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Can someone help please, since support isn’t. When I add a featured image to a blog post it seems to mess everything up. I’m referring to what should be the little thumbnail image that appears next to a blog post. I think I can add an image if I make it very tiny but it doesn’t show up centered in the little thumbnail area. I used to be able to just add a featured image to a blog post and it was automatically resized and centered without any issues at all.

Above in a link to my posts. As you can see, no images are set…just a white box area where a thumbnail image should be.

The recommended size for blog thumbnail is 84×84px, if you upload in bigger size, it will be automatically resized, if you still have a problem, please provide me your site login from my profile page.


everything functioned good before the last update. maybe there is a clitch that you’re aware of with the feature image in a blog post? where in the code can check?

I have tested with the WordPress 3.8 and there’s no problem with the featured image both in blog and category pages.


Hi, I just bought the template, why it doesn’t support Chinese character in the Feature’s Title?

Disable Cufon option can show Chinese character, thanks!

ok great!

How can I close all Latest News? I had try to delete the Homepage sidebar in the Widget, but it didnt work. Please help.

If you want to completely remove this, please open sidebar.php file, find and remove all below code :

get_template_part('default-widget','widget placeholder');


Many thanks!

Why last update is novembre 12 ???

I have tested with WordPress latest version and there’s no problem with ecobiz current version.


Great Theme! Do you plan to make it Reactive? Also, if I want to remove the Google Map from the contact page template, do I delete this code?

<?php echo theme_widget_text_shortcode(do_shortcode(‘[gmap width=”424” height=”246” latitude=”’.$info_latitude.’” longitude=”’.$info_longitude.’” controls=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” zoom=”15” html=”’.$info_address.’” popup=”true”]’));?>

Yes iam planning to make ecobiz theme in responsive design, but please be patient.


HI, I have a question, How can you change the hover color of the menu buttons? I want it to be a different color… Also when I upload my background images as you instructed My images are not showing up in the styling option/background image area.. what could be the problem? Thanks

Hi, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.jqueryslidemenu ul li a:hover{
color: #4F8C00;
just replace #4F8C00 with your color hex code.

could you please provide me your site url regarding your background image problem?


I took care of the color problem, but the background images are still not showing up once I added to the bgimage folder inside the wp-content/theme/ecobiz/images… I was wondering , do I have to add the image somewhere elese too? I am using MAMP server on my computer, the files are not uploaded yet to the net.

Hello, basically you can upload your background image from ecobiz theme options => styling options => Full Size Background Image URL option, be sure you have checked “Enable Full Size Background Image?” option first.


Hello, The Ecobiz themebutton suddenly disappeared in the dashboard. Can you help me? Thanks!


Did you tried to switch to default WordPress theme first?


Hi, I have problem with new post type. I registered post type (in ecobiz, functions, post types), I can make loop page, but the single page not working (404). Same register nad single page I added to another template and its working without any problem. Could you please help me, where could be the problem?

hi, you need to create single-posttype.php file first, just replace “posttype” with your actual post type name.


hi, how can have in multiple language the title that now apper on : the bottom title in RANDOM PORFOLIO PRODUCTS now is “RANDOM PORFOLIO-ALTRI NOSTRI PRODOTTI” i want it change changing language (italian, french, english) and same thing the button link “VIEW DETAIL” in the theme po file can’t fnd anithing

So this is the only way to modify the title ecc ? But in this way multilingual sites have only 1 language title version (non 1 per òanguage).I tryed the pulgin CodeStyling Localization but when activate with ecobizthere are problems with qtranslate plugin

so i can’t translate the title and text in other language i need

if you used qtranslate plugin, you can use quick tags features from qtranslate.


can you explain with an example please? where i put the quick tags ? there are no field to put them to translate these title and button

Hi, I have a problem on the contact page when I put the google map in, and test the contact page It shows up then it disappears.. Why is that? Any suggestions? Thx

Looks like you used the old version of ecobiz theme, please try to update your ecobiz theme to latest version (2.4), you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


Hello, I bought this theme, but at me wordoress 3.8. May I change this theme for another? or to return money?

Not sure what you mean, the ecobiz theme compatible with WordPress 3.8 version, I have no refund policy, please contact envato support for this.


Hey, First of thank you for creating this awesome theme. I’ve question, how can I delete the latest news widget ? (But keep the page height).

Thanks in advance!

Please open sidebar.php file, find and remove each below code :

get_template_part('default-widget','widget placeholder');


Hello. I recently hired someone to build my new website using Ecobiz. Now that I have the site up and running, I want to do my own edits but have a lot of questions and find myself on my own without help. I’m wondering how I can get to use this forum to ask for support.

My web site is

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


Hi imediapixel, I hope you can help me allthough I’m missing a purchase badge… I recently got a site handed to me that features your template… That currently have a long list of issues though..

Please look at

I have registrated the following issues:
  • - “holes” in the customerlist.. The white spaces – I need these gone
  • - Pictures are missing on all costumersites
  • - Picture is featured on the “Grenke” site.. But doesn’t scale
  • - Excerps aren’t constant… varie from 2-5 lines
I sincerely hope you will help me resolve these issues.. The site have been live for a year and as I am told the problems have never been addressed.

Hi, could you please provide me your purchase code first?


Hello! How can I move the logo a bit to the top of the header? Thanks a lot!

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

 #logo { margin-top: 0px;}
you can increate 0px to negative value.


Suddenly there is a probleme with the Page Heading Image! It is placed ca. 300 pixels too far on the right, so it doesn’t appear in the center of the page but far too right! What to do?

Hi, regarding your issue, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#header { height: 60px;}
you can increase 60px to fit your logo height.


Hi—when are you planning to do an update? Last one was over a year ago. I installed on WP 3.8 and much of the functions don’t work. Buyers beware.

Hi, I have tested the ecobiz theme with WordPress 3.8.1 and there’s no problem as you mentioned.



When I create a page and don’t want a slider on it, the image shifts off to the right side of the page (example here:

Please let me know your thoughts on this and if I can correct it somehow. Thank you. I purchased this theme a while ago on an old account but couldn’t remember my password, but I didn’t see anything that would help me in the index.html file.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.



Currently the portfolio is sorted from oldest to newest but I’d like it to be newest to oldest. How can I make that change?

Thank you.

I got this figured out so I’ll outline the steps I took in case anyone else is looking for help. I don’t know how elegant my solution is.

1) I’m using a three column portfolio is I downloaded portfolio-3cols.php and opened it up with Notepad++. 2) On line 44 where it says – $portfolio_order,’order’=> ‘ASC’ – I changed ASC (ascending) to DESC (descending). 3) I uploaded my edited portfolio-3cols.php and replaced the unedited version.

That’s it. Now it sorts newest date to earliest instead of the other way around.

ok great and glad it’s working now and thanks for sharing :)

Great template. I am thinking of using this template for a upcoming project, I need to know if it is possible to disable the the links on the gallery page so users can click an image and see a larger image, but can not click the title of the image which takes them to the page contain more details. Can this be done?

Hi, I can help you for this.

Thanks for your interest.