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Hello! I really love this template and I ready to buy. I would like to take this opportunity to ask if you guys do customization. I need some changes for my needs.


Yes, customizations can be done at a fee depending on time and amount of work involved.

how to place price tag below image like opencart default template

please help me


Thats a lot of coding.

You will need to reconstruct the template.

That will need a lot of time. Besides, that is a an eCart feature and creating it required extensive coding.

Kind Regards, Sokopedian


Please, answer my e-mails.

Apology for taking long to respond.

I have replied to your email.

Hey this theme is great, i made a few mods, but here’s what i did with the theme.. Great Job on the theme


Thanks for appreciating eCart theme. :)

Great eCart customization in your website. Wonderful.


Hi, i purchase this beautiful template, i have this question: is there a way to show subcategories of second level and over in category dropodown of Main Menu? Thanks a lot

Hello, thanks for buying eCart theme.

Currently eCart theme does not show second level child categories.




When I try to install vqmod I get this in browser “ONE OR MORE FILES COULD NOT BE WRITTEN ” do I need to change permissions of some files, if so which ones.



Thanks for buying eCart theme.

You do not need to change any permissions to any file to use eCart theme. Please check if there are any other files whose permissions have been changed other than eCart’s.



Can you give me an idea of what files and permissions might cause this error. During the opencart installation file permissions were changed to 777 and then some were changed back to 644 for security reasons. I tried setting the main config file and the admin/config file to 777 prior to vqmod installation but I got the same message “ONE OR MORE FILES COULD NOT BE WRITTEN ”

vqmod installation writes the index file of your website. It actually works with the default OpenCart settings and write rules. So you need to allow the default OpenCart Settings to avoid any errors.

I am a purchased customer. I found some text are in still English when my frontstore is switched to Chinese, e.g., the product detail page show the information tab display ‘information’. Can you advise how to translate those message of eCart to other language, such as Chinese.


I saw your email a while ago and I have replied with detailed instructions.


Hi Peter

I am creating a website for my home decor site. I was hoping to contact you by email regarding Ecart and some possible modifications to the outward appearance.

I have been following your theme from the start and love the functionality, options and how things are set up and keep coming back to it but have procrastinated because of outward appearance of theme.

Just recently, I have found the “look” I would like my site to have but with ecart’s brains. Is it possible to do this? I can be contacted at

Thank you for your assistance.


Contact me through the contact box in my profile.

I would be glad to hear more from you.


I install and following all instruction it doesn’t work properly! Check my site how look

Hello, I have responded to your email already.

Hello Sir,

I would like to buy this theme buy would like to confirm the following:

1) Is it possible to provide me with a demo of the admin panel as the current link is not opening.

2) Is there a way to change the main menu texture?



The admin demo is ok. The server was down for am while.

You can change the menu text if you want on the eCart options panel in the admin area.


Dear Sir,

I meant the main menu texture and not text. Thanks again.

Main menu currently supports background color change and text link color changes. Current eCart theme does not support main menu texture.

Thanks again, is it possible to do it using coding? or is it a tough thing? Thanks again.

If you want to add the option into the admin area, then some more coding will be needed.

However, if you just want to add texture without having to include admin option setting, then its a 5 minutes edit modification.

Has anyone found a way to make the default product view as List View rather than Grid View?

I intentionally built eCart theme to display grid instead of list view. This is the unique style of the theme and not an error.

I didn’t mean to intimate that this was an error, I would just prefer it in List view.

Is it an easy change in the code, and could you point me to it?

Thank you.


To change the grid to list view. Go to:


And replace all the JavaScript code starting from line 109 to line 200 with the same code found on the default theme for OpenCart.

Thank you so much, that worked perfectly.

I know there are a number of people wanting the list view as default, as it looks a lot neater with certain types of products. I hope they see this thread.

Thanks again.

Thanks a lot. I think I will include a setting for that in the next eCart release.

Am glad that your site is ok now. :)

Some Questions before buying:

1) In the product page, can we make all tabs other than the Information tab below the product image?

2) In the homepage, can we have a hover menu on each product image that shows : Add to cart, Compare, More info, and Wish List when the user points the mouse on any of the products images?

Thanks and looking forward hearing from you.

Yes they are all possible. Just request for custom design to suit your theme requirements.

Hi I,m trying to change the color of the banner that has “stock” and “reward points” there doesn’t seem to be an option in the admin for this, though looking at the stylesheet looks like there should. I tried changing the stylesheet directly but did not seem to work, I’m not sure why as I’ve made some other changes this way. Any assistance would be appreciated thanks

The options is in the admin eCart General Settings and its has the name: “Choose Product Description Flag” and has three colors, Blue, Green and Orange. You just select the one that you want to use.

Got it thanks, looked all over for that setting

Glad you found it. :)


The Facebook like button is screwed up in IE9 , FF and Google Chrome. Tried modifying the facebook.css file, but still nothing. The facebook button on your live demo is also broken. Any suggestions?

Any news on the Facebook button fix? I’m so close to having my shop up and running!

I have decided to change the design of the Facebook Fan box. I will be done by end of today. I need to test it on all the major browsers.


I finished the design and had to roll back to the previous working design that was there before the recent faulty one. Check the demo please.

Also email me through my ThemeForest profile page so that I can send you the details to your email about how you will make the changes to your site.


anyway to remove the shadows off the texts? If you chose dark colours the texts really hard to read especially in the footer. Thanks

You can remove the shadows from header.tpl file.