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Hi, I see your latest update contains

Added: Smooth Scrolling

Would you like to advise what is this and where the changes?

Hello aeverus, Thank you for your purchase.

The smooth scrolling is used in the new One-page layout also added in this update. As you can see in this demo if you click a menu item then it scrolls smoothly to the appropriate location and also in the slideshow if you click the button then it scrolls smoothly so this is called smooth scrolling. I will update the documentation tomorrow.


Love this theme!! Quick question, I see that I can make the navbar visible easy enough. However, can I also have the navigation items (Home, Services, Portfolio, etc) rest on that navbar at all times and NOT slide in from the right?

Thank you thelobber for you purchase and glad you liked it! :) for your question, the template only comes with this sliding menu.. The template is built with bootstrap so maybe you can try bootstrap menu, but it needs custom work.

are you offering up the ability to do that custom work for a fee? I’d be interested!

Sure, please email me via my profile.


Click not working once after first one.

All in all – Good work

Thank you amzee..

Can you please tell me which platform and browser you’re using, because everything looks good on my side.


sorry wrong input

Hello, thanks a lot for your attention.

Theme is great as I have seen it offline in my computer, but I cannot get it work. I’m driving myself crazy. I created the bootstrap folder at my godaddy hosting, but your theme stops and cannot load. It stops at the loading logo: http://theredtrading.com/bootstrap/ I’ve even tested a ramdom template and it works (http://theredtrading.com/bootstrap/tema2/)

Can you please let me know how to upload your theme into my server and make it works?


Thanks a lot for the fast answer coral-themes, can you please help me a lill bit more indicating me where is the jQuery librafy file to be uploaded?

I have uploaded everything in the js folder from your theme :-(

sure no problem, the jQuery file is called jquery-2.1.1.min.js inside the js folder. it’s been uploaded to the right place, but the problem is that it’s empty, please send me an email via my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/coral-themes so that I send you another .js file, maybe the codes are mistakenly deleted.

I love this template, every single corner in it. 10/10 !

Thank you maxxmen for your purchase and kind words :) you can rate Ecstasy template here: http://themeforest.net/downloads

Thanks and much appreciated. Regards,

3 questions before: can I change the color theme in 1 click ;) ? viewing demo, when I stay “onmouseover” 4 square in Service , animations play flickering. it was fixed? it is possible to set a fixed menu?

thank you

Hi mcroy73,

Thanks for contacting me and being interested in Ecstasy template.

1. yes, you can change the colour extremely easy with just find/replace on any editor you use. There are 7 predefined skin files that come with the template, but you can also have your own colour choice. 2. Can you please tell me which browser and what platform you’re seeing the flickering on? 3. About the fixed menu, the template doesn’t come with the fixed menu, but as I already did it for a client, I think I will release it as an update for all.. It will probably be available by later today. :)

I’m using Safari 8.0.2 on yosemite 10.10.1. ok I’ll wait for update ;)

The update is up :) I will dig into the safari issue.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your support and for being amazing customers! :)

The latest update contains the Fixed Navbar with drop down menu.

For the already buyers, please read the changelog.txt file in the download package to see the changes and where to apply.

Best regards, Thanks,

Are image files included in the package?

thank you Capitansbudella for your interest in Ecstasy.

No, the images are only illustration purpose and are not included in the download package.

If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my profile.


I am very interested in your Ecstasy template but I only have experience with WordPress.

Can you recommend where I can go to learn how to install this template and then customize it for my own website?

Thank you, Joe

Hi ChinaJoe, thank yyou for your interest in this template. This is HTML template, you dont need installation, you can just upload the template in your server for customization.

The WordPress version is also under development, will let you know when it will be live.


Good morning and thanks for your reply. I understand about the installation. I know it is just an upload.

I was more concerned about being able to customize the template for my own use.

A good example of my concern is in soyperiko’s question following this message. And of course customizing the rest of the template.


This template has a documentaion which has covered the important parts.. apart from that please email me from my profile and I’ll be more than happy to help you. ????

Theme is so good, but we’re a bit crazy to replace the E and Ectasy logo with our own logo when it’s made with images, not just a CSS letter. Anything that can help us?.

Hi soyperiko, thank you for your purchase. Please check the 3rd demo, it’s with image logo. Hope it’s helpful. ????

Sorry but I cannot find that 3rd demo, may you please send me a link or explain it a bit better? Thanks.

Please see the index-alt.html.

Email me via my profile if anything. Regards

Hi, I cannot download the 1.6 version. I press to download but it’s only a 32 kb zip file with a preview file in jpg. What happened? Thanks.

Hi soyperiko, thanks for reporting. I have updated the download package and its in the queue for review. You will be notified when it’s approved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi, I purchase your item and after download, the zip file is empty. Can you advice?

Hello Alexlim_clarify. Thank you for your purchase.

I have updated the download package and its in the queue for review. You will be notified when it’s approved. Sorry for the inconvenience.



where i can buy the demo images used in the template?

Hi, please see the documentation for the image credits with links :)

Can you tell me when a Wordpress edition will be available?

Many thanks,


Beautiful, Cheers!

Hey just wanted to follow up to see how the Wordpress version of this is coming along? I’m ready to buy :)

Hi jamieblades, thank you again for your interest. I have contacted the developer and i’m waiting for the reply. I will update you then.


Great work!! and very pleased with the template!, but I’ve got some questions. Can you provide me a screenshot with the module positions? I’m quite confused of how to use them and where a module position is positioned? How can I run the update with the fixed navbar en image logo?

Thank you very much! Bjorn

Hi BjornVR. Thanks for your interest in Ecstasy template.

Can you please be more precise about what you mean by module positions?

Have you purchased the template? If you have, please contact me via my profile from your purchased account and I will let you know about the fixed navbar.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Regards. :)

How Can I contact you via my purchased account? I did purchase the template… I already send you a email.. Please contact me.

I have just replied you. :)

I love this template and have it installed on my personal website.

I have just downloaded the latest update but I am new to HTML templates.

Is there an easy way to update the already customized installation?


Please scroll down to the item details page here http://themeforest.net/item/ecstasy-responsive-html5-multipurpose-template/9766913 and you will see a list of updates in each version.

So, the current version is v1.10.

Thank you.

Thank you for your quick reply!!!

Is there any updated documentation?


Your welcome. And yes, the new functionalities are updated in the documentation.

Nice template GLWS

If you like WP version please drop a email to contact.bluetheme@gmail.com


Hi there,

I really like your theme. I’m customizing it now and I have a problem with the top page images. It seems that the overlaying pattern is lighter and bigger than on your preview, as if subtle_carbon.png properties were changed. I have not edited CSS for the images, I only replaced the image holders with the actual pictures. How can I fix it?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. And sorry for the late reply as I was on vacation.

Can you check if your image is the same size as the placeholder? If not, then try to make the size as of the placeholder.

Email me at azimi.seema@gmail.com for further problems.

Thank you.


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