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Hi Sokopedian,

I have noticed another display issue that I hope you can provide a fix for. You will notice that when you click on the small arrow to bring up a drop down box displaying your cart, the text reads like this…

Sub-Total£50.13 Total£50.13

Could you tell me the file I need to change to fix this issue ?

Many thanks,

Isaac Reed

Hello, thanks for pointing that one out,

To change it, open your stylesheet.css file and on line 513 you will find
#header #cart td {
    color: #000 !important;
and replace that with this code below:
#header #cart td {
    color: #000 !important;
    padding-left: 5px;

This will definitely create a 5px space between the two data types.

If you can please rate the theme,

Cheers!! ;)

Hello Sokopedian,

I am having a problem changing the colors. I am trying to change the header bg and it won’t change. I changed the template from normal width to full width and the color appears. Once I changed it back to normal it reverted back to the blue color. Can you please advise me as what to do to get the color that I would like?

Thank you, Nicole

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for buying eCart theme.

I have tested it on my end and it seems to be fine.

Do the following please:

- Make sure “Activate Theme Color Editor” is selected as YES . - Always clear the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5, (Control plus F5 buttons ) on your keyboard.

Let me know if you still have some errors.

And drop us a rating for the theme ;) here in Themeforest,


Problem fixed,


The theme color is active and I always clear the cache after making changes :). I was able to make a couple of color changes but the top bg and header bg will not change.

And I will rate the theme!


Now I have seen that too. I have fixed it, it was a simple line of code problem. Contact me through my profile contact form on Themeforest and I will send you the modified file immediately.


This error is fixed up to the current eCart update.


Hi Sokopedian,

Could you please send me the modified file for the bug fix also.

You have my email address already.

I will rate the theme once I have it up and running.

I am having some difficulties with OpenCart at the moment.

Many thanks,


I had sent you the one single file required yesterday….

Let me send you all the files altogether. I have sent them now, check your inbox.

Let me know if you get it.

Love the look of the theme but is it possible to change the “add to cart” buttons on the home page so that the link goes to product details instead of adding to cart?

We will have options on most products which need specifying before they can be added to the cart.


Thanks StellaDavies,

That is absolutely possible, I will do a custom change to a few lines of code for you so that it works the way you want.

Go ahead and buy the theme and then I will specifically configure it for you to work the way you want, It won’t take more than 20 minutes.


I replied to this earlier and actually I just did some investogations to look into this issue and noticed that you do not need to do any custom coding because OpenCart automatically redirects users to the products’ page for products that have extra options. Hence avoiding adding to cart products that have options that the user has to choose e.g. product color, size etc.



I have few questions before purchasing :

About shopping cart As an other user said : the number on the “Shopping Cart” in the header doesn’t update when you add an item to the cart. Is it possible to fix this ? Would it possible to move the cart overview from the main menu to that place ?

About reviews Is it possible to easily remove or disable reviews functionality ?

About newsletter Is it an opencart native function or is it based on a module ?

About tags When I click on a tag, this tag does not appear in the search box on the result page. Is it a normal behavior ?

That’s a really good theme. I am going to purchase it. And as most of users, I really appreciate your documentation and your fast support, and the changelog. And sorry if my english is bad ;)



Hi Fabrice, first off, your English is very ok and I understood you perfectly.

My answers:

Q1. Notification count can be fixed, it just requires me to change a few files. I left it that way intentionally because there seems to be another language file that shares the same variables in OpenCart CMS . However, I am currently creating new variables.

Q2. Moving cart overview is not an error or a bug, and is upon you to customize it and place it wherever you want after you have purchased the theme.

Q3. Review system can be enabled or disabled any time from the admin area.

Q4. Newsletter system is not a module… its integrated to OpenCart ready.

Q5. Tags aren’t search terms but almost similar to categories. Thus its not possible for them to be used in the search box. Tags in OpenCart are used to group products of similar characteristics or nature together.

Hi, I have been looking at your theme for a few days and have come across a small number of rendering issues depending upon the browser in question. Some of theses have been fixed but can I ask if the products when viewed in a list format from the brands tab i.e. Brands/Apple/products are correct? or is this a code issue.

