that :)

Well everything looks great, but how come the zigzag image on the header and footer are missing? I really liked those :(

Okay. Well the author of this had inserted wrong information in the theme documents. For those of you who are wondering how the heck to change the title of the chapter, you need to use the attribute TITLE=”title goes here”, NOT name=”title goes here” as stated in docs and demo content. All in all, this is a great looking theme, but I give it a 3 star for lack of support from the creator. The average user should not have to fix the mistakes of the creator, and should not have to wait for him to finish “working on a project” instead of respond to simple customer support issues. We are paying customers, and support is expected when purchasing premium themes. Also if anyone else has trouble displaying the proper header and footer images, I have provide a custom CSS solution in his ticket tracker forum for you as well.

“Great design work, and use of jQuery, but lack of customer support” ~ my personal rating.

Please take my sincere apologies for the inconvenience I have caused you. Yesterday I was working on a new theme until midnight and your questions were first on my “to-do” list for today. I’ts now 8am here so just starting my work. I will update the documentation and theme files give an update to the project file ASAP.

Tickets answered, docs updated, demo updated, css bug fixes applied, update on the way (waiting for TF approval).

Is it possible to condense the size of blue space on the header? I tried editing the header.php but no matter what, the size says the same. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

By blue space you mean the top blue stripe?

Sorry, should have been more specific. The actual blue-background stripe that the menu text sits on.

I will help you in the exact same moment I will understand what you are referring to :) The menu is on a grey background (at the top) so this? Maybe make a screenshot and paste it there or on the forum:

Pre-sales question here… Is it possible to make the navigation bar static so when you click on the links it remains in the top? When I tried doing this in the demo through Firebug the links took past where I needed to go.

Yes there is no problem with that. Leave me a ticket on a support system and I will help you out with that in notime.