Discussion on Eco Recycling - A Multipurpose Template

Discussion on Eco Recycling - A Multipurpose Template

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Is this theme PHP 8.x ready? Is there a Page Builder used like in this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/eco-recycling-a-multipurpose-nature-ecology-wordpress-theme-/7970296

Hello There, Thanks for reaching out.

Its a HTML design template not the WordPress theme. However we also have WordPress theme that may suits your requirement, please check from here https://themeforest.net/item/sunrays-wordpress-theme/25232671?s_rank=1 https://themeforest.net/item/cultivation-organic-food-farming-wordpress-theme/24353092?s_rank=3

For any further queries or issues please feel free to contact us over support desk here https://support.motothemes.net/


Thanks for quick response and excuse me, I did not look close enough. This is not a WP theme. My mistake!

Okay, no issues. We have WordPress themes, and shared URLs in the previous comment, please check

Hello, could you please update this template the same way you have it in wordpress? I like how you have it in wordpress, but I need it in html, thanks


Thanks for liking the template, we will soon update the html also. Thanks :)

does it support arabic language

Thank you for showing interest in our product.

No, this HTML template does not support arabic language

I have purchased this item, but the Eco.Recycling index page hangs on IE11, continuing to display the intro spinner icon (both local and online, i.e. on http://kamleshyadav.com/eco-premium/ecorecycling_default/index.html). :’-(

Our live site is working fine on IE11.

How do I change the contact form? Where do i put in my email address? Can you show me where on the ajaxmail.php form. Thank you

please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com , we will get this issue solved for you

Love the layout, especially the rainy day page. I cannot seem to be able to change the background photo, however. I changed it in the custom.js file and everywhere else I think it could be, but, I getting a broken link instance. I know the direct URL is correct, and when I tried the direct path in the folder and neither is working.

The direct URL is http://www.axs-inc.com/2016/images/rainy-day-header.jpg and the direct path is ../images/rainy-day-header.jpg

What could I be missing. (sorry, I don’t have the page up yet, still working on it.)

could you please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com , we will get you answer for both

Purchased today and unable to download. I see a message link has expired. Kindly help to resolve.

Please go to download section

Hi kamleshyaday, Love the theme but I am having a problem getting it onto the Joomla site. It gives an error when trying to upload and install. It says “Warning JInstaller: :Install: Can’t find XML setup file.” “Error Unable to find install package”. What am I doing wrong? I am on Joomla 3.6.5. Thanks GBMicros

It’s an HTML template you can not use in joomla

Hi kamleshyadav, thanks for the reply. I found it by Googling Recycle Joomla Templates. That’s why I brought it but know its a waste of money. A note to anyone wanting this for a Joomla site please note as kamleshyadav says you CANNOT use this in Joomla. Thanks.


i want to buy the theme i like the design but i have a multi questions 1- if the theme support RTL language 2- which multi lang plugins is the best for the theme

hello , this one is just html template

I want to give you some feedback. The contact form configuration – people may want to add some fields besides what you have in there – but there is no information on that at all. I won’t say a word about variable naming conventions in the ajaxmail.php. Read a book called “Clean Code” and see what troubles you can run into naming your stuff like that especially when you work on bigger projects. You contact form message is hardcoded and not easy for an average user to use. It is sad to see the quality of the code – is very poor. You make people work by having it written and structured like that. Not me – I wrote my own – but other people who buy your stuff will run into this I guarantee you that. Overall the theme looks great.

Thanks for your suggestion, let me work on this

How can I keep this slide video in loop? It stops then I see the black background? div class=”tp-caption tp-fade fullscreenvideo tp-videolayer” data-x=”0” data-y=”0” data-speed=”300” data-start=”500” data-easing=”Power3.easeInOut” data-elementdelay=”0.1” data-endelementdelay=”0.1” data-videowidth=”100%” data-videoheight=”100%” data-forceCover=”1” data-dottedoverlay=”twoxtwo” data-aspectratio=”16:9” data-videoposter=”images/main_slider/video-background-slideshow-poster.jpg” data-videowebm=”images/main_slider/media/video-eco-recycling.webm” data-videomp4=”images/main_slider/media/video-eco-recycling.mp4” data-videoloop=”loop” data-endspeed=”300” data-autoplay=”true” data-autoplayonlyfirsttime=”false” style=”z-index: 2;”

And in general the whole loop stops after 1 round – how do i keep it going?

can you please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com ,i will get this resolved for you

What are the differences between this theme and the WooCommerce version? only support for this plug-in? Is documentation really available or is there only support by e-mail?

this is just a html template and the woocommerce one is the wordpress theme

Any updates for Revolution Slider soon? And to the Catalogue section? Nice theme!

Yeah very soon we will give update to it

Hello, the menu in Catalogue dont work in responsive and mobile. Can you fix?

Yeah we can , let me know when you make the purchase , please submit a ticket at support@himanshusofttech.com

Have kamleshyadav looked your template in ipad, android native browser and any iphone series?

Because of that template’s parallax fx & layout doesn’t work correctly! If you look home version 3 (parallax) you’ll see the contents not centered (landscape and potraid i saw) and a lot of iframe doesn’t seems correct(positioning)

And mobile version’s nav menu opens very slow. It looks like a mistake. I wanna buy this template but not with that mistakes. Can you fix?

Let me check and get them fixed soon

For those having problems with Google fonts not rendering, just add the following line to style.css, right before the first @font-face:

@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans|Oswald);

Worked for me, for now…

I have sent you an email with a linking issue – can you review it please.

Can you reply to my note please?

3 days and no reply?? – I am told by mail admin that your email Supprt@himanshusofttech.com does not exist…

its support@himanshusofttech.com , you missed the o in support

So the click’n lightbox images on gallery examples arent working. Someone asked this 3 months ago. Is that fixed / included to package? And from where I could see the full change log before considering to buy the theme? Thanks.

yes it is fixed, just connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com after the purchase they will get it working file shared with you.

Ok, I’ll wait until I can see fully working example before I consider buying.

I’ll take that if the theme is too broken still, I get a refund?

Documentation “unrated”. So, does the pack include documentation? Cheers.

I’ve asked a refund, It would be nice for you to speed up the process, thank you.

Them forest will take care on their own we can not interfere

As I said if you can share us your issue we can help you resolved them. Our support team also available on skype


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