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How can i make the posts page to be full width (without sidebar) ?

Thanks !


edit single.php and remove line 63 ( sidebar )

You’ll still need to make adjustments to CSS to fit elements to new width. edit style.css


Dear imaginem,

Just a quick question. I using the Featured Section on the home page with Slider Scroll and added the page numbers for the various slides, but I can’t figure out how to order the slides.

I don’t understand why one of the slides stays in the first position when I refresh the screen. What is the order based on?

Thank you, Brian

Hi Brian,

When adding pages to the featured slides you can order them using the page order number.

I’ve marked it in the screenshot below



Fixed. Many thanks!

I Have just started configuring Echoes and cannot get a Post to show or set up the Echoes Theme. The help guide shows the following: Goto WP ADMIN > POST > ADD NEW Fill the TITLE and CONTENTS Upload your IMAGE Copy the url in the FILE URL bar. Paste it in the Image URL field in the Echoes post options in the Post page Tick the Featured Category. PUBLISH ! There is no “Featured’ in my Kwicks Slides drop down nor Portfolio ??


It just needs a category. You can select this category as your featured category from theme options. You can name it as you prefer.


Hi Imaginem,

Something seems very wrong here. I cannot access the home page, or develop the Portfolio Page. I am new to this so perhaps its me.

Thank you, Peter

Hi Peter,

Has this resolved. Let me know site url i can check where it’s going wrong.


Dear Imaginem,

In your help guide (page 6) you say the “cache” should be set to 775 or 777. My host says 755 will work, will it? Regards peter


Yes 755 will work too. What it needs is writable permission. Some webhosts which have shared web-space will require 775 or 777. I’ve given it in the instructions as recommended by timthumb script.



How do I set up different templates for different categories? I’d like to have no sidebar in some categories (page is created with a redirection to ../category/categoryA/). Do I need to modify archive.php or create category-ID. Thank you Aga


Yes having the category and followed by -ID fill display the category page based on that ID template.


You can refer to the archive.php file as reference. Line 45 has sidebar code.


Do you still support that theme ?

Hi, Yes. Sorry about the delay in replying to your previous comment. You can login to support.imaginemthemes.com which is the official Support forum.


One more question…where is the setting to alter how quickly the Slider Scroll images transition between each other?

I try to change the font because I need the uppercase, but I don’t find the Museo_Sans_500.font.js in the JS directory as you explain in the FAQ , can you help me please ? Thanks

Is it possible to have a portfolio item link to a post page instead of directly into a lightbox view? Thanks!

Greetings, firstly, awesome theme. Thanks. I’m having issues with setting up the slider on the homepage. I’ve created 4 posts all of the ‘featured’ category, and enabled all of the sections to show on the home page, but nothing shows up. http://www.mrcsupportservice.com I would expect the blank sections with the default text to at least show but nothing shows. Any help you could provide on fixing my home page would be awesome. Thanks.

Echoes I purchased this template a few weeks ago and have been trying to communicate with someone to find out how to make it work or open it up. My web designer has sent emails stating that the there is file packet missing to open up the template. All that opens is folder full of folders. I really like the look of this template and spent a lot of time looking for this type of template and would really like to get my site completed. What do you need to know from me to pass onto my web designer? Thank you so much for your time.

Echoes just sent a post and don’t think the comment box was checked. is it possible to post comments to this note. Thank you


Two things I need help with: (a) I want to create a custom color background with a sky blue background . I tried copying a skin and modifying hex values uploading it didn’t show as a new skin option. I also tried modifying the css of one of the existing skins and it went crazy. Help? The backgrounds in the theme dashboard does nothing as well.

(b) I also want to remove the download button and make the text stretch across the page. Am I to edit this in style.css or the skin css.


I purchased the Echoes Theme, when I install the package inside of WordPress I receive the following error message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I have downloaded the package four times now with the same results, today was attempt number four.

Your help is appreciated …

Many thanks

I haven’t found this in any of the comments; is it possible to replace the Section A Button, the one that by default says “Download”, with a simple tag, like a facebook logo graphic?

thanks, David

Hello, a great theme.

But before I purchase it, I have a question.

I want to build a multilingual site. Is it possible to translate the Section A and the button? If it’s possible, with what plugin (WPML, qtranslate or something other) and how? I didn’t found that question or answer in the earlier discussions. Thanks in forward.

Hello, thanks for continuing to support this theme.

Since my company purchased these theme a year ago, we have customized it a lot. We are currently running a flash graphic on the front page. The issue I’m having is that the nav bar does not load until after the the flash graphic finishes. Do you know of any way that I could command the nav bar to load right away?

Thank you!

Hello, Do you still support this theme? I had a few questions on some things that i cant seem to figure out myself. Would really be grateful.


Nevermind… uninstalling then reinstalling fixed it