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I love the html template. I am having issues with the contact page and the forms posting properly to email. I have adjusted the email address in the sendemail.php file, but some how I can’t get the form input to post to my email address.

Haven’t worked with .php before have used the old cgi forms for get and post commands. I am trying to change actions in contact.html file but nothing is working as well as the a href tag, but no luck.

Can you help please!

Hello, the contact form in ecobiz theme used ajax processing, you just need to replace default email address in sendemail.php with your actual address.



I previously asked the question:

“Hi there, I am trying to edit the template for my needs. I am using the standard index page with the timed image slider however I do not want the little dots along the bottom of the image, I only require the left and right arrows. How do I remove the nav dots? Thanks, Scott”

You replied:

ok please open your index.html file, find and remove below code : controlNav:true // 1,2,3… navigation Thanks.

this didn’t work to resolve my problem… please help.


Hello, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hello, Can you tell me how to change the nav menu on the bottom of the theme. Currently all the pages are showing up and it is too many. I want some of the pages from the top menu to show on the bottom and some pages that are different from the top menu to show. I have emailed you my license.

Thank you

Good Morning! The images on my slider on the homepage and the images for the site overview section on the homepage are not showing up. the title of each slider is there and it rotates – just no image. On the overview section when I add an image it indents slightly but the image does not appear – although it shows properly in the dashboard section of the theme.

Thank you.

Sorry wrong template – posted in correct forum.


I’ve bought this theme and I’m trying to make some changes to it but the page I’m working on seems to be locked.

Need some help here…


Hi I’m trying to change the speed time on the slider images, have gone to jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js and toward the bottom on the code its set to:


Have changed the pauseTime:8000 but it hasnt changed anything!

Anyone any ideas???


Hello, to change the slideshow speed, please open index.html file and find below code :

<script type="text/javascript"> 
    $(window).load(function() {
        pauseTime:3000, // How long each slide will show
        directionNav:true, // Next and Prev navigation
        directionNavHide:true, // Only show on hover
        controlNav:true // 1,2,3... navigation                
increase or decrease 3000 in pauseTime value to change the slideshow speed.


Awesome design, thank you SO much.

The 32×32 .png icons on the homepage: connections, fancy-globe, bar-chart, and processing

I was wondering where was the free stock image source for these is that I may be able to find a couple pictures more appropriate for my uses that still match the style of other icons.

I mainly need a health/doctor/stethoscope style one instead of Processing.png and less importantly a Family icon (person next to smaller person icon?) instead of Connections—the others are perfect.

Beautiful design!

Hello, there’s many free icons website resource, here the links for medical icons set http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/02/15/free-medical-icons-set-60-icons/


hello, I’m using this theme and I really like it. Can I remove the home link from the main navigation?

thank you S

I brought this theme and all looks good so far! But i am having major problems Installing this theme! can you please advise me on how to do so! I am trying to install both online and offline and i get the same result.

Hello ,please extract your template download package first, now go to html folder and unzip the file, choose one of available skins (eg. green folder) and upload your site.


I love the look of this layout, thanks!

We have imported the file into Dreamweaver in order to tailor to our needs and in particular, want to add items to the main menu.

In order to change the main menu headers (e.g., ‘About’ to ‘About our Company’, and ‘Services’ to ‘Our Product Line’) as well as adding to the drop down menus, is there one file I can go to that will update the main menu site-wide or do they need to be changed on each individual page?

Thank you for your help.

Hi! I would like to know how can I have different Portfolio pages, where each one displays items of just one categorie of items.

Hello thanks for your job. In-page portfolio 4col.html when I click on an image to see great, small thumbnail that are in do not meet the box.


How to resolve this

Hi there. I have a question about photos in template. When i buy template May i use those photos for my own? Thanks.

There is a definite problem with sub menus not showing at all times. The rows are there and links work but text doesn’t show.

It is intermittent and a real problem.

I have tried adding the NO CACHE code in the header, hoping to refresh the page on each instance but still get some complaints.

Surely you must be aware of this. Do you have a solution? If not just say so and I will try and find someone else who may be of assistance.

Reply here for all to see the answer as it will help others. And I read every single post trying to find the answer before I asked this question. I did ask it four months ago but your answer didn’t make sense.



Hi there, love this template just having a small issue with the drop down menu, is there a way to drop it down slightly as at the moment when you go over the text the menu appears slightly covering the word any help would be grateful.



Great template. Contact page keeps saying Google Maps API has expired. Ive tried getting a new one but still cant get it to work. Are you able to provide a key I can use? thanks

Hi all, please contact me from my profile page if you have any questions.

Sorry for any inconvenience, if I missed your questions here.

Thank you.

If I purchase this template will I get the image files for the homepage slider?

Thanks Kate

Already replied your email.


Hi! I´ve just send you an email but thought that you might answer quicker here. I bought your template yesterday and want to use characters such as åäö in the menu. It works perfectly fine in the text if you change the code type to UTF -8. But I´ve been though all the files and can´t find anything else to change. But it won´t work in the menu. Any Ideas?

ok I have replied your email.