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Congrats , looks great ! :)

Awesome theme dan20071, glws mate!

Thank you, much appreciated.

Nice and crisp layout! Good work!

Much Appreciated :)

Very good PSD . Good luck!!!

HTML version, please! :smitten:

It’s in the works :)

Very nice! But I’m missing some font(s)?..

EDIT : for anyone who wonders:

FakePlastic (download) AgencyFB regular (download) AgencyFB bold (download)

Thank you, I’ll add the links to the main description page :)

Is it will be html and wordpress responsive buddy? If you dont have anyone do it, let me help Thanks

Thank you very much :)

Is the eclipse logo included with the template ?

Yes it is, but it’s layered in photoshop, not vector.

Html Version Please ???

We are working on it but we have some other projects we need to finish.

If you make the html version i will def buy.