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We have a problem with accordions in jscomposer.

It seems like, after updating the accordion option has been removed.

However, there should be a newer option but nothing seems to be available.

The old options is called “old accordion” and the sections “old sections”.

I can see these old sections in the backend on the edit page, however nothing displays on the front end. We would rather want to use the new way of doing accordions in jscomposer, but it seems like these options are not available.

How can we get the new functions for accordions to work on our site?

Kind regards,


Thanks Emelie,

We informed our support team, and they will answer to your ticket as soon as possible.


Hi again, could you please inform your support team again to have a look at my ticket. There are more things I need an answer on. Highly appreciated if they could get back to me asap. :) Thanks

Hi again,

Currently we have a lot of tickets, since it is beginning of the week, and we are answering them from oldest to newest. We will inform support team again, and we hope that they will find time to reply to your ticket in timely manner.


Pre-sale question. If the theme is purchased, will I be able to use the art images (http://demo.qodeinteractive.com/eden/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/parallax-03.jpg) that are in the demo? If not, where can these be purchased?

Hi there,

And thanks for the interest in our Eden theme.

Unfortunately, we do not own coyrights for images which we used and we cannot sell them. We purchased these images for our demos from Shutterstock service – so if you want to use them, you’ll have to purchase them from Shutterstock:



Hi ! Are the theme colors 6 preset or is it infinite? THANKS!!!

You’re welcome.

Hi again ! Buy the theme “Eden – Multi Purpose Retina WordPress Theme” Now I want to add “Visual Composer for WordPress”. What should I do? THANK YOU!!!


Visual Composer is bundled with the theme, so you just need to install it and to activate it, and it will become available when you edit pages.

In case that you dismissed message for required plugins https://www.screencast.com/t/tI3MVIp08og4 activate some other theme, and then activate Eden immediately after. Message will appear again and you will be able to install and activate required plugins.

If you need additional help with theme setup and plugins installation, please contact our support by submitting a ticket at https://qode.ticksy.com/ and provide WordPress admin access and a login link in your ticket.