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Very nice and simple. My advice: put css property “outline: none;” to the newsletter input field.


Thank you very much, Fusiondevs!

There’s always something one forgets! I’ll fix it tomorrow, thanks for the tip.

Hello, you have done very nice work :)! Will fit for my upcoming websites very good. Thank you for your good work 5 stars definitely!

Hey Patisss,

thank you kindly for your comment!

hi, how I can change the countdown time???

Hi! You can set the date in scripts.js file.

Hi man excelente work you have here! Just one question, on the email box, i need to change the email for a telephone number. how can i do that?


Hi, efesuperstar!

thank you for purchasing my theme. The answer is pretty simple, realy. First thing to do is change line 36 (in scripts.js) to

var numericReg = /^\d(|.\d[0-9]|,\d*[0-9])?$/;

Then change emailReg on line 43 to numericReg. This will make sure you can only use numbers. Now it’s time to change the text on line 41, 44, 52, 56 and 65. You can easily replace “email address” to “telephone number”.

Last thing, change line 42 in the index.php.

I hope you understand. Sorry I could’nt answer earlier.


Great work!!, need some help about to save the email in the csv file I made the set up but doesnt work, the file have the right and everything, can you help me with this?



Hi mobileyou, thank you for purchasing my theme! Did you make sure that:

Your .csv file on your ftp has the permission 0622?

Line 35 of index.php looks like this: chmod($file,0622); /* Permissions */

And your .csv file is in the same folder as your index.php

You use the corrects variables? In the template it’s $varName. You should have this variable on line 33 and 94.

Hello, monusu_inc i realy love this eCountdown, I want to know if there is a simple option to let a mail go on my wy as anyone has filld in there mail adres. and keep the .csv.

much thanks


Hi Tieme,

thanks for purchasing. So, if someone filled in their e-mailaddress, the address has to be filled in in the .CSV, and you want a mail notification. Am I right? Let me puzzle on that, and I’ll get back to you. (I wouldn’t know it out the top of my head).

Hey buddy,

Thanks for the great theme. I’m not seeing the .PSD in my download. Any ideas?



Man i am not seeing the .PSD FILE neiter, where can i download it?.. tnx

I downloaded the file, and you’re right, it’s not in there :S To be honest, I don’t know where it is. I should check my backups to see if I still have it.

Good job. Glws;