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Hi love your work but how come the logo doesn’t appear in a responsive mode like the mobile. Is that by purpose? Can it be fixed to show the logo on mobile. I’m seriously thinking about purchasing this theme. Kindly advise. Regards, Prabs.

Hello! Thanks for your interest. I did it to have more space for the content. If you click the menu icon, you will see the logo.

Hi mad_dog,

You have design a very nice theme! I’m very interested to purchase. But one issue is very disturbing : In the portfolio, why isn’t possible to click on the pictures to see the portfolio ?

Same issue on the blog, I feel all pictures of posts can be clickable to see the post, make sens ?

It’s possible to configure it ? Are you using Wordpress’s future image for this ?

Other question, is it possible to have a future image on top on the post ? like my current blog :

Thanks by advance for your answer.

1. Thanks

2. So it’s a new image or a auto-crop done by Wordpress ?

3. Picture is more explicite than a title of the post (specially for a photographer web site). So, I think, if tag view have featured images, it’s more clear for the visiter, like my current blog :

4. Thanks

Last question (I promise :-) Is it possible to create a page with an index of galleries ? Similar to the portfolio index :

Like this :


- Gallery 1
- Gallery 2
- Gallery 3
- ....

Does this need to be done by hand ?

2. They resize automatically 3. I will take it into consideration. 5. You can do that using the portfolio, for example you add 3 portfolio items to the page and link them to the custom page, the page builder allows to link the portfolio item to a custom link.

I cant see the image feature in the blog. Why you dont put the answer of this question? A lot of user have the some problem!

Done, please confirm. Thanks

Got it

I will delete the template and i want my money back. This dont work.

Does this theme support Buddypress ??

Hello! I should work, but I’m not sure about the stylings.

Can I link home page masonry posts to product pages?

Perhaps a better way to ask it is, can I list the shop listings in the masonry format?

Hello! This option is not available for the shop.

Ah, that’s too bad. Thanks.

Bonjour, je viens d’acheter le thème “Eclipse” et j’obtiens ce messsage à la fin de l’installation “L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème.” Merci de votre aide

Hello! Please do not install the main zip file with the PSD, documentation etc files inside. Please use the installable one. Also, do not forget to read the documentation.

Hi MadDog, Thank you for the reply, the theme is installed. Promised next time I read documetation. Thanks

Nice to hearing that. If you have some questions or concerns, feel free to ask ;) Have a great day! p.s. if you have a minute, please rate my theme

Hello Mad_dog

I am a reallly new to this environment of Wordpress and i was wondering if i could reduce the number of social links like facebook at the bottom of the menu slider to a certain number of social links. There seems to be too many but i dont know how to.

Could you please give an advice on this :? Thank you in advance :)

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item. Maybe you purchase other one?

i dont know why it shows like that but i did have purchased and i am using it now.

Can you please confirm that you purchased “eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme” ?


I’v bought this theme last week, it’ a very nice theme, thank you. I have two questions:

- With the gallery slider page, I cannot see the Thumbnails even if click “Yes” on Show Thumnails. - Is it possible to change the slider transition? (for example with a fading effect)

Thanks for the answer Regards Cyril

Hello Cyril! Can you please send me your wp-admin details and link to the fullscreenslider page and I will check it? It is really strange that you do not see them.

here is the link for example, :

If you want the admin id, I need a private email Thanks a lot

the website is under construction….

Hello! Please send all the details to help at gt3themes dot com

Bonjour, je viens d’acheter le thème “Eclipse” et j’ai un soucis avec le gallery – Slider qui ne fonctionne pas, aucun affichage, est ce un problème de plugging

merci de votre réponse

Hello! Please send your wp-admin details and the name of the page where you added the gallery and we will check it. You can send the details to help at gt3themes dot com

thanks, I send you that

Ok, I will get back to you once I get it. Thanks

Hi there,

I can’t seem to be able to access the support forum :( When I try to post a question, I have to login… but nothing works. Although I use the right username and password. I don’t know what to do.

Can I ask my question here?

I am having trouble creating a drop down list in the menu,for example I want the Menu item to be “Gallery” and when you click on it you can choose between “Wedding”, “Travel”, and “Maternity”.

Please help :(

Hello! Please follow this link for obtaining information In your case you have to add the link to the menu but instead of the url, simply add this sign # in this case the parent menu item will be not clickable.

Very good job. I love your’s elegant and easy to customize. _

Thank you

Hello! Thanks for your kind words, I really do appreciate the feedbacks, though I see that you rated 4 stars :)

Ok, I’m gonna look really stupid, but I need to as a question so that I can ask another question. I’m trying to register on the support forums, but I can’t for the life of me find the “Envato Purchase Code” which is a required field for registration.

When I look at my downloads page (where it says this code can be found), all I see is that I have downloaded the theme, there is no mention of a “purchase code” and when i look at the invoices section, my invoice only states that i made a purchase from Envato with no mention of which theme so i’m guessing the invoice or transaction number isn’t what you need.

Any help?

Found it. :P

Hello! Nice to hearing that :)

can you move the menu to the top or bottom in this theme, I am interested to buy it but I am not sure if I like the position of the menu as it is right now. thanks

Hello! The current theme version supports only such menu positioning.

Hi, does the theme support wordpress 3.9.1? I just bought the theme, and I am wondering whether to update to 3.9.1, thanks

also, im getting error under the GT3 page builder, Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/XXXX/public_html/ on line 328

may i know how to fix it? thanks

Hello! It is 100% compatible with 3.9.1 Most of the customers updated to the latest version. Please make sure that you’ve updated the worpdress and the Eclipse theme.

We are trying to import the demo data but it just hangs. How can we get the data?

Hello! Please make sure that you have the right wordpress permissions to the uploads folder. If you send us your site credentials we can take a look.

Thanks, I messaged you privately.

Hi mad_dog, just bought and downloaded the theme today. I have two questions listed below.

1) What is the font of the text on the home page demo screen (fixed striped landing page), the text describing what page it will bring you to, not the logo text.

2) For the gallery, fullscreen slider, what are the dimensions for the pictures to be set at? What is the best size is what I’m asking.

Thanks for your assistance!

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. 1. Thats the same main font “Roboto” 2. I would recommend you to upload up to 1900px by width.

Good job! Like your theme :) Serge

I will add it asap. p.s. if you have a minute, please rate my theme Have a great day!!!

Thank you very much. Done!

You too. Thanks.

Hi mad_dog… I just noticed these theme you’ve recently created too! It’s beautiful! Now I’m torn between this one and Frame! :)

Can I use the Ken Burns effect on the homepage with this theme like you mentioned I could with Frame?

Any audio capabilities?

And is this theme easy to use and create?

Thanks again for such beautiful work! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for such warm words :)

My pleasure. :)

Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of more questions? I just thought of them.

Does it have social media capability/buttons?

And can I slow the transition of the Ken Burns effect?

Thanks again!

All the buttons, icons you can see on the demo are included in the theme. Yes, its possible to do in the code.