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Trying to get the site up, everything looks great with the exception of the thumbnails on the full page gallery slider. See link below.

The theme has now been updated to 2.0 and I’m still having the same issue…


Please send your site credentials to my email, which is help at gt3themes dot com I will update the theme by myself.

Can I have the link to update the theme please ? I need someone who will explain me how can I update it ? THANK YOU

Hello! You can download the latest theme version via your download area at themeforest. Please update the theme with the new theme files. You can do that easily using ftp.


1. Scot121888 asked about the possibility of using small photos for the full screen slider ( and you said yes. But when I uploaded small photos (500×750, 750×500) and selected fit always, the photos are stretched (on my 22” monitor). I would like the photos constrained to the dimensions I upload. Is that possible?

2. Is it possible to change the zooming transition effect? I would prefer a simple horizontal movement or fade in/fade out.

1. It can’t be done, because if you open the image for example on the monitor with lower resolution than your image or via mobile devices, the image will be out of the screen. 2. It can be added as a custom solution. The thing is that this slider is custom made one.

2 simple questions hos do I change size of text in simple text box ? And how do I change size in the default page? Do not ser the box whe i change it on Frames template

Hello! Please post all your tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hallo, great template! Before I purchase – two questions: 1. Is this template Visual Composer compatible 2. Is this template useable with german language?

Hello! 1. I do not use that plugin, I have my own built-in gt3 page builder. 2. Yes, you can use it in german language.

Hi, first great theme.

my problem: progress bar, toggle and counter not working on my page: what can i do?

Hello! There is a fix to this issue caused by Yoast plugin. Please drop me a line to help at gt3themes dot com and I will send you the updated version.

Could you give instruction on how to add Twitter into a sidebar. Thanks

Hey mad_dog, I love the theme, and I’m having a great time setting up all my content. The only question I have so far is, is there any way that I could increase the number of posts displayed on a portfolio page? I have a good deal of portfolio posts, and I just think it would look better to have them on the same page.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. What type of portfolio do you use?


1. How users could submit some pictures or videos through the contact page ?

2.For your information the video grid doesn’t work properly on the iphone 4S on the following link

OK. Email sent !

OK, will check it asap.

This theme is awesome, but… is there any way to insert all the image on the galleries AT ONCE???

just added a page with galery masonry with 50 images and it is not the best way to add every image one by one… is there any other way or is planned to implement a multi-image selection type?


Hello! That’s the only solution at the moment, but I always do improve the functionality.

another question

is there any way to get rid, or customize, the “Pretty Photo” visualizer???

i would like to use something minimalistic, with full res images and no border nor share links, like i’m using here:

I tried to install a plugin, but your theme seems to be hardcoded to use the prettyphoto visualizer…

could you help?

Yes, that’s correct, it is hardcoded but I’m going to replace that script with the new one.

Hi, how do you remove the tweet and facebook features from the image when it loads?

Hello! Do you mean the lightbox?

Hi, yes please

Try to do the following, add this line to the end of this file: theme.css ?.pp_social {display:none!important}


MGK Purchased


I am contacting you because I want to know how to do the following :
  • add a Tags block in portfolio posts (in GT3 if possible ?)
  • add a search field and a newsletter field in the menu bar
  • expand the width of portfolio post so that it uses more space, without breaking the mobile version (now its limited to 940px, I want to use the 1580px because I have two empty columns on the side)

Thank you for your time



Hello! Sorry for the delay in response. Did not notice your comment among others :( 1. The portfolio custom post type does not support tags. 2. It can be added only as a custom solution, because there was not place reserved for such blocks. 3. It can’t be don’t because of the grid that I use in the theme.


MGK Purchased

Thanks for your time Alex. for 1. I will code it myself then, for 2. I managed to do it, but for 3, if I can’t use 1580, can I use any bigger width than 940, according to the grid ? thanks again

I use 1170px grid, it includes the content + menu. The thing is that the menu takes some space, it is not a usual design with the menu on top.

Hi, I really like this theme and I would like to buy it, I was wondering if is it possible to have a transparent menu at the top of the screen (like your Frame theme). Thank you very much. Regards.

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my theme. There is no option to have a menu at the top.

Hi, some more pre sales questions if you don’t mind .

1.Let’ say i don’t want to use vimeo or you tube to host my own videos what would be the solution then ?

2.How many difference pages can be added in the fixed stripped landing page? Is it possible to strip in 8 pages ?

3.Could i link each of these pages with a fullscreen massonry portfolio or a gallery massonry ?

Thank for helping Regards

Hello! Sure. 1. The theme does not support self hosted videos 2. Sure, you can do that. But you should understand that the more pages you added to the stripped landing page, the more narrow they will be. 3. Sure, you can link to any page that you wish.

Does this mean that all my videos have to be hosted only through vimeo or youtube ? Don’t you think that’s a huge limitation ?how to get around this ?

Yes, that’s correct, you can use only youtube or vimeo. I do understand that, but that’s the only way to display the video properly on the site.


I would like to know how could i use my own crop thumbnail in the grid gallery.

I have cropped the thumnails manually in the edit media section of wordpress, then used the regenerate thumbnails plugin, but it seems not to have any relationship with the thumbnail used in your grid template.

Could you please guide me on this? It is very important for me because vertical images are cropped awful, using the center crop, and i need to set my own crop for this kind of images.

Thanks a lot

Yes, its 540×420

great then, i will crop on phothoshop the thumbnails manually and upload with FTP client. It’s not the best way i think, but it is a way :)

thanks and please consider to develop or use a script that can integrate the Wordpress Media Edit Cropping ability.


If there is a solution, I will do that.


Amazing theme !

Small issue though, I noticed I have the same issue as users ziopad, cheesim and ishanshade.

When browsing with an iPhone 5 (landscape mode + portrait mode) a huge space appears between the clicked menu icon and the first content of every page.

See also screenshot:

Can you fix that?

Many thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. That issue was resolved, you have to update the theme to the latest version. Thanks

Thanks, uploading the changed files since May 6th did the trick!

:) nice to hearing that. Have a great day!

What’s the maximum number of images you can add to a gallery? I find 153 seems to be it.

and I need to put over 400 in and want it to show in a Masonry tempate

also is there a way of adding multiple images into a gallery at once. I’m having to add one by one!

Hello! That’s the wordpress limit. It looks like I’ve already had a talk with you regarding the multiple adding.

(fullscreen-blog-Masonry ) could add categories

Hello! Could you please be more specific in your requests?

You can add the categories to that part of the theme, it is a not a sidebar.

Social icons don’t show up right on google chrome

Hello! What social icons do you mean? The ones that are located in the menu sidebar?