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1Your amazing theme seems been not fully responsive and my iPhone and my iPad how come ?

2 I have noticed that the sub menu nextgen doesn’t work properly, it’s pretty hard to reach “compact album ” for instance

Questions :

3 Is there a Wish list which could be implemented in the shop ?

4.Is there a way to build a post ranking features based on the number of “ilke” as a photo contest

5. Is it allowed to post self hosted or original video contents not just youtube and Vimeo linked.

Thank for helping



1It’s a pity ! because it really makes sense to sort them.

2.Is it possible to display each portfolio category on differents pages?

3.And setting it according to : the type of the portfolio? the number of items to display on the page ? the number of items to load on click?

2. Yes, it is possible to do that. 3. The settings depend on the portfolio type, either it is fullscreen or a standard 1-4 columns.

I developed the website locally using MAMP, then uploaded my website and SQL files to my production server, but all of my page’s (Ken Burn’s & Gallery-Slider pages) images are missing.

This is quite a problem since the image selector you have only shows 10 or so at a time, and I have quite a few images.

Are there any tips or ways I can successfully import these pages via SQL?

Hello! Please note that the media won’t be downloaded to your server because it is on your local one, the default URL is localhost. It is a standard WordPress functionality. Please read this article If you had online test server, you would not have such issue.

Yes, I know. I changed all the file paths in my SQL prior to uploading.

Maybe you did not upload the media as well to appropriate folders, do not forget to check the permissions etc. It is definitely not theme related issue.

Hi, On the Grid gallery can each image link to another grid page? Also is it possible to have a border around the images in the grid – something like this [link removed per author request] And one final question, is there way to embed music?

Hello! You can link only the portfolio items to any page you wish. Yes, it is possible to do. I had a client who requested this. Yes, you can embed soundcloud, tested, worked like a charm. Please do not post the link to other themes.

Whoops, sorry about the link, didn’t know.

Just to clarify, I can use the home fixed striped page as a landing page and have each stripe be, say; Weddings, Portraits, Products, Fine Art. Then have each of those stripes link to other portfolio fullscreen masonry pages. On one of those specified portfolio fullscreen masonry page have each masonry block link to; an about page, a contact page, a pricelist, and a gallery.

Hope you got all that. Thanks for your time.

Yes, you can do that.

Thank for answering to these questions 2.Is it possible to display each portfolio category on differents pages?

3.And setting it according to : the type of the portfolio? the number of items to display on the page ? the number of items to load on click?

Hello! 2. Yes, you can display the specific portfolio category on different pages. 3. For example, the settings for the grid and masonry portfolio and settings for the standard 1,2,3 … column portfolio

Great !thank you very much !

You are welcome.

Hi Mad Dog. Bought this to add to the other themes of yours I’ve purchased. Sent a few feature requests to you via Jane to add features most photographers would expect as standard. :)

No-one seems to be answering questions in the support forum the last 48 hours? – is there a problem? I’ve removed the blog post meta details from the single and bloglisting.php files because I don’t want them showing but the date/comments are still showing under the related posts section. Where and in what files do I make changes to remove them from this section?

It would be handy to have an on/off selector for the date, author, category, tags, comments post meta in the Eclipse settings panel? I would also add an on/off selector for the about the author block section too. ;-)

Hello! Yes, I know about the delays in response. My support staff is on vacation this week. I’m overwhelmed with the work :( I collect all the advices, suggestions, feedbacks and trying to add some of the them in the update pack.

Hello, Great theme! I have pushed the button for the demo content but for the life of me I can not figure out how to set this so it looks like your example of “Full Screen Slider” found here:

How can I change to this look?

I also posted this in the support forum but so far no answer.

Thank you

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please note that you should have the right permission for the uploads folder. We can also install the demo content for you, absolutely for free (need wp-admin and ftp details). Please read the documentation on how to create any kind of the fullscreen pages. You will get a detailed description on how to do that. Thanks


Amazing theme ! Although, I have the same issue that ziopad and cheesim.

I’m working on a client’s website (he bought the theme – username: ngphotographics if you wanna check), but the theme has some issues when I browsing with an iPhone 4 (portrait + landscape mode) or an iPhone 5 (only landscape mode). A huge space appears between the menu icon and the first portfolio images.

Any idea of why that happens?

Thank you very much



Please send the site credentials to me and I will take a look.

Mail sent. Thank you !