Hello Dietec,

This theme is perfect on all browsers. Its cross-browser compatible.

The format in brands is ok, no problem with it.


Hello Sokopedian,

I would of expected to see the products displayed line view on the Brands page to be displayed in the same format as seen on other pages throughout the site i.e. with the containers displayed from left to right and not all bunched up down the left hand side!

As you say it is cross-browser compatible, and on the whole it is but there are still a few rendering problems as I said which you may not have noticed. These are mainly in IE for example the Price Ribbons (sometimes) extend out of the product containers in IE9 .

Saying all of the above your template is a work of art.


Thanks Dietec for pointing out these issues. Let me investigate thoroughly and I will get back to you soon.


I’m new to OpenCart, and have just purchased your theme, and installed it.

I’ve followed the documentation, to make all the changes to the settings & modules. But I’m having a problem changing banners.

When I make changes to the Banner. For example, edit an existing banner, and add new image to banner, and click the following link to select an image from the library -> “Browse Files”. The library doesn’t pop-up like I’ve seen in other tutorials, I’m thinking the js file isn’t being called correctly for this page.

Note: when I add a new product, and click “Browse Files” to choose an image, it’s not working here either.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for purchasing eCart theme.

I would like to assure you that eCart does not use any upload files elements.

If upload does not work, its because the jQuery files inside your admin directory have been damaged, deleted or not there. In most cases FTP never uploads large jQuery files contained in OpenCart CMS . So its advisable to always upload OpenCart in Zipped(Compressed) format into you server and then unzipping the contents once the upload process is completed.

The best solution is to replace the jQuery files in your admin directory and if that doesn’t work, a fresh install of OpenCart would be the best option.

Best Regards, Sokopedian


I’ve started with a new installation, and tested it to make sure, the banner & product images upload correctly. I then install the ecart theme by FTPing the following 3 folders upto the /Catalog/ Directory online. (using the overwrite option).

/controller/ /language/ /view/

Once, done, I activate the theme under System->Settings->Store Tab.

I then activate the Module, and do some basic settings so I can test the store’s front end.

This again caused the uploading js to stop functioning. I just downloaded the theme today, is there maybe a file that is getting overwritten in the FTP process? Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to roll back the install to a previous time, so I need to find which script ends up missing/changed, so I can update it.

You can pm me to answer this via email if you’d like. Your help is appreciated.

Note: I chose your theme, because of the great design & product page layout. I’m really hoping to make this work!


Hi Mark,

Contact me through my Themeforest profile contact box and we can communicate further about this issue through email.


Hello Sokopedian,

Just for information PHP noticed me this : Notice: Undefined index: reward in catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/checkout/cart.tpl

The index may be $product[‘points’] to show reward points.

Best regards, Fabrice

Hello Fabrice,

This was a bug earlier on and I have fixed it already. Please download the latest updated files.

Contact me through my Themeforest profile if you encounter any problems. That way I will be able to assist you further.


Hello Sokopedian

I am new to opencart and have been reviewing themes for the last few weeks to choose the right one for my ecommerce site. I am glad that I have waited because yours is one of my top picks and before I make any final decisions I have a question.

I am catering to an older focus group (40+) and have been reading up on materials to consider for an aging population (incorporating websafe colours, choice of fonts, etc). From what I have read it is important to provide contrast (ie. lighten light colours and darken dark colours.) Is there a brightness control available in your panel or do I need to goto online “colour wheel” to find right hex codes for appropriate websafe colours?

As well, on your demo preview you only allow 6-7 background textures choices when testing the site but you have over 20 in the admin panel listed by number only (no image or description) and the demo admin panel does not allow us to change texture and review in store view. Is there any way to see all the textures you provide. Also is it possible to upload a jpg or png of my own background that matches my business card, letterhead etc to keep branding all the same?

This is really a great theme and I love the layout. I also was wondering if you were going to fix the demo model so that wishlist, shopping cart and compare update as you click on the chosen item instead of having to change page view before the counter updates. I read that you had fixed it but is it only on the purchased version? It would really help visually when first taking a look at the demo and considering purchasing the template that the demo is true to that actual updated debugged version.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hello Susan,

Thanks for your interest in eCart theme.

