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OMG ! Congratulations, great job!

You are welcome, anytime.

My dear is the more expensive thema!! Is so nice Great job but so expensive…

Yea, the theme’s price has startled me too – Themeforest reviewers set it. It has great features and options. Very flexible theme.

Thanks for appreciating.

Hi Generci,

price has dropped from $70 to $35. Thanks to TF.

You can get it now.



Really nice job. Hope it will sell good.

Please let me know if I can have multiple sellers, each one having their admin page to manage their physical or digital goods.


Thanks for appreciating eCart theme.

Yes, it still supports multiple admins just like any other OpenCart theme. I don’t understand when you say, “Multiple Sellers”. Please explain more.

I don’t mean multiple admins but multiple sellers or should I say multiple shops, like a digital mall. Each shop should have its own admin control panel to manage its physical or digital goods, its own shipping methods and charges, its own payment methods etc. but everyone’s products should be in a predefined category list.

Hi vadims,

OpenCart is a shopping cart CMS and does not allow for multiple sellers. It only alllows multiple admins with permissions and multiple stores. Thus, your request can’t fit for OpenCart CMS . I would suggest you try other CMSs that cater for marketplaces.

Wow looks great!

Hope it will sell good! Might purchase it myself. Bit pricy though…

Hi Feggel,

Its no longer pricy, price dropped from $70 to $35. Thanks to TF.

You can get it now.


when i saw that template on opencart web page it’s too cheaper then that price but now it’s so expensive,but good thanks it.

This is one of the best OpenCart themes I think I’ve ever seen.

Well deserving of the price ThemeForest set for it.

Kudos to a job well done.

My only complaint after clicking around the demo is that the number on the “Shopping Cart” in the header doesn’t update when you add an item to the cart, until you’ve navigated to another page on the site. Minor issue, but it’s the one thing that jumped out at me.

Excellent, excellent, excellent theme. Well done.

:grin: Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it so much.

Great template !!! I love your work but I will NEVER spend $75 on OC template. In my opinion TF harms your business by setting the price so steeply.I bet, you won’t be able to sell more than 40-50 over the next month ,than later, most of the new users will source your template on rapidshare or megaupload.

The main reason why the OC community grows so fast is an ease of working with this platform.This is reflected in time spent on development of the extensions and effectively, lower price for the end consumer.That’s why this platform is able to catch users running away from expensive Magento or PrestaShop.

Shame on you Themeforest.I wish large company spot a business opportunity and will let you to pack your toys.

Hi darekgla,

eCart price no longer steep, It has many features and options its true, but I asked for the price to be dropped from $70 to $35. Thanks to TF.

You can get it now.


$70 is so high I agree with everyone. Even though the theme has very many features and options, I was surprised that the price was set so high by Themeforest. I am trying to fix this everyone. Please be patient and we will bring the price down.

nice work…

Hi, nice looking piece, however, please tell me about SSL certificates acceptance within your theme. Thanks. 4midable

Thanks for appreciating this theme. This theme supports SSL totally. Thanks for asking. I will include this information in the theme description and manual too.

Good Job about the make-up!, but one of the big problem is the SEARCH option, customer don’t find the products easy, sometime show wrong item.

Try is Search Box: Product 11 and the result is Product 8. About the Items like shoes don’t have the option to show different colors and so on.

But anyway Good Make-Up!

Try to Make-Up X-cart.com

10-25-2011 11:35pm

Thanks for trying eCart theme.

The SEARCH option has no problem at all.

Let me explain. OpenCart CMS search criteria uses keywords. So when you search “product 11” for instance, the search engine will look into the database and query the keywords available in the search terms.

In respect to what you searched for; the website has no product 11, so the query returned product 8 because of the keyword “product”.

Try doing what you did on the real OpenCart demo and see for yourself that this theme is ok.

About, x-cart, I will look into that.


