Discussion on eClipse - Photography Portfolio

Discussion on eClipse - Photography Portfolio

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DavSchu Purchased

Hello, I receive a message each time I log into wordpress saying that the last version is 4.6.7 but when I go into my download product, the only version available is the 4.6.6. Does anyone know where I can find it or send me a link, it’s not possible to instal it from wordpress admin pannel neither, I receive this error message : Une erreur est survenue lors de la mise à jour de Eclipse : Aucune archive de mise à jour disponible. An error occured while updating Eclipse : No update archive available.

Thank you in advance,

Hi there! Please make sure that you have an active support to get auto updates.

DavSchu Purchased

Hello, What do you mean by active support?


Our theme does not support Divi


kvanr Purchased


Suddenly I cannot place a background image in either a portfolio post or a blog post. The button is still there, but nothing happens when you click on it? We’ve updated the theme to the latest version, so this is not the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. This form is for pre-sale and general questions only. Please submit a support request and our team will assist you.

Support Portfolio Website

Hi, I have installed the latest Eclipse Version (4.5.8) Images are not loaded in Gallery mode. How can i solve it? Thanks

Hello! You have to submit a support request to get assistance. Please make sure that you have a valid support in order to get assistance https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191263-What-is-Item-Support-

sorry dont work my code ???

theme dont work bad

Please be more specific.

Have you submitted a support ticket ?

Hi everybody, i want to upgrade and modify my old eclipse WP and i can’t use Eclipse, when i enter the licence it’s say “registration connexion error” ? Thanks

Please provide all the details via a ticket system. This form is for the presale and general questions

Hi, thank you, I do that.

Thank you!

Hello, I updated this theme today and no longer have options for the homepage stripes. Is there a fix for this? Site is here: https://cygalartdeco.com

Hi there! Please submit a support ticket providing your site credentials and we will check it.

Hi! I have been using this theme in a website and now I want to change it into another site. I can’t because I had the message that the license is already been used in another website. How can I free the license from the first website? Then, I can be able to use it in the other website. Regards

Hello! Please log into your gt3accounts.com account, detach the purchase code and activate it again

I don’t have account. I only have my purchase code. How can I get the account?

Hi there! Please provide your purchase code via a contact form available on our TF profile page and we will check it

Hello I bought your theme a long time ago. My website is www.cygalartdeco.com . I have a few questions. Is there any way I can modify how the website looks on the phone version? I’m also having trouble changing the font. I want the montserrat font and raleway font but for some reason they’re not looking the same way as they are when you see them on the website. Thank you!

The theme price is $59 and it’s compatible with SEO plugins

Thanks for your reply. Quick question please. Can you give me a brief description of what the SEO plugins would include? Also, since I already have the theme on my website (www.cygalartdeco.com) which I purchased in 2012, is there any way that I don’t have to pay for the full price? Thank you

We recommend this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ The only way to get the latest theme update is to pay for the product.

how it’s posssible to upload demo theme?

Hello! Have you read the documentation that comes with the theme in the main zip file?


I have the eClipse Photo Portfolio Theme, and i had the 5.6 php version… I need to have now the 7.2. or 7.3.

But when i put a version after 5.6 : i have a white page. So i use an extension to see witch extension is not compatible, and it said that the theme is not compatible: So what can i do ?

FILE: /home/clients/98555a820823918f6e54a58a41ec2511/web/new/wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-eclipse/core/xml-importer/importer.php


66 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7. 705 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0 773 | ERROR | Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity.

It’s available in the download area on themeforest

ok.. but i can’t go on this section because it’s not on my account.. Do i need to purchase it a “second” time?

If you do not own the license then you have to purchase the theme

Hello, The striped homepage is no longer displaying properly. I tried deactivating all plugins but the issue persists – so I checked your demo here and see the issue is there as well – only the first stripe shows – the rest of the page is blank. Is there a fix for this or will there be soon? Please advise. Thanks for your help!

We will check it. Can you please provide your support ticket ID, we will keep discussion there?

Thanks for the update!

You are welcome

Hello! I see in the demo that in the page type “Strip page” -> https://livewp.site/demos/?product=Eclipse it happens a strange thing when you pass the mouse through the strips, if you notice the last one it seems that it “flashes” when you are passing over the others. I have done tests on my website and that is always repeated on the last strip. This happens in the Firefox browser, not in Chrome. By the way, I really liked the theme, congratulations.

Hi there! Please submit a support ticket and we will check it

Hello is there an ecommerce version of this theme available?

Hi there! Yes, it’s compatible with WooCommerce.

Hello! Are you going to do an upgrade to this theme?

Hi there! Which upgrade are you referring to? Thanks

Hi! Is there an option to upload any svg/image format as icon displaying on the Menu?

Hi there! There is no option to do that.

I’m concerned about the image cropping comments. Is it possible to use an image cropping plugin to add a focus point so heads aren’t chopped off? If so, which one works with your theme?

Hi there! The cropping option works automatically. What is the url of your website?

I’m looking for control over the what is visible when they are cropped. Here’s an example https://paulcliftonphotography.com/super-fast-cover-shoot/ (header image and feature image below with heads cropped off. I was looking at the plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-focus/ but neither of them work with this theme.

There is no option to integrate those 3rd party plugins.

Hello! Im reinstalling my theme and I can’t register my theme with my purchase code? Says registration connection error but I am online

Hello! Please update the theme to the latest version, you have outdated one.

Thank you for your answer! Where do I do that there is no update on theme details. Do I download the new zip file and upload?

Yes, you have to download it in your themeforest account.

Hi there, how can I remove the “related works” and “blog posts meta” from the portfolio pages? thanks in advance

Hello! To get assistance, please post all your tech related questions via this form https://gt3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Please note that your inquiry can be considered as a customization service, which is a paid service. Thanks

Is it possible to test this theme?

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. We do not provide an access to our demo websites.


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