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I’m using Echoes theme:

I’m trying to change the drop down menu color and went into the CSS under /* Navigation */ and tried to edit the color values there and there were no changes to the site. Right now the drop down menu color is black and I would like to change that, where is the location of that code?

Also there are two thin strips of color on the very top of the site which colors I would love to be able to change.

I am also trying to enable just the accordion option for the main page, how do I do that and where do I enter the pictures for the portfolio.

I have the Echoes help manual and it didn’t help much.

Thank you for all the great advice responding to previous questions I appreciate very much.


Wow! Thank you so much for your help- it’s working!! And I’d never have worked this out myself…

Thank you again.

Hi, I’m having problems with shortcuts. Using column3 makes nothing… any idea? Thanx in advance


Could you post the url where i can check on the problem. If you view the shortcode tag from the content editor HTML view you’ll see how it actually is.

The square brackets can be rendered wrong if you entered it to visual mode via a rich text editor.

I can give an accurate answer after checking.


Solved, thanx a lot. The problem is with the use of 3 columns in a temlate with sidebar… a confussion.

Thanx again.

Since you are ignoring my question on the last page here is it again:

Could you please fix the header.php so that we can use the background colors again?

Change line 153 from: < body > to: <body <?php body_class(’’); ?>>

And if this is the way it has to be please explain why?



I want to check if this theme would be compatible with a plugin called “PullOut Widgets”.

So here are the questions:

  1. Your theme does overwrite the default jQuery with older version? The current version is 1.7.1 that is included into WP by default.
  2. Your theme is missing wp_footer() function?
  3. This theme do not supports widget IDs in it’s HTML markup?

Hope you can answer them all with “No” because then it should work! ;)


Hello, imaginem. I’ve been asked to help setup the web-site on echoes theme, which I find really awesome. It has lots of features and covers all the needs to create the good looking/working web-site, but – yes, the Kwicks Slides menu on the front page. What I’d like to do is to change the items in it, or make kwicks choose certain pages, not those it chooses by itself. Yes, there is the “OVERIDE: Use Pages for Featured Slides” field, but writing down 4 digits separated by comma makes kwicks just disappear from the front page. Yes, I have tried editing the home-kwick.php line 14, but apparently that was not the one I should have change, because after that kwicks and the whole page after it disappeared. Please, could you write down line of code to be replaced with

<?php $args = array('post_type' ?> 'page', 'showposts' => -1, 'order' => 'asc', 'post__in' => array(48,201,2,26)); 
query_posts($args); ?>
or provide another solution, or just e-mail me the correct home-kwick.php (if that will help)? Thanks in advance so much, you, guys, doing there a really great job.

And here I answer on my own question – first, You have to create one category for those pages You’d like to see in kwicks – do that from posts > Categories. Then You should proceed to that page and change its category to one You’ve just created, and write down somewhere the page’s ID. Do that for 4 pages, so that they would fit in kwicks. And then, go to the echoes > featured categories, choose necessary category from drop-down menu next to Kwicks Slides, and in override the field below write down those 4 pages IDs, separated by comma. Press Save Changes and enjoy Your custom menu)

Hello, I am trying to increase the number of items on a portfolio page without changing the default number of posts per page in the Wordpress dashboard. Is this possible through hardcoding changes to the template files?

Many thanks.

Don’t worry! Just found it!

Thanks for notifying. :)

Hi! Great template, but I have the following problem: I’ve added four featured articles. On the homepage I see the pictures, but when I click on one of them and go to the featured article, I don’t see the picture (only a broken link to the picture). What am I doing wrong!?


I have found out what the problem was. I needed to make a cache folder in the root :) My bad!

How do I turn off the datetime at the top of each post?

Sorry for the delay kimmersnc.

Edit single.php

Remove line 75


Hi, i have a problem with my home page (section B and C) my links dont work anymore, it was all ok just 7 days ago… can u help me please? The website is:



Sorry for the delay. I checked the site and links are working well.


Help! I’m having real trouble creating external links in the body of this theme, and also within footer widgets. Internal links are fine, but whenever I try to link to an external site, the theme appears to be adding my own domain to the start of the link which obviously stops them working.

Any ideas? Is this particular to this theme? I’ve not seen it before in wordpress so I’m struggling to see how it’s overridng my links. Thanks


Please make sure the urls start with ‘http://' otherwise the browsers will take it as a relative url.


I’m concerned with the lack of communication as well.

Anyone know how to turn the lightbox feature off for portfolio pages?


Sorry for the delay.

Edit /functions/portfolio-functions.php

Search for the following terms


You can remove those from the hyper links.

Another method is to edit the /js/common.js

Remove line 1 to 4 which will disable lightbox sitewide.


Hello, How to Remove Default Search in Sidebar. I checked all the settings but didnt get any way to remove that. Waiting for your reply. Thanks


Edit sidebar.php

Remove line 16


This doesn’t appear to be SEO enhanced. No H1 and the sidebar loads before the post or page. Comment?

Hi, I’ll be making revisions on this in the next update. Thank you.

Hi man, how to resolve this issue: When i am in english and click “Home” i return to italian, can u help me please?



Is this plugin related? Could you give me a link, i’ll need to check.


here the solution:

tnx imaginem.

but u can help me with first of 4 section d blurbs… the first blurb can’t connect with english, my website is


Theme Support

We just launched our new customer support forums. Please use for support related questions.

For pre-sale questions please send an email via my profile or use the contact form in the support forum.

Thank you

hello how can i have 4 instead of 5 footer widgets? i dont need 5th :D


Edit footer.php

Remove line 81 to 95

Edit style.css and change the following class width ( 1130 )

.footerminibox {
    width: 240px;


that did the trick ty

When i put shortcode on page, i don’t see anything? Why?


Can i have a link to check on this. I’d be able to give an accurate answer after checking.