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Hi there

Lovely template, thank you. On the Portfolio Detail page, I would like to add several more rows of what you call Portfolio Title (at the bottom of the wrapper). I’m not succeeding. Please help.


I should not have installed your theme. Help

Error Messages 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.2.2p1


this theme include the Our Team page? on demo I can’t see it.

and the portfolio detail I can include multi photos?


Hi, I would be interested to the purchase but I would like to know if there will be future updatings. I don’t see recent answers for this theme and I would like to know the support for this theme if it is active.

Hi, for now there’s no update for this template since it’s just static html tamplate.

Thanks for your interest :).

hi, i need help. Can i set latin letter on meny? I come from Serbia and i need ?,?,Ž.Š.. Best regards

ecobiz theme used cufon font replacement, and by default the cufon font does not support your language accents, you can search a cufon font at and please refer to documentation how to install your new cufon font.


Hello ,

it is html theme or not ? bcs i saw this theme wiht wordpress

Hello, this is html version, for WordPress version available at


Great theme – no issues – running smoothly for about 1.5 years. Thank you.

Thank you and glad that you happy using this template :)

I’d like to change the pages to HTML5 doctype and use a header.php. I am not switching to WP but looking for code to simplify header and footer navigation.

hi ,

i want to add in a ‘phone’ field in the contact form. but cant seem to get it to work. have added it to the contact.html. but how do i add it to the sendemail.php ?


Hi, you need to modify functions.js too that located in js folder, try to add your phone number, the code for contact form processing start from $('#buttonsend').click( function() {


Hi! Your “Live preview” does not work and I want to test it before buying :(

Hi, you can visit the demo site from the wordpress version from


Im getting an error message that the zip file is too large to upload into my wordpress dashboard.

Hi, it’s HTML version, the WordPress version available here


How do I add an arrow to the main menu items to show that there is an additional drop down menu?

Live demo link leads to HostGator “page not found”

Hi! The images on my slider on the homepage are not showing up. Please help me!


No answer to emails (, Dead link on the live preview, Not the latest version available on Themeforest…

... Is there still somebody here?

I’d like to buy the latest version of this theme as available here:

Please, provide support!


Hi, we will update the template with additional responsive layout, thanks for purchasing our theme.

Hi there, i’m interested in this theme, but i don’t know is this a responsive design.


for now the template does not support for responsive layout, but we will add this feature for the next update.

thanks for your interest.

Dear author,

the resonsiveness was one and only feature we were missing on our Ecobiz version 2.5 theme. When do you think there could be an update with this feature? Is it by any chance possible to update to ECOBIZ – Business WordPress Theme which is currently being offered and is responsive?

Thank you for information.

Kind regards,

Petr Zadnik

Hi, we will make an update and adding the responsive layout for the ecobiz html template.

Thank you.

not mobile friendly can you make it

Hi, yes, we will make an update and adding the responsive layout for the ecobiz html template, hope this can be achieve soon.

Thank you.

When will you release the responsive layout version?

If you have no plan to release it soon, can I modify the current version to responsive layout, is that doable?

Hi my slider isn’t working on ecobiz? This happens a lot. Can you help?

Please use the account that you use to purchased the template, so we can verify that you’re our template buyer.

Thank you :)