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Hi there, my website is http://daisyeventphotography.co.uk/wordpress/

I have a few things i havent been able to figure out :

1) on the accordion – at present they link to the photo in a post (same one that is displayed on the homepage). How do i make it so that when someone clicks on 1 of the 4 accordion photos or the wording it takes them to another page in my website?

2) on the footer, i want to add a link to facebook / twitter in one of the options that currently says ‘no wiget found). and delete the others. is there a way of doing that?

3) when i click on a menu option at the top it takes me to a page – such as one of the galleries ive created eg http://daisyeventphotography.co.uk/wordpress/?page_id=773 (which is through children & families > jake) the drop down arrows for the menus disappear and i have to click on one of the top headers for them to reappear. is there a way of stopping this happening?

thanks melanie


1. You can use a redirect plugin and direct pages anywhere. If you implement the redirect url to the page, it’ll open to the redirected url instead of the page.

2. You can use a text widget – and HTML code to implement any links.

3. This is probably due to a plugin. Could you check by disabling plugins.


thanks for your response.

1. – sorted now with a redirect plugin – thanks

2. – will have a look into how i do this

3. – i have disabled all my plugins then refreshed the homepage and tried it but it still removes the dropdown arrows on the menus on the homepage. any other suggestions for this one? thanks melanie


Couldn’t navigate to your site. Says server not found. This is likely a jquery conflict. I can still check , let me know when the site is online.


Hi, i need to use Russian text in my website: www.giomat.it. Text works fine, but not titles, why? i need to “cufonize” some font like myriad pro? Can u help me with how to use cufon and use cufonized font in echoes? Tnx.


Generate a cufon font from the following link with full characterset using Myriad Pro


Replaced the generated font js file Telex_Regular_400.font.js with the cufon font you’ve generated.

This should solve it.

Let me know if you need more info.



I am having problems with the text on my slider. It is too large see it here: www.triboscoatingsmarine.com. Why is this?

Please help!

Thank you.


You can modify the /css/kwicks.css

class .slidecaptiontitle

Decrease font-size value.



Just to let you know I have fixed the problem of the sliders text being too large. It appears a plugin was causing it and luckily I don’t need that plugin anymore.


Thanks for notifying. :) I’ve provided the font class file to your previous comment in case there’s need to adjust the font size.


Can you please advise, how I can display the “caption” in the portfolio pages. I would like the caption to be displayed under the post titles.



Hi Karina,

Could you provide me a link to the page. I can give an accurate solution after checking the portfolio style you’re referring to.



Here is a link to my “flora and fauna gallery”. http://www.karinavoss.com.au/flora-fauna-3/

When you upload images you have an option to add a caption. I would like to pull this information up and list it under the title of my artwork in the slide mode.



I’m having trouble installing Echoes theme on my website. Wordpress says that the theme is properly installed, other themes work fine too. When Echoes is activated, the site just shows a blank page. Once I deactivate Echoes theme, and activate another theme, the site works fine. Is this a problem specific to this theme? Something I’m doing? Can I get a refund? I emailed the author through the profile page early last week, but no response yet. Grateful for advice.


I’ve replied to your email.

Best if you can post a note here if you send me a mail. I can follow-up easily.

The demo version is running on the latest wordpress and it’s unlikely the issue is from the theme. Have you checked by disabling plugins you’re using or uploading the theme using an FTP application. This ensures all files are transferred.

I can check if you can give me a url.


Hi Mondre:

I need to upgrade the jquery so that a photo upload radio button works: http://origamicanada.com/registration/teaching/

I grabbed the jquery-1.7.min.js script and loaded it to the server however there is no effect so I guess I must change some other js files. Can you advise me on how to properly upgrade the js?



I’ve updated the theme with jquery-1-7-1.js, added with jQuery noconflict codes. If you can re-download the theme, leave the style css files and overwrite the rest.

I checked the site and didn’t see jquery 1-7 active. It’s still the old library. For best practice do make a backup before upgrading.

Let me know if you need help.


Brilliant of you to respond. Thank you. I did note in the readme that Echoes was updated in January. Really appreciate your vigilance.

I re-downloaded the theme and trust I can simply overwrite all files except the css folder. Perhaps you might advise me as to whether this is the optimal way to update.

Again, many thanks…

Most changes were made to JS scripts. I’d recommend overwriting all files while keeping the style.css file in the root folder or any other style files you have changed.

In functions.php line 36 uses another font Telex. You can use the same font you have by replacing line 36 with the old font.

Do make a backup, incase you need to revert back any files.


Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much for going over and above the call of duty. You are an ace developer…

Very happy to hear it worked. Thank you :)

Hi All,

I am considering buying this theme and am wondering the following / if it can be done by a non-developer – (how much amin can be done by an average Joe?)

a.) am I restricted in the amount of accordian images I can have – to 4? b.) how easy is it to change the background skin? c.) Can I change the download button so that it leads to my contact page? d.) I read that the accordian images lead straight to a blog can thye lead to a page instead?

Appreciate your time in addressing these Q’s

Cheers, donohokm

Hi donohokm,

Sorry about the delay.

a. You can increase the number of accordion slots but will require some modifications. I’ve listed the process to reduce the number to 3 in FAQ of this theme. It’s the same process to increase it.

b. You can edit the style.css and change the background property to have images in the background. Small process i can provide instructions.

c. yes.

d. If you can use a redirect plugin you can do this. You can use the redirect plugin to redirect to any page you prefer instead of opening a target page. An easy process.


I am having trouble with my portfolio thumbnails. The main image is showing but the thumbnails not. Do you have any advice on this. I have tried time and again to get support respons eon this issue and have failed so far.


Sorry about the delay. Could you let me know the url. I might require login info to check on this setting. But would like to check url first. If you could email via my profile or post it here.


Hi, I have set up a page with the thumbnails shortcode. http://blog.designeconomic.com/gallery-alternative-page/


Could you send me a mail via my profile with login info. I’d like to check the settings. Do include a short note on the problem.


I notice the subheadings in the featured section (accordian) are taken from the first few lines of copy from whatever page or post each slide links to.

What can I do to prevent the messaging in that section from getting cut off and also be repeated on the landing page? I just want a headline or title, and then a complete sentence for the subhead, I don’t want to pull in extra copy from the landing page that doesn’t belong on the home page.

Visit http://markzwerndesign.com/ to see what I mean.



You can control your excerpt text independent from your content by doing the following.

1. Edit Post 2. Click Screen Options 3. Tick Excerpt

Here’s a screen shot


After this you’ll be getting a separate excerpt text

Here’s another screenshot


It will be located below the Post options under the editor.

Let me know if you need more info.


Hi imaginem,

Thanks for your reply, but I am using pages not posts in the featured accordian on my site, so unfortunately I do not have the excerpt option. Do you see what is happening on my site and why I need to be able to control the subheading on each slide? I look forward to another response and will keep working on it.

hi, i hope u can help me. i need to customize the 4 blurbs in the central area of this theme, with different language link. when i click the qtranslate flag i see the excerpt in the correct language but if i click on the link i don’t see the correct language but the default. here my website: www.giomat.it


Could you refer on this to a developer.

The file to edit is home.php

For QTranslate plugin in this case will require some logical operators to get it done. Something like IF language then Activate This link. Should be a simple edit.


I love this theme, but when viewed on a mobile device (iPhone was my tester) the accordion menu was completely useless. The first thing you touch is what expands, and you can’t seem to get away from it.

Any suggestions on how to improve the mobile experience?


The mouse hover function doesn’t function for mobile phones but the accordion does work if you click the different slides. I just tested it.

I’ll note this down for a responsive approach.


I’m a newbie to WP, so bear with me if this is a dumb question. How do I change the text in the footer? I entered some html into the Echoes->Footer panel, but it just added that to the bottom, didn’t get rid of the sample text.


Edit footer.php

Lines 106 and 107, you can replace with your own text.


Hi, I have your Coral theme running, but am feeling the need to change to something that offers more options for expanding. This theme seems to be a great fit. My biggest question before we move forward is whether in the galleries, I can link from a photo to an html page—specifically I want to post a photo of a product installed somewhere, then have that photo link to the actual product purchase-page on my site.

The site is www.360yardware.com in case you need to look at it.

Thank you! Jana

Hi Jana,

Both themes are quiet different , Coral being in a different layout also uses shortcodes and functions that’s different with Echoes. The contents if migrated might not display correctly.

You can redirect posts to anywhere internal or external url by using a Redirect plugin.

What the plugin does is open your specified URL upon opening of any post or page the redirection is active on. This can be done with Coral theme too.

Hope this helps.



can we safely update to WP 3 .4? If yes, please change the sentence on the item details page from:




Thanks. ;)


Yes. The demo server is running on WordPress 3.4 latest version. It should be safe to upgrade.


Not impressed with the lack of support here.

I’m having an additional problem. I can’t change the categories to be displayed on my portfolio pages. No matter how many times I edit & update it always goes back to “About”. On all my pages. This is really annoying. What am I missing?

Please respond to this & my above inquiries.


Sorry for the delay. I didn’t fully understand the question.

You can build a portfolio page using New Page – make sure the Portfolio Template is chosen.

Now all you need is choose a Category.

If this doesn’t work i’ll need to check settings. If you can mail me via my profile with login info i can give an accurate solution to get it working.