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Thanks, whats the name of the font used in the menu in the demo?

Oswald – Its a Google font.

Where about in the header.tpl can I change the shadow of the footer text? Theres alot of lines containing ‘shadow’. Thanks for the help! I want the text white like in my main menu.


I just found that its not in the header, but stylesheet.css.

Go to catalog/view/theme/eCart/stylesheet/stylesheet.css and on line 2359 and 2374 you will see:

text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #f7f7f7; 

Then delete it to remove shadows in your website.

All the best.

Ok thanks for the help! One last thing…Is ther any chance of making the white main body background another colour? Thanks

No it is not possible because it contains a lot of blocks which have their own background colors. For easy use of the theme, only the external background color can be changed.

how can I make (list view) the primary display within category instead of (grid view)?


To change the grid to list view. Go to:


And replace all the JavaScript code starting from line 109 to line 200 with the same code found on the default theme for OpenCart.

hello, can you help me to install and set up. I feel very difficult to set up the site :(

I cannot provide the whole installation. Please use the installation documentation I have provided you with and tell me which part is difficult and I will help you.

Kindest regards. :)

hello, you can see ? it shown many erorr, i try to install with documentation, but header not shown, custom footer not shown :(

this makes me confuse :(

I will assist you. I will use the details you have sent to my email inbox.



I have a small problem with the way the products seem to size in catagory view. . can you please check this URL toi see

Thanks in advacne


You have not set the image size as indicated in the installation manual.

Navigate to System >> Settings >> Edit >> Image

and set the image sizes as illustrated in the installation documentation.


Sorry SOKO , i did that but had a problem that needed me to restore the old SQL .

Went back sure enough its like i didn’t set up images, thanks SOKO .

Thank you. very PROfessional template. A++


Which support are we following up with? Was is in email or comments?


Hi, I sent you a private message a couple of days ago but have not heard back. I’m having trouble installing your theme. I’m new to OpenCart but not to these kinds of installs. Can you help me out with this? Thanks, Greg

Hello gblag,

I have replied to your email.


Hi, I have a bit of problem with EI (Uninitialized string offset: 0). also in the product page within information tab (brand,rewards and avalabilty info appear overlaped under the review box) but only in EI. How can I make the List View of the Ecart Template Default instead of Box View in category display?

Categories on the left of the product page have to be disabled so that the product page can display full-width.

I remember checking your site and the left categories were active and I told you that was why the layout error was present.

This covered in theme documentation. I put it there so that no one encounters this problem.

To display categories on the left side, login to your admin panel and go to:

Extensions > Modules > Category and then click on edit.

Then choose:

Layout: Product
Status: Disabled

I think that’s all where the problem is.

Let me know if you encounter any error still.


I did everything you said but it still showed the same overlaped content in EI, other browsers are fine. I don’t know what else to do

Lets get in touch through email so that we can solve the issue.

Hi, will you be updating this theme to

Yes I will update eCart to Version and dd a few improvements to it.


hi, i have a problem, i try to install de latest version of opencart( but dont works fine, and i install the version but the language pack and the currency(only show dollar) dont works, you can see , can confirm that version works fine?


eCart theme has a lot of features and since version 1.5.2 has changed the whole core system and added new files, it has created a lot of work for me to upgrade it. I am still upgrading this theme. Could you please hold on to version 1.5.1x for a few more days as I complete the upgrade.

Thanks for your patience.


ok thanks for respond,please alerts when. thanks!!!

hi ! , as is the update?

I sent you an email. Please check. Thanks

can you resend? I have not received your email

No it was someone else I sent the email and not you. eCart update for OpenCart version 1.5.2 is on Monday. The theme has a lot of features and OpenCart 1.5.2 has had an overhaul on its core. That’s why I am taking more time on this.

I kindly ask you to be patient as I complete this important update.



I am getting all of these errors on my page:

Notice: Undefined variable: config_activate_google_custom_fonts in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 37 Notice: Undefined variable: config_twitter_username in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 68 Notice: Undefined variable: config_activate_google_custom_fonts in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 88Notice: Undefined variable: config_activate_theme_color_editor in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 123Notice: Undefined variable: config_menu_text_transform in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 191Notice: Undefined variable: config_menu_text_transform in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 200 Notice: Undefined variable: config_choose_product_description in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 210 Notice: Undefined variable: config_choose_product_description in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 218 Notice: Undefined variable: config_choose_product_description in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 225 Notice: Undefined variable: config_choose_header_width in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 236 Notice: Undefined variable: config_choose_header_width in /home/dano000/public_html/catalog/view/theme/eCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 412

Is this due to incorrect installation, a problem from ecart, or an opencart problem?

Cheers, Daniel

Hello Dan,

I replied to your email. I would like to assist. Could you please respond to the email.

Kind regards

I have just seen that you are using version 1.5.2. I have not updated eCart yet to that version.

New eCart update coming soon on Monday. The reason is because eCart theme has lots of features and OpenCart version 1.5.2 has changed core files and added new ones. So I need enough time to change everything to the suit the new OpenCart version.

Kindly be patient, Peter

thanks!! your are great!!

Hi, Will you update it for version 1.5.2 any time soon?

Cheers, Dan

Today I’m releasing the update.

Just want to add a few important things to the aesthetics.

Cheers, Sokopedian

already ?

eCart update is ready. Currently demo is running and you can check it. eCart updated files are pending approval on Themeforest review.


ok, thanks!!!!!