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Great theme.

Is there a setting to make all the body text a darker colour – instead of going into each post and changing the body text?

Also.. How do I get a cart icon on the top menu so people can view the cart whilst purchasing goods.

Also after you click ‘add to cart’ on this page a green banner pops up saying your item has been added to cart – and on the right it says ‘view cart’ but this ‘view cart’ button needs to be more visible. How can make it a white button with black text?

and lastly. I’m not sure why there is a big gap between the menu bar and the slider on my homepage – how do I remove that and also the /home strip

Hi Craig,

Sure, but you’d need to add some custom css to your custom css box in Theme Options > Customize:

body, p, ul {
    color: #000;

Feel free to adjust to your liking.

To get the cart icon, you need to activate the recommended WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin suggested by the theme:

I’m not sure I see the big gap between the menu bar and the slider, did you get this resolved? I also don’t see any /home in the url.

Also, did you know we have a Dedicated Support System? It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions. We typically answer questions there first before item comments!



What is the rule the theme uses to display the “YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE” posts under an article? Right now the YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE displays totally unrelated articles below a post. I want these to be related to the posted article. How can I fix that?


Hi Heroica,

I just responded to your question on support. Thanks!


Is there any solution for why visual composer is not working on pages?

Thank you!

Hi Hexaroute,

Edition wasn’t built to integrate with Visual Composer, so you may need to consult the help of a developer to integrate this plugin. Edition uses it’s own lightweight, streamlined layout system to ensure your pages load nice and fast instead of opting for integration with a 3rd party plugin.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi, short pre-sale question: Is the theme compatible with visual composer? thanks in advance


Hi Mike,

The theme uses the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to build pages using a Sections post type. It wasn’t specifically developed for Visual Composer, so you’d likely need to seek the help of a developer to integrate this plugin with the theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



I was checking your demo theme, and in a post above the title you have category badges. Now I’d like those badges to be there BUT also have them right before the post starts.

I have categories for food restaurants and opportunities – ex. a date, fancy dinner, breakfast etc. Although those will show above the title, I would like to have them right before the post text starts with the same design.

Is that even possible? (just to make it clear, I am very familiar with Wordpress and editing, but just wondering if this is possible with CSS or PHP to add in single.php file, so it shows before every post text).

Hi Lordharris,

Sure – it’s definitely possible. However, you’d need to make some modifications to the theme via a child theme to change this. Customizations are not covered under the scope of the Support Policy, so you may need to seek the help of a developer for assistance with this.


Is it possible using link in service box with target=”_blank”?

Hi Helio,

What do you mean by service box? Could you explain a little more what link you’re trying to change on your site?

Also, did you know we have a dedicated Support System? It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions.


Hello, for this themes could be customize like thank

Hi Limthol,

It may be possible, but customizations aren’t covered under the scope of support for the theme. You would need to make customizations to get Edition to look and function like that site. A developer should be able to assist you with this!



rapidz Purchased

I can’t seem to get the homepage slider working. Also, can’t submit a ticket on themewich website – which is extremely frustrating

Hi Rapidz,

Can you shoot me an email at with a link to your site so I can see the issue? It’s likely a plugin is throwing a javascript error which is preventing the theme’s slideshow from loading. One thing you could try in the meantime is to deactivate all plugins momentarily and, when prompted at the top of your dashboard, activate the required theme plugins only.


I am trying to translate it to German by using Loco Translate. Unfortunately some items cannot be translated. For example “Latest Posts” and “Latest posts from our site.” above the grid on the home screen… Other items are translated correctly…

Same goes for “Archive” text in the sidebar widget.

I found out how to change the “Latest Posts” items, but couldnt change “Archive”...

Hi Ferhat,

Latests posts is already dynamic text, meaning if you edit your homepage and click the “Grid Section” tab you can change the “Grid Section Title” to whatever you like.

For the archive in the sidebar, widgets also have dynamic titles. Did you try editing your widget title under Appearance > Widgets?

Also, did you know we have a dedicated Support System? You can either jump on there or email Questions are answered there first so it’s the fastest way to get support for the theme.


Hi There, I love the theme and am currently setting up the homepage. I would like to create a custom layout, however whenever I click “create a new section” or “edit section screen” it says “Invalid post type.” I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong. Would you have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi Doogiski,

Can you confirm the Themewich Sections plugin is installed and activated? Also, can you double check to make sure you don’t have any caching plugins enabled? Some caching plugins (like WP super cache) can interfere with Custom Post Types in the admin.

Also, it looks like your support has expired. You’ll need to renew support in order to continue to receive help. To do that, visit the item page:

And renew support on the right.



Hi Andre,

Thanks for the speedy reply, it was due to me not installing the Themewich Sections plugin, I’ll be sure to renew support. Thanks and happy holidays!


I have another question. I want to create a page with a sidebar, similar to But When I create the page, I only can select of a few templates (homepage, Contact page, etc.), but cannot get the sidebar to appear…

I will send you a mail from now on.

Hi Ferhat,

I just responded to your email. Thanks!


Pre sale question: is this theme PHP 7 compatible?

Hi Pratt,

Yep! I just gave it a quick test with php 7.0.3 on my local installation and also ran the php compatibility checker plugin for good measure. There are a couple possible errors relating the the redux framework, however, I can’t seem to find any real reported issues and can’t seem to find any either:

So you should be okay. Just be sure any additional plugins you intend to use are compatible with php7 as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


hi, im new with wordpress, and would appreciate your advice when i upload the theme, should i upload the 15zine-child? or 15zine 3-1-2 installer or both? would it be recommended that i work on the child’s theme? thanks!

Hi Kgt88,

I think you might have the wrong theme. I think you’ll want to contact that author here:


Hi Andre, thanks for pointing it out! cheers!

Is it possible to set the section items as starting page in this theme?

Hi Bananacoder,

Yep! You can add whatever sections you want to any page, and set any page to be the homepage.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi how can i change hamburger icon color to white on mobile menu?

Hi Daksh,

I’m not seeing any purchase data for this theme. Is it possible you have the wrong theme or purchased from another account?

Also, did you know we have a dedicated Support System? It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions.


Hi. I logged into my WordPress Dashboard and saw a new list of required plugins from an external source. I tried to install these plugins with no success.

Hi Chadia,

Did you get any error messages? What do you mean by “no success”?

Also, did you know we have a dedicated Support System? It’s the fastest way to get answers to your questions.


Andre, I am aware of the Support System. However, this is not so much a need for support as me saying that some of the features are not working. I’ve had this theme for a while now and I’ve never had any problems with it. The parallax feature image also no longer works.

1) Is it possible to have for the post grids (and other sections) with full width background (image or color) ? 2) what editor do you use with the theme?