Discussion on Edu - Educational and Courses Site Template

Discussion on Edu - Educational and Courses Site Template

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I brought your theme many years ago. Since we didn’t update PHP version and theme. Now we want to update PHP version and theme. Can you tell above which PHP version your theme supports?

my item is html. i think you are talking about another item version you have purchased. check you downloads themeforest page please.

Hey, I am interested in purchasing this template, but the demo preview doesnt work. I get an apache error… I would like to see the product before I purchase :/

now it works

I have purchased this theme but STYLE SWITCHER and font change option not working in this theme…. but its work in demo theme…

Hi, the style switcher is for demo purpose only. Envato does not permit to upload items with style switcher included. If you contact me privately via provile page, i will send the demo version files. All the best

i have bought this theme and i found some big bug in the main page , that when i put a link it can not link at the first or second rows . please fix it immediately and mail to me at email kanlaya@aits.co.th.

i’ ve replied to you yesterday:

hi, the issue comes from the slider. it is a z-index issue

please add this in inline style (style=”z-index:99; position: relative;”) here….in the container class div after the 3 blue boxes

<div class="row" id="main-boxes">
<div class="container" style="z-index:99; position: relative;”>
" />

Its already fixed now , thank you for your quick support !

How can I change the mobile menu named “MAIN NAVIGATION” to something else?

Thank you!

hi, your support period has expired almost 2 years ago.

the menu label for mobiles is on the html

<a id="megamenu-button-mobile" href="#">Menu</a>

Please, I will like to purchase your edu theme template, but I wanted to ask some few questions about the template before I proceed, the questions are as below: • Did you use any framework in developing it? • What techniques and tools did you use in developing it? • Does it have any database back-end? • Can I easily customize it to fit my criteria?

Hi Ansonika,

I have purchased your theme. Good work!

I would like to have a slider slider smaller and centered horizontally, so I don’t need it with fullwidth…can you tell me what to change in order to achieve this?

hello…add a class .container to the slider container like the example below <section class="slider container" style="margin-bottom:60px;">

and change the width of your slider images to 1140px aprox

all the best

The Paging on the all-courses.html page of your demo site does not work. How can we enable pagination for the data tables. Also do you have any plans to add sample for tab menu. Thank you.

hello…you should link every number, prev and next to the relative page. tab menu? no any plans…if you need normal tabs for your content…here an example http://www.ansonika.com/edu/javascripts.html

As this template is based on Education, am I able to sell my own courseware on the domain for which it is installed? if so which license please?

usually regular license should be enough…but you wont to sell courses…so envato tells that and extended license is required:

Envato say:”If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product…...Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content” here more details about license http://themeforest.net/licenses/faq#use-product-for-client-a

Dear Author, I bought the HTML templates, but it does not include the images that displayed in the demo. it is really not convenient for me.

could you send me a complete html code same as the demo?my email is lwbshares@gmail.com

Hello Ansonika, I am trying to use the the validate.js and the contact form php script for some different but similar forms around the site. I have copied the content of contact.php into a different file and edited it well, also i have created a jquery section in validat.js for each form. however, whenever i click on submit, it posts to the form action’s php file instead of displaying the error or success message on the main page. What do i do?

---—example of edited/added script in validate.js----
/* Course Registration form  */


    var action = $(this).attr('action');

    $("#message-registration").slideUp(750,function() {

      .after('<img src="img/ajax-loader2.gif" class="loader" />')

    $.post(action, {
      name_register: $('#name_register').val(),
      lastname_register: $('#lastname_register').val(),
      email_register: $('#email_register').val(),
      phone_register: $('#phone_register').val(),
      courseoption_register: $('#courseoption_register').val(), */
      message_register: $('#message_register').val(),
      verify_register: $('#verify_register').val()
        document.getElementById('message-registration').innerHTML = data;
        $('#registrationform img.loader').fadeOut('slow',function(){$(this).remove()});
        if(data.match('success') != null) $('#registrationform').slideUp('slow');



    return false;


Hello, any plan to update to Bootstrap 3.0?

An Issue for Full screen slider

height is 824px automatically generated

i need only 500px how can I change. I need to be change because after 500 px height the forms are not working and text not copied it is overflow the height in hidden.

