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Awesome theme and great support!

Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

How can I remover the menu? I want to create a separate page. How to do it? A contact form How to add? Thanks Anat

Heh… Well if you want to use ticksy to create YOUR own ticket system to support your users then after 14 days trial you will have to pay monthly fee for using it – just as I do. Support is free for users.

And don’t register on I’ve told you 3 times now – Sign in there. It’s free.

I posted ticket and awaiting for your response

This theme looks gorgeous in the demo! However, when downloaded, it looks nothing like the demo. It appears that, in order to use the theme, you have to edit a bunch of photoshop files and download them to your server. I’m hoping this isn’t the case! How can I make my wordpress install look like the demo? Does it require a lot of coding knowledge? I’ve used many, many wordpress themes, and have generally found them to be user-friendly. I’m hoping there’s some missing template somewhere for this theme that will solve my problem. Sure it’s not as compicated as it seems? It does look very, very good in the demo.

Sir first of all please go to and place your issue there. I will not respond to any issues in the comments. Also I can assure you that no pootoshop files needs to be use in order to make the theme look like in the demo. 1. Read the docs carefuly and set everything as said there – menus, home page etc. 2. Go to site i mentioned, post your issue there and also give there your site URL so I could see the problem.

Sorry to post again, but I’m getting a lot of traffic to my site today and would really like to make this theme functional. What do I have to do to make it work? I don’t have photoshop. I thought I had purchased a theme that would be ready to use out-of-the-box. Please let me know if there is any way to make it look the way it looks in the demo. The only areas of the page I have been able to customize are the author bio and social icons. I haven’t been able to figure out how to customize any of the text, insert images, customize the pricing table, etc. I would be so grateful for any feedback on how to make this theme functional.

It’s all in the docs. Saw you found it in the docs and solved the issue. Good to hear that. :)

AHHHH….I just found a part of the documentation that addresses how to use the demo content. I’d read the files that came with the download but didn’t look in the right place for this info. It’s quite clear. Thank you and please disregard earlier comment:)

Good you made it :)

I am about to buy the stylish theme for my client, just one question…does the theme has any shopping cart included? or is it integrated with plugins like “eCommerce/ digital Downloads Ready”? Thanks!!

No ecommerce or sopping cart. My clients usualy just link paypal cart directly to pricing table buttons. Of course if you would like to use some other plugins you are free to do that.

Does your theme support the Woocommerce plugin. Has anyone used this plugin with the eBookie WP theme?

It does not have an in-built support of Woocemmerce and I don’t have any info about anyone using it.

Love what I see of the theme but I had a question about the licensing on it. I see that you don’t advertise any support with an e-commerce plugin for wordpress but wanted to make sure that the standard license would allow me to sell products through the site this theme was installed on. Envato was a little vague with it’s terms.

Thank you!

Should be no problem with that

Hi Rafal, it’s possible to set the different areas with no “jagged” dividers ?

Thank’s Regards

Sure it’s a shortcode so no problem with that. If you have more questions on “how to” the I’ll be glad to answer on the support forum.

Good day! I got Dwan menu. I can not create a ticket to support. I need help!

I can see. There is a VERY simple fix – your logo is too big thus pushing everything else in this line (menu) lower. If you need more guidance on how to do that please use the support ticket system.

Hi, great theme! Just one problem… how can I change the $ signs with Euro signs in the pricing table? Thanks!

Tere is a line in css .table-price p:before there you can change it to euro. For detailed info please use the ticket system and I will answer more precisely.

Hi, do you have any customer examples you could show? I am interested how the book is delivered to the user after they have made payment? Thanks

Most of clients makes the buttons link directly to their amazon pages or paypal cart. Few of them implement 3rd party ecommerce plugins.

Good morning, I regularly purchased your theme, but it’s clearly stated that the theme will come with an Ebook Cover Creator program, for which there is no trace in the package I downloaded. There are only the theme, the documentation and the PSD files to use with the program. Can you please send me just the program or the link where to donwload it? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for posting this question also in the ticket system – I have replied there.

Really like the setup you’ve created. Is it possible to have multiple book pages on one Wordpress installation?

Unfortunately not. But you could advertise all four books on the page and then use pricing tables (2, 3 ,4 or more) to sell them all on one page. You could also use the blog to write more about each of your books in the blog posts.


I was wondering if there is a good Social Share plugin that works with this theme? Every plugin that I installed messed up the website and showed the share icons tons of times. Please let me know (as I have already purchased your theme, just on a different account)

No unauthorized help will be provided. Please post your question from the account you have purchased it or (even better) post your question via the ticket system –

I cannot log into your support site, I’ve tried and tried. My question is that I am totally confused about your ebook cover creator. It is not working for me. I’ve used a psd 3D cover creator before and it worked fine. This one is utterly confusing (or just doesn’t work) and came with no directions. Can you please assist me?

1. It is working fine. 2. Just doubble click the thumbnail, paste image and save – this can’t be simpler than that. 3. If you have more questions or need more help use the support site – you need to REGISTER there.

  • This theme does not use the standard wordpress menu system. It also does not have any page types. This theme iOS really good for a ONE PAGE or LANDING PAGE website. It does clearly say landing page theme but when I saw the blog page it looked like it may work for me. Unfortunately it does not.

Ya, if you read my comment I CLEARLY say that. You were able to help other people that opened tickets but not me. You even mentioned “you’d help them for free”. So I was banking on you offering the same support to me since I purchased the theme and you have done this task for other purchasers.

To buyers out there just make sure you CLEARLY understand how the navigation and page setup for this theme works before purchasing. For now this theme goes into my maybe later folder.

Well the problem is that I can do it for you but you will loose the one-page features. Pages will not load automatically, each one will have to be edited at its own and the links will go from page to pages (not like now to a page part). If you are interested in such modification I can make it for you and upload on the support forum.

Its the idea of your theme that is attractive not the one page functionality. Unfortunately, based on your response in the support ticket I had to make other decisions for which theme I will use and I am already deep in that project. This theme will come in handy one day hopefully. I have it checked so I will be notified if you make updates to this theme. At that time ill see if if it can be useful. Thanks and good luck for the future.

where is the ebook creator?

responded in the support forum

Thank you.

I found the file “book-normal-and-retina.psd”.

Now how do I get my own covers on the blue books?

Thank you.


Please ask questions ONLY one the support forum. Comment system is not for questions. Posting a question here will NOT make me respond quicker. Also in the previous ticket I have attached a link to a short desctiption on how to do it.

Hi I have not purchased this theme yet, and woud to know a few things before purchasing:

1) I would like to promote a ‘book launch’ on the main page which features information on location, date, time and RSVP. And to have ‘Book Launch’ on the Menu Bar is there a way i can do this? 2) I would like to insert a google map of the book launch location, can i do this? 3) I would like to have a “About Author” on the main menu bar. 4) Can social media links, be at the top of the page too?

Thank you

1) Well all of this info (location, date, etc) can be just inserted into a page (which will become a section of a page) and a link will also automatically be generated (each page creates a link in the menu) 2) There are tons of plugins you can use for that 3) Yes you can add a link that will scroll to the footer where there is info about author. 4) Not by default but with some custom coding (you can hire a freelancer for example) sure

Another question.

Do you also have google fonts enabled? How flexible is it to change the colours or textures. thanks

I am working on a new framework to be incorporated in all my themes so it will have google fonts in the future. For now the theme uses google fonts but they are loaded in functions.php file. You have to change it there and hook it up in css.