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hello! i need to know the technical specification for the hardware who host the template… which version of php is required? thanks

Hello, it’s html version template, used php only for contact form processing, be sure you choose the hosting provider that support php 5.x.x


Hello, I have a problem with this template, in the headers and some other titles, i can’t view special characters like ó, é, etc. I’ve changed the “meta tag’s”, but I think that the problem is in the Stylesheet, what can I do?

Thanks for your help!

the problem relate with the cufon font, try to replace default cufon with the font that support your language accents, you can refer to documentation how to implement and install the new cufon font.


Thank you so Much, that was the detail, I’ve changed the Cufon Font and problem fixed.

Sincerely, Thanks.

Very nice template. Just wondering how I can set the Google map to another location. Thanks for the efforts!

open contact.html file and find below code :

       markers: [{ latitude: -6.229555086277892,
     longitude: 106.82551860809326,
     popup: true
    zoom: 15
replace each default configuration with your own points.


why this rar package wasn’t good anymore? i can’t get it unziped. anyone or the author can tell me how to do it.

not sure, the theme package packed as a zip file instead of rar file.


Hi, love this template, but have a couple of noob questions before i pay for it…

1. i assume that the skin change box doesn’t stay on the final template?

2. what control is there over the slider pls (number of frames, delay etc)?

3. any thing i will need on my webserver for things like the portfolio?

Many thanks,

Hello, I just bought your theme and I’m very please. I have one question however, I could not find how to change the number of rotating pictures, when I delete them from the index.html file, they only turn blank, and they are not reducing. (It is showing 9 dots and I need only 4)

Hello, the slideshow section wrapped inside <div id="slider">..</div>, you can remove the slideshow items from there.


Hi there, Great job on putting this template together. One question:

I used static slideshow and I have a form on the right side that needs to pass value to another page. Looks like that section doesn’t understand PHP . how do I get my form to pass value to another page. See form here: http://easyhomeconnections.com

Hi, please post your questions at ecobiz WordPress version http://themeforest.net/item/ecobiz-modern-business-wordpress-theme/discussion/238701


I have purchased this theme and am having trouble with the top banner in the portfolio showing up as a completely unrelated banner that never was assigned to it.

Here is the portfolio link: http://fortisgw.com/outdoor-kitchens-pre-built

Here is the portfolio at item level with a random banner that i never assigned it: http://fortisgw.com/firemagic-stacked-stone

Please advise asap

Sorry, i have problem with ie8 Many times the pages are rendered like a feed http://www.enercube.it/website/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/feed.jpg In firefox or chrome all is correct how can I solve ? Tks

Hello, if you purchased the WordPress version, please your question at http://themeforest.net/item/ecobiz-modern-business-wordpress-theme/discussion/238701



i have this problem with your theme can you help me with it

Stylesheet is missing

Hello, this is html version template, so it’s won’t work with WordPress, you need to purchased ecobiz WordPress version if you want to use with WordPress.


Hi! I want to buy this theme but i have some questions about cufon font of this theme.

Is there any support in Cuffon font for UTF -8 Characters ? (Ex: ö,Ö,?,?,?,i,?,? )

I wait your answer to buy this theme.

Thanks for your interst, have a nice day.


ecobiz template used cufon font replacement, and by default it’s does not support your language accents, you need to install the new cufon font that support your language accents, you can search the cufon fonts at http://cufonfonts.com/, for detail instruction how to install your cufon font, you can refer to documentation.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, many thanks for this template – it’s great.

I’m struggling with the portfolio part and need some help…

i would like to use the portfolio-detail page to show an example of works, however i have idea how to change the images in the pop-up gallery.

can you point me in the right direction please ?

Hi, can you offer some support here please ?

My site is now live and I need this resolving asap.

Many thanks,

just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue.


Hi, i filled out the contact form from your contact page yesterday.

Many thanks


I have purchased this template some months ago and I am very pleased with it!

Right now I am trying to alter the height of the nivo.slide, but I don’t know how to do it. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

I certainly can provide you my site URL . The contact page can be found on:


Once again, thank you very much!


Good morning!

Just wondering whether you had the opportunity to check the problem with the contact form, as it is not working on my live website.

The visitors on my page are really impressed with your template, but unfortunately they can’t contact me using the online form.

Your help on this would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

I purchased this theme and I’m not seeing a template in it. Just colors. Am I missing something?

Hello, the template split into color folder, so you can use the template from available predefined color directly.



In style.css. I recently changed the Features box height from 90px to 150px so I can add more text. Cant quite figure out how to extend the lines that seperate each box vertically, can you please assist? thanks.

Hi, the separator used an image, you can modify directly from the psd file or from the images folder, it’s called divider-green.png and the others color name.


Hi, if you look at your file “portfolio-3col.html” and click on say first image we get a lighbox appearing with multiple images (6 in total), but it actually only calls one file, how can we add in 6 unique images? this question was asked recently and I dont see an answer, (BY Hammah) can you PLEASE answer this question. Tom

please ignore i have it working,

FYI HAMMAH , Replace <div class="portfolio-imgbox2"> <div class="zoom"> <a href="images/slideimage9.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="images/pf-img-small1.jpg" class="boximg-pad2 fade" alt="" /></a> </div> </div>


<div class="portfolio-imgbox2"> <div class="zoom"> <a href="images/slideimage9.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="images/pf-img-small1.jpg" class="boximg-pad2 fade" alt="" /></a><a href="images/youriamge2.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"></a> <a href="images/youriamge3.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"></a></div> </div>

ok great, glad it’s working now :)


I have a simple contact problem with this url can you give me some assistance thank you http://moagcoop.com/contact.html

Can you tell me what Im doing wrong

Hi, please try to restore your contact.html from the original file, looks like you have modified the html header section at your site.


I’m still waiting for you to get back to me to resolve an gallery issue for over a month now.

Can you reply to my emails please ?

Already replied your email.


Hello, I bought “ECOBIZ – Corporate and Business HTML Template”. If i pay more USD25 , can you change to “ECOBIZ – Modern Business WordPress Theme”?

Hello, I dont have any policy regarding your purchased item, you can try contact envato support.