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Hey, I just bought the theme and installed it on my wordpress site, I activated the theme but the theme button isn’t showing up. Can you help me?


Update: When I activate the theme I noticed that it appears a message with a link to the Options Panel, I click there and I get a blank page with this message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Hi, did you tried to deactivate your installed plugins first?


Yes I did. Doesn’t seem to work.

HI there. have the bought the template and I’m in the Admin area trying to change it to a background/pattern that is on the Live Demo. I’m going with the green colour and on Demo it is the pattern which is top row, fourth from the left – it produces a pale effect with really thin stripes. I can’t see this choice in the setup (setup gives you about 25 backgrounds and the Live Demo has more)


Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Good Morning:

Could you please help me with a contact page map issue: My coordinates are correct and my main office address is in this format: 8000 Havemann Road
Celina, OH 45822. However, my map is still blank. Can you provide any insight?

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


Wah keren pakdhe salesnya hampir mendekati vulcan, padahal belakangan :)

alhamdulillah bu dhe, cuma ini yg menghidupi saya :D

portfolio-item-8 Slider Images by how to implement?Related Portfolio How to display

Hi, to create portfolio item slider, please follow below steps :
  1. Click Media Library
  2. Select Upload to this post option from the dropdown
  3. Upload your multiple image as portfolio item gallery slider
  4. When upload process finish, just close the upload window
  5. box


By the method of your results Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in E:\wlnmp\www\wp-content\themes\ecobiz\functions\inc\resizer.php on line 138

Hi, please try to download and replace the old one in functions folder of ecobiz theme.


Hi Guys, i’m adding my own footer widget contact info, all i have done is dragged a text widget into one of the bottom footers, everything is displayed on my pc, but on an ipad, the footer will not display any numbers, ie, all the text content views fine, but when i type in for example Tel: 01543 123456, all you see on the ipad is Tel:, any ideas?

Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hi. I don’t know how to get the nivo slider to work. How can i add pictures to the homepage slider?

I also have a problem with the frontage feature boxes. There are 4 boxes, but i only want 4 boxes – just like on your example-site.

Hi, basically you need to create a category for your slider first and some slideshow items there,set your image at Featured Image box when you creating your slideshow item, if you want to use nivo slider, please do not set your homepage as static front page in Settings => Reading options, just leave all options as WordPress default, please refer documentation for detail.


Thank you. Is it possible to remove the text from the nivo slider. I only want it to show the picture, and no text. Thank you.

Hi, did you tried to manage this fro ecobiz theme options => slideshow setting => Nivo Slider Settings => Enable Caption? option?



I’ve added my logo which is taller than the recommended size and sometimes when you refresh the page the slider will stay on top of the logo, how can I fix that?


Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hi, can i use this template with wordpress 3.7 or higher?

Thank you.

Yes it’s compatible with WordPress 3.8.1


Hi – I tried to change the color on the e-mail and web-link af (down in rigth corner – footer – contactinfo). Right now it is white and therefore is pretty difficult to see on the lightgrey background. I tried to put this in the field for custom CSS:

.footerbox a, .footerbox li a { color: #615858 !important; }

I also tried it without !important and nothing works… Where can I change this color?

I solved the issue

ok great! :)

Hi :)

How (or Where?) to change the font on the website? (template)

Hi, you can manage this from theme options => styling options, you can change both heading and body fonts.


Hi, how can obtain the same live-preview homepage ? Thanks

Hi, be sure you have managed your homepage section from ecobiz theme options => homepage setting, create a category for slideshow and add some slideshow item there.


Just so you are aware, on the ecobix/contact info part of the template, Phone and Fax number is incorrectly spelled “nubmer”. Perhaps this can be corrected in next update?

ok thanks for your information @greeneaglz

gan gmn caranya ngilangin category “ALL” di bagian porftolio jquery filter? atau bisa ga di custom/ganti category sesuai kemauan kita?

terima kasih.

saya ingin menghilangkan kategori ini :

dan saya akan menggantinya dengan kategori yang lain.

big thanks.

sudah saya jawab lewat email klo gak salah gan

tidak masuk mas, klo comment disini gimana?atau bisa kirim lewat email saya lagi gimana?

Issue : Kwicks Slider + 3 features boxes.

I created a homepage in order to use Kwicks Slider ; Now I try to change the number of features boxes on this Homepage to 3 instead of 4, but the following configuration (Appearance > Widgets > Site features box > ECOBIZ – 3 column Site Features) has no effect and I irremediably have 4 features boxes.

I am guessing it is because the Site feature box only affects the default Homepage, while I created a new homepage in order to be able use Kwicks Slider (Homepage Kwicks Slider template). How then can I end up with Kwicks Slider + 3 features boxes?

Thank you for your answer.

Hi, ok if you dont mind please provide me your site login from my profile page, let me check directly at your site.


Messy pagelist :

Hi, This page’s pagelist format is very messy, and changing the number of columns doesn’t solve the problem. Any solution ?


Hi, please try to view your pagelist shortcode in Text mode of WP editor, try to remove <pre>...</pre> before and after your shortcode.


Amazing, thanks.

Any plans for making this template responsive?

yes, I am planing to release ecobiz theme in responsive layout for the next release.


Nested shortcodes : toggle shortcode within toggle shortcode

Hi Imediapixel, Is there a way to have the following layout on one page :

[toggle title=”Application Guide”] In order to apply… [/toggle]

[toggle title=”FAQ”] #[toggle title=”FAQ1”]Answer[/toggle] #[toggle title=”FAQ2”]Answer[/toggle] #[toggle title=”FAQ3”]Answer[/toggle] [/toggle]

(my comment doesn’t appear fully if I don’t add several #)

Maybe by playing with [toggle] and [toggles], like [tab] and [tabs]?

Thanks for your answer,

Hi, unfortunately the nested toggle shortcode does not support in ecobiz theme.


I just updated to 3.8.1 and now the slideshow don’t show up? What to do?

HI, I have tested with the WordPress 3.8.1 and there’s no problem, could you please provide me your site url regarding your slideshow issue?



I checked your site looks like there’s no problem with the slideshow now.


Pre-sale question: Last update of this theme was 1,5 years ago. Will you update this theme soon and will you make it to be responsive? Or have you discontinued support and development of this theme?

Hi, I still supporting this theme and development still active, I will add responsive layout for the next release.

Thanks for your interest.