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Is there a way to limit the amount of blog posts that show up on my homepage. Currently more than half the posts have a youtube video which may be causing slow load times. So I would like to limit the amount of posts on page 1 to speed up load times. Is this possible? Please help!


You can go to wp-admin > Settings > Reading and limit the number of posts displayed for each page.



I am trying to register in the website developer, this much more complicated, I confirmed my code more Board not to release open topic.

So need to take a doubt whether the subject EDGE, can now be upgraded to Wordpress 3.5, if there is no incompatibility.

sds, Roger

hi. we’ve been using the edge theme and my client loves it. right now there are four categories in the portfolio so there are five clickable items in the “browse” line: four categories plus “all”. this morning we tried to add another category and it does not show up on the line of categories. I could not find anything in CSS that is limiting the number of categories. Is there something in the JavaScript or in one of the PHP files that I can edit so we can have an additional category on that line? here is the URL to the portfolio page:


Hello! I went to login and got this lovely error message when trying to access the wp-admin page…

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/03/8873303/html/wp-content/themes/edge/functions.php:1) in /home/content/03/8873303/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876


Maybe this is due to a plugin you have. Could you deactivate all plugins. To do this you’ll have to use FTP to rename the theme folder or remove the theme to access it. Looks like a conflict or you have an incomplete uploaded theme.

a. You can first check if this is due to a plugin by deleting or renaming the theme folder. Access wp-admin and deactivate all plugins. Change the theme back and reactivate it.

b. If this doesn’t solve check by uploading the theme using an FTP application.


Hello, excellent theme. Can you recommend a plugin for social networks?

I have been using the template for over a year now and still love it. I do have a couple questions.

1) Assuming there has been updates, are those driven through the admin panel? Otherwise, how do I get the updates?

2) When I upload a post with an image, it shows as a broken image. However, video posts display perfectly. Any thoughts on that?


1. You can downoad the latest version here and refer to Changelog.txt file.

More info on how to update in following url at support forum

2. I think you have a problem with homepage pagination as well. Could you post a question to support forum on pagination and the blogpost with image problem as well. Do provide me links on each. I’ll require login info on these but do need a post to support forum first which will make it easier for me to followup and reply.

You can send me a mail via my profile , and make a post to support forum after sending me email.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



I want to buy this theme, but I need to know if it is compatible with woocommerce.


Hi, Sorry, woocommerce compatibility isn’t implemented yet.


Ok, but are there any ecommerce plugins that work with this theme? Thanks!

I’ve been using your theme for more than a year. Just a quick question:

I want to add descriptions to each of the portfolio carousels on the home page. How do I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the delay. This would require customizations. Support forum is primary location for support, it’s easier for me to reply and followup.


I updated some plugins and now getting an error message. Host Gator claims this is a developer problem. They deleted the faulty plugin and I still have this issue. HELP! Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/golfmore/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/golfmore/public_html/wp-content/themes/edge/framework/admin/admin_setup.php on line 25


Please update theme to latest. This will solve the problem.


How do I add more step columns? Can you work me through please? I edited the theme, but still not showing.

Hi, Please post to support forum with url to check on the addition.



I wonder if the theme EDGE, will have no more updates?

The theme in its Framework, with the WordPress 3.9 has some flaws.

Do not stop the updates this theme it is really great to work with.

sds, Rogério

Please update this theme.


1) I noticed that compatible browsers for this theme include IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

Most especially, the support for IE8 is important to me. Just to confirm: it supports IE8 without problems, right?

Also, does it support IE11 (which does not appear in your compatible browsers list)?

2) Does this theme support the latest version of WordPress?


Hi, Not currently. It will require an upgrade to have latest wordpress feature.


Hi,Can I see a live example? The link one themeforest doesn’t word. Tnx