Color brightness can be changed directly from the admin panel using the color picker. Color adjustments range from dark to light and you can blend it on any selected color red, blue, yellow etc.

I am going to add background textures drop-down selector on the demo site very soon. I will also create an option for users to upload their preferred background images – possibly in the next eCart release. That’s a great idea.

Notification counts are not working as expected and am working on that right now. This is coming in the next eCart release.

I hope to your questions are answered.



I love your theme!

Quick question…. how can I remove “powered by opencart” and “Theme Design By Sokopedia” and still leave my copyright at the bottom?

Thanks again for the wonderful theme.

Email me through my Themeforest profile contact form and I will give you the instructions. This is direct customer support and cannot be offered in comments area.

Thanks for buying eCart theme.

Hi, If i buy the theme now, Will I the most updated version after i have seen all the bugs that most customers have.

And will get updated version later when i buy it now?



Thanks for your interest in eCart theme.

Most of the eCart bugs have been fixed but some are already being worked on. No need to worry because you will always be getting free updates after purchase. Moreover you will get updates when OpenCart upgrades too. You see, eCart is developed to be used from now on and into the future. Its not a final product that will not include future updates.

So far we have released two updates (please look at eCart changelog and see the bugs that were fixed) and a new update release is in the making right now because new features are being included into the theme.

To answer your question… you will get updates when you buy eCart.

Best regards

Hello, after installing on a fresh installation I am unable to add/remove featured products, so I am stuck with the original 6.

I forgot to attach, please check now.

thanks!! all working, sorry for my rookie mistake (wrong opencart version) ...appreciate your help!

Good to hear everything is fine. :)


Congratulations on a great theme and fantastic support. It is also a credit to the guys to request a reduction in price when it was set by TF. It is worth the original price and we should support quality work. This in my view clearly outranks all other OC themes on TF.

Thanks a lot. This is a very encouraging comment. :D

More great themes are being made. But first I have to add some few features to the eCart theme to make it more flexible for the users.

Thanks again and success.


Do you have any suggestion what company is good to host your opencart?

Currently, i am using which they suck since their are slow and most of time are down.

Please give me some advice who should i go with.


Try BlueHost, which is also ownwd by people who own Hostmonster. Actually these are shared hosting companies.

If you want real fast hosting thats not shared, then would would work for you best.

And buy eCart theme. ;)


I bought this template a few days ago and just wanted to post a quick comment.

This template is an extremely good product for the price.

On top of that, Sokopedian has taken the time on more than one occasion to help me tweak a few things to make the template work for my website. I appreciate the courtesy and time taken to help make things right.

If you have any lingering doubts about buying this template, set them aside. I have gotten more than my money’s worth and so will you.

Thank you Sokopedian!

You are welcome, anytime. :D

Thanks and success.

I rarely leave a positive feedback, but this time it’s worth it.


Bought the theme right after it was released and spent a lot of time playing with it. I made heavy customization of many OpenCart features and the author helped me with a few tweaks of the theme.

So, guys, there were a few little bugs at the beginning but all of them are fixed now. The theme is working flawlessly. If you are still hesitating, don’t. It’s the best way to spend $35 ;)

Thanks Glamour for this review. :D

I really appreciate it, and this motivates me to build more great themes for OpenCart.


Hi, this is a really nice theme with a great layout specially for the product view. I have one question: is it possible to add a left column with the categories and maybe a banner, I would really like to use this theme?

Thanks, Gabriel

Thanks for replying, I see it now on your demo, don’t know how I missed it.

Is it also possible to have the left/right column all the time, even on the product view pages?

It possible to have only left or right column at a go, but not both left and right at the same time. The reason is because the product page has tabbed information area and space has to be available for the other header tabs e.g. Information, Related products, Additional Images, Attributes and Specifications.

That’s why its hard to put both left and right columns on the product page because it will be completely overwhelmed due to squeezed width.


it makes perfectly sense, thanks for making that clear! :)