Sorry, please check http://www.ansonika.com/theme_selector/?t=EDU

When the slider is loaded can you click or copy the sentence upcoming courses or on left sidebar expert techers.

below 814 px height from slider is clickable

please look at a proper way and let me know what i can do for insert a button in that portion.

my screen resolution is 1600*900 when i use laptop its 711px height overflow.


hello…i am sorry i did not understand very well your issue. contact me at support(at)ansonika(dot)com with a screenshot and a demo link of your site

Hello, If i wrap the header, nav menu and slider in a container to create a boxed layout instead of the full-width, the slider is cut on both sides. Is there a way to tell rs to have its max-width as that of the container without cutting? also, reduce its height?

Sent u a message through the download page for a while now.

You’ll find all the rev settings in js/revolutio-slider-func.js …like start-height…or fullwidth=on

Yea, that reduced the startheight reduced the height but the generated style for the slider images still has a width of 1220px and a height of 571px which makes the three boxes underneath float on top of the banner. How about that?

sorry for that. the question is being researched on themepunch as a math equation. Thanks

Hi Ansonika,

How can I remove some validations, such as e-mail validation or date validation please? I have multiple forms on my website, so I have created multiple php files, with different form fields, and some of them don’t have an e-mail field, or a date picker field of other ones. It won’t let me send a message without entering an e-mail. This is the last thing missing. Please help! Thanks again for this great work!

hello…open assets/validate.js and for example for the date validate remove this line of code

date_visit: $(’#date_visit’).val(),

Thank you Ansonia for your fast reply. However, when I remove email_contact: $(’#email_contact’).val(), , I get “Please enter a valid e-mail” every time, even if I enter an e-mail address in that field… Maybe I need to remove something from contact.php as well? If you need ftp access let me know, I will send that to you using your contact form. This is really the last thing left for this website… It needs to work :) Thanks again!

yes…you’r right…you should remove the error messages from the php file…in the example above is } else if(trim($email_contact) == '') { echo '<div class="error_message"><i class=" icon-warning-sign" />Please enter a valid email address.</div>'; exit(); } else if(!isEmail($email_contact)) { echo '<div class="error_message"><i class=" icon-warning-sign" /> You have enter an invalid e-mail address, try again.</div>'; exit();

Please share the images links(photodune) to purchase.

contact me at mike(at)ansonika(dot)com or via my profile page


How can we include an attachment to the contact form please? If we want people to send over their resume in word or PDF format… Thank again for this amazing HTML work!

Hi, thank you for you nice theme but I have a problem when I included the XML demo file, I get this error :
  • Failed to import pa_color Black
  • Failed to import pa_color Blue
  • Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled
  • Failed to import shop_order_status completed
  • Failed to import product_type external
  • Failed to import shop_order_status failed
  • Failed to import pa_color Green
  • Failed to import product_type grouped
  • Failed to import shop_order_status on-hold
  • Failed to import shop_order_status pending
  • Failed to import shop_order_status processing
  • Failed to import shop_order_status refunded
  • Failed to import product_type simple
  • Failed to import product_type variable
  • Failed to import product_cat Clothing
  • Failed to import product_cat Hoodies
  • Failed to import product_cat School bags
  • Failed to import product_cat Shoulder bags
  • Failed to import product_cat Stationery
  • Failed to import product_cat T-shirts
  • Failed to import product_cat Backpack
Please what is the reason of this error and how I do to get the same demo theme. Notice :I did not find the XML in assets / sample-data / but I find it in assets / dummy-data I’m waiting for your answer

please you don’t answer me for my question, The theme doesn’t works like the demo No mega menu, no footer My boss purchase this theme from his own account, I like the same demo but it’s not working correctly

Hello Ansonika,

Thank you for the calendar. Really great. Is it possible to add a simple photo slider? I mean, instead of having one image, we’d like to make it slide or fade into another one, then another one… Not the revolution slider in the Main, page, just a simple slider for the gallery. Thank you!

Actually, no need for that anymore, I duplicated the main slider.

Hello, I have one question so far? 1. How can I edited or change the Google map on the down drop menu on the contact button menu?

It located here:

Bit where can I change that for my location.

Thanks john

i need your email…thanks

Hello I have one question? How can I edited the “EVENTS CALENDAR PAGE” to add new events on calendar? and how can I add link to that event to send to a different URL website, for example a clients website for that event. Also can I add a pop up window to see an image or a Modals bootstrap? If is possible??


some the functions are located in js/fullcalendar_func.js. in the demo there is also an example with a date linked. the page with more options is here….http://fullcalendar.io/. a good explanations of modal window+ calendar is here. http://www.mikesmithdev.com/blog/fullcalendar-event-details-with-bootstrap-modal/.


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