How do I update to the latest version, I downloaded the them again and tried to install it and I got the error message that the theme already was installed…

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please do the update via ftp, simply replace the old files with the new ones. Thanks

so the only way to update the theme is via FTP? what files is it and what folder?

You have to upload only the files from this folder gt3-wp-eclipse

Hi, I’m about to buy this great theme but still wondering if ever in the future updates you are intending to solve this “sorted” features .I really think that this theme need a “sorting” and “ranking” features in order to organize the photos or the videos .Especially if we want not just have a show case portfolio but also try to make some money with our content .Thank you to kindly consider this suggestion.

It searches the entire site, but can be displayed only on the pages with the sidebar.

Ok, thank for helping !

Its ok.


What image resolution do you recommend for this theme?

Hello! I recommend to use 1900px width for the fullscreen slider.

You are welcome.

I was going to purchase this the other day, but noticed the price has increased by $10? Why is this? Thanks.

Hello! All the themes with woocommerce integration cost $55 :(

Is there a way to have a masonry gallery on a portfolio post type? It seems like a great way to display images inside of a portfolio item, but I don’t see anything like that in the demo.

Hello! It is not possible to do that.

hi .. how to edit text area in some demo pages in page builder ?

i saw only “text”, but cant edit it.


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme and wordpress.

update to wordpress 3.9 solved the problem. thanks

That’s what you had to do ;) Keep your wordpress updated.

Hello, first thank you for solving the resolution issue, now it works great :). Just one more request if possible, on the widget sidebar, I’ve added an img src to show a picture. But on mobile/tablet or in smaller resolution, the picture is getting out of the container. Will it be possible to make it responsive at your end?


Hello! Can you please put the link to your site and I will check it.

Hi, thanks for this amazing theme first :) What I’d like to ask you:

When I bought the theme I didn’t understand the gallery and portfolios were totally different things. I want to connect both features, so that when I click on a portfolio (in my case grid) entry, I get to a gallery page of serveral images (Slider) in fullscreen.

Is there any way to do so? I can’t find it, sorry. Any help would be great, thank you!

I do remember I’ve already answered those questions. Going to duplicate them once again.

Thanks I got your duplicate right afteryou wrote this. I answered again, but haven’t got a reply so far. Did you write again and would you please duplicate it again?

Do not see your response.


I am using your theme and its great, but I have this weird problem, everthing I am put in the pages goes to the right, text, calendar and so on. I Used your great GT3 page builder, but everything also there goes very far to the right, I watched your youtube demo of GT3 demo and there it seemed to work great, have a look yourself

The page title is where it should be, but not the text under it, any idea whats going on?

never mind, I had activated left sidebar…solved

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Great.

Hi I finally pull the trigger and bought this theme. New to this, where is the theme install documentation?

I need help, I can’t import the demo content. I click the button and it acts like it’s importing but never does. Where is this content suppose to be imported to in my site directory?

The import sample data button doesn’t change when I mouse over it but it does give me a popup message asking “Are you sure?

Can you please please provide me with your site credentials and I will check it? You can send them to help at gt3themes dot com Thanks

Hi mad_dog,

I bought the theme but I’m not very happy with it because it’s advertised to be SEO friendly but only Striped page (with/without scroll) are in fact.

The other type of landing pages doesn’t contains SEO helpful elements and in the Striped page the photos are to thin to visually attract visitors.

I would like to ask for a refund, how to proceed?

Best regards.

Why do you think so? It’s not right, there are a lot of customers who use striped page templates. If you add the title and description to any page using the SEO plugin, you will get it indexed properly. I have no clue what is the final result that you want to get. It looks like you are looking for something custom.

Adding a title and description for every page has nothing to do with your theme or what I bought!

Apart from 1-2 templates the rest of your landing pages are NOT at all SEO friendly.

At least, do not make false advertising anymore and remove them from here!

I’m really really disappointed!

It is only your subjective opinion. They won’t be remove from that page because they are part of the theme.

Someone can please send me the link to update my theme ???

Thank you !!

Can you just send me the link ? 404 error ??

My email is: “help at gt3themes dot com”

ok i think i ve just understood this help at gt3themes dot com

Hi, I am trying to edit the color or the post background and I can’t. The only things I seem to be able to do is turn it black or white. Right now it is white, but I wanna change to a color of my choice is that possible.

Here is the site:

Hello! Please send your request to my support forum and the support staff will check if it is possible to do that. Thanks