Discussion on Economist - Business and Finance WordPress Theme

Discussion on Economist - Business and Finance WordPress Theme

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“Software Version WordPress 5.4.x” Any plans to update this?

Hi there… any chance of getting an Elementor version of this template?

There is no frontend editor option in the theme. How to enable it?

Where can I change the favicon, can’t find it anywhere.

Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

favicon not displaying. Tried plugins as well. Need help

Appearance > Customize > General > Site Identity > Site Icon

Your support period expired on 06/10/2017 – over 2 years ago. For any future support you’d need to renew this first via the Downloads section of your ThemeForest account.

Hi. One of my client is using economist theme (1.0.1). Could you please let me know how to remove dates in page from backend? It is affecting SEO as the dates are displayed in the search results. in this article https://commercegurus.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/12000030710-removing-the-dates-from-posts you have guided to remove dates from posts and only from front end. Please let me know how to remove dates from pages and backend. Tried plugins to acheive this but none of them are of help. Looking forward to your response

You’d need to submit a support ticket including your theme purchase code with an up-to-date support license. You can find your purchase code here. https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-


When I navigate to Layerslider settings on the left panel, it says it is not activated and that I need to enter an activation code. I tried to paste the theme purchase activation code from ThemeForest with no luck. I’ve only installed the theme, so I don’t know if I am limited in any way using the plugin, but this isn’t normal I am guessing? It says the slider is included in the item description ..

Thanks. Is there an option to not have the header scroll down with the page? Can we have it ‘locked’ or ‘fixed’?

For any other support queries, can you submit a private ticket via the ‘Support’ tab at the top of this page. Thanks.

Will do. Thanks!

hi there, the social icons in the desktop menu wont show in the dropdown mobil menu. Is there a ways to display the icons in the mobil menu also?

Hi – users don’t typically use these on mobile – so I’d recommend leaving them hidden to be honest. https://bigmedium.com/ideas/no-mobile-share-buttons.html

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I mean the social icons in the header (http://prntscr.com/n0w40f). these are just links to our social media channels (no Share buttons). But in the mobil menu it looks like this http://prntscr.com/n0w625. I would like to have theme in the mobil menu also.

Ok – so you’re just talking about having the Facebook icon and LinkedIn icon appear within the mobile menu next to the text? I’ll add that to the list for the next theme update. If you pop me a direct message via the Support tab at the top of this page I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Hi there! I was wondering if your next theme update will include updated versions of WPBakery/Visual Composer and Layer Slider WP? Thanks so much! I’m enjoying using your theme!

You have a wonderful. I have been able to easily use it until now.

My header style is set to transparent, which has a default White menu color. I want to change the transparent menu color to black. I’ve changed the colors in Main Menu Settings to black but that’s not working. I’ve also change navigation color in the Color tab but that’s not working too. How do i fix this?

Replied via email :)

Hi, i have bought and downloaded your theme but there ist only layerSlider demo data provided in the zip (http://prntscr.com/m99scu). Can you provide a link where i can download it. Thank you!

hi, i have also bought the success theme and there where demo Data not just for the slider but for the entire website (with posts, pages, comments etc.). i thought that economist would have the same demo data http://prntscr.com/m9akno – thats “content” folder is missing.

There’s one-click demo install as outlined in the install guide – https://commercegurus.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/12000020210-setup-economist-theme-install-guide

Again – if you have support questions – can you submit a ticket. Thanks.

oh. I am so sorry. i thought it works the same ways as “success” did. Again, sorry for the trouble. And thank you for you patience and help!

Updated to WordPress 5 and using WPBakery/Visual Composer?

Install the free Classic Editor plugin from the official repository and tick an option within Settings → Writing. See screenshot.

Thinking about buying this theme. Will I be able to adjust the header image height on the secondary pages?

Hi there, yes – there’s a global height setting for that. https://pasteboard.co/HJ3OHcFM.png

Hello, I have one more question. What is font-family of “Economist” logo? I think this font-family will be relevant with my site.

Hey there – it uses ‘Circular Bold’.

Thank you for the support!

Hello! I am loving this theme. I have one question though: Is there any way I can adjust the fade over the image on the homepage (set via Image Slider)? For instance, the fade is currently from the top down, but I’d like it to fade from the left to the right.

Where can I find the code or settings to adjust this? Thanks!

Hi there!

You could remove the gradient from being automatically applied. It’s covered in our docs: https://commercegurus.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/12000028173-removing-the-automatic-gradient-on-the-slider

You’d then add your own directly on the image using an image editor.



How I can add Twitter social icon on top menu? I have seen Facebook and LinkedIn icon on top menu.

Go to Appearance > Menus – click Screen Options at the top and tick ‘CSS Classes’.

Add a ‘Custom Link’, and just add the correct fontawesome class to the CSS Classes field. e.g. https://pasteboard.co/HHGSb5A.png

For twitter it would be fa fa-twitter

Thank you so much for quickly support.

hello! i would like to buy your theme “economist”. i have already bought “success” for a project. your templates are quite similiar. i like the black and white style of “economist” and i would like to know if it is possible to have a portfolio like in your other similar themes like “success”, “broker” and “fintech” or is it not included?

Hey there – thanks for your interest! Economist is a separate theme – we don’t have a portfolio option included in this one. There are lots of free portfolio plugins which would work well with it though.

Although all templates are equally good and basically smilliar, they have different sales on themeforest. Which template (economist, success, fintech, broker) will also be developed in the future (updates) and which is the fastest (GTMETRIX, Google Pagespeed)?

Which template with portfolio is closest to economist and just needs a few CSS adjustments to make it look like economist?

Thank you for the support! I have to decide which one to buy for my next project

Broker is our most popular – style wise it looks quite different – it’s not a couple of small tweaks to make it look like Economist.

You can make any theme load fast by using a plugin such as WPRocket.

While installing Theme in Wordpress I am getting error that “Theme cannot be install as there is NO style.css file.

Hi there – I think you’re uploading the wrong zip file. Unzip the file you downloaded from ThemeForest first and you’ll find the theme within the /themeInstall folder.

Then – see the install guide – https://commercegurus.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/12000020210-setup-economist-theme-install-guide

Hello. Can I use svg logo?

Hello. How can I turn off sticky menu? Thank you

Thank you!

Amazing theme which i will buy tomorrow! Can you tell me which font you used for the logo? <3

Hi Simon, working with your theme works pretty well! I am looking for the support-forum, so i will not post my requests here in future! Can you provide me the url?

I have 3 questions:

1) I want to use some images from your library and have to buy the licences, can you provide me the urls of the top-banners you have used to avoid legal problems? Would be great!

2) On my mobile version of the theme the slider-text-content is not fitting very good and the sticky header is over the mainslider from the beginning, so just the half of the slider is visibile. Do you know what I did wrong?

3) When i open the mainpage on mobile some content parts are not loading directly (think its normally good for pagespeed) – but even after i scroll the content is not loading over a long time. i have to scroll up and down some times before the content and headlines are visible. Can you tell me how i can change it?

I really recommend this theme and be thankful for your support :)

Hi there!

Can you submit a private ticket via the ‘Support’ tab at the top of this page, including the contents of this message as well as a link to your site so we can take a look.

On the images one – we sourced them from shutterstock.com – we don’t have direct links to each image but you’ll find them or very similar ones by searching for ‘business’ and ‘corporate’.



Thanks Simon!


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