Hi Its nice theme hope i buy this theme for my client I just use online demo and I add product when i check shopping basket its show following error message below

iPhone iPhone Notice: Undefined index: points in /home/sokopvzg/public_html/themes/opencart/ecart/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 52

Hello aansariuk,

Thanks for pointing that out.

Its a variable issue to Change of variable from points to rewards.

I have fixed it and a new update version is scheduled for release later today.


I’m having a problem selecting the logo image in System > Settings > (Image) > (Store Logo) > Browse Files

In Firefox and in Chrome, I have problems getting an image to stick. If I double-click, like you normally do, nothing happens. Only in Firefox can I single-click and click Save. Nothing happens in Chrome.

I used another theme with this store and everything worked fine when I selected a logo image for the header. I have only modified the stylesheet.css on the eCart theme, nothing else.

I am using If you want me to send you my login info or screenshots, please give me an email address and I can.

Hello backfistmedia,

Please send me the details through my Themeforest contact box in my profile and it will come directly to my email inbox. I can’t put my email public now.


Hello Backfistmedia,

I have done my investigation and it seems your jQuery UI files have been deleted, damaged or misplaced in the directory structure of your website. Actually eCart has no problem at all because the files required for upload of images are not in eCart’ structure but in the javascript directory of your site.

Please replace the jQuery folder in your admin directory.


If you have any issues, please let me know.

Regards, Sokopedian


i like this theme but i want to see if you can add the following?

Can you move the Categories list to the LEFT side?

can you add the following to the Categories? Shop by brand? shop by type? shop by price? search by part#?

Also, can you add more extension from http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension


Yes you can move categories to any pages or layout, except for the product page which is built to be site-wide. Actually eCart theme has maintained the flexibility of a typical OpenCart theme, i.e. you administer the layout properties of the theme.

For your second question, I don’t understand it. Let me get the question right so that I can give the right answer – you can explain more kindly.

For you 3rd questions, Adding extensions is possible in eCart theme. This is no problem at all.

I want to add the following to let my customer:

Shop by brand shop by price range – 0 to 50, 50 to 100 add another box to let my customer to search it by SKU or PART #

since i am going to use it to sell Laptop Battery so part # is the most important for my store and by brand

Hi fbking,

Actually there’s product sorting in the category page, in terms of price, high to low, low ot high, alphabetically, etc. Please click the Desktops category and see what am saying. You can also shop by brand by clicking on the brand’s link or logo in carousel.

Moreover, you can manage the pricing by adding a category e.g. 0-5 and attach the products that fit that criteria. OR you can create a category for a particular brand and attach the products that belong to it. This is just a suggestion.

However, it will still require extended coding to achieve what you need right now as far as SKU and item# are concerned.


Very nice and clever design. Well done!

Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. :D


I like the design… I was wondering that I dont like the categories option on the right side when I view the product listing…can you modify it on the backend and move it on the left…?

Do you have an option for customizing the main page with content style?

also the slide show is the image does it have the description view on the design?

Hi honey,

Q1. Yes, you can move category right or left or remove it as well. You can do this very easily from the admin area.

Q2. Yes, you can also customize the homepage with content style. e.g you can change colors from eCart control panel and more, as well as move the elements of the layout using the layout manager in the admin area.

Q3. For the slideshow, you cannot add description as per right now. I think that is a good idea though, I will check into that and probably include it in the next eCart theme release. However, you can add a link to the slideshow image or just leave it like that.

Hope I answered you.

Nice time honey.

Hi, I like the theme and I can keen yo buy. However there is one small display issue. On the shopping cart page the CSS for the “Home >> Shopping Cart” Bar dissapears. If this can be fixed, I will buy !!!

Brilliant, I have fixed it and thanks for pointing that out. Although I will have to submit the files and wait for re-submission and that takes long.

However, if you buy now and I see your purchase code, I will just email you the fixed version now.

Hello Sokopedian,

Can you please send me the updated version of the theme? What bothers me is the undefined points message in the Shopping cart. Thank you!

I am making the files ready, really sorry for this error. Also please send me your email, through my Themeforest profile.

This is now fixed.