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Thank you :)

Hi Ansonika, Great Work!!! i will have it in mind, i know that your support rochs too !!!

KInd regards, xrisxal2000

Hiiii…how r you?....thank you!!! try do my best …always….have a nice week end!!

It is so awesome when I see a theme that is not like every other template here in Theme Forest.

Congratulations. AWESOME.

Than you Angel…what you say is very stimulating!!! as you can see my portfolio…try do something different…maybe not really nice like other Themeforest themes…but a little bit different …and useful

hi; i wanted to know if this theme comes with the images and the same design?

Is there a student log in or mus ti add that separately?

Hello…it comes whit same design, but images are not included…i bought them from photodune…2$ each one…i can tell you where i find them. no student login..

Great design:

Where can I email you my questions?

Where can I email you my questions?

or better…

I am just about to purchase this theme. Can I just conform that the contact forms are fully working. Great theme

yes…contact form+newsletter form+plan a visit are fully working

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck :)

thank you!!!

Looking to buy this template. I noticed the video continues to play after you close the mega menu. Any plans to fix this?


I will try…it is a third party script implemented by me. i will let you know.


Appreciate the fast reply. Earned you an immediate sale!

Looking forward to the follow up on the video.

Thanks, Ryan.

Very Nice. Any plans on a WP version?


thank you. not a the moment

Can you tell me where did you find the iamges in phototune,Send me the links please at


When is the wordpress version coming? I want to buy that one or any idea or documentation to convert it to wordpress?

any plans at the moment. maybe in september

Looking to buy as I like the out of the box thinking re: design. Question. Any chance of a Joomla version soon?

Blessings Shannon

No…any chance..i am sorry

Hi, Great template.

I just have a question. I tried to resize the main slider however it doesn’t want to change. Would you please help me with that? Here is the link to development page.

yes i know…1920×500 is the optimal size…but you can use images smaller mantaining the proportion and the slider enlarge it to fit the screen. i will let you know asap…so you don’t wont a fullwidth…you need a slider smaller center horizontaly

contact me by email please at

Thanks a lot for your prompt help. Awesome!

Hello, Is it possible for you to develop WP version of the template?


Maybe in september/october

Does this theme come with all the dummy content you put on it or will we have to put it in ourselves??

Edu is an html site template…when buy the will get the site template like the demo ..except for the images that you have to get it separately from flickr or photodune..i can tell you where

Hi there,

Great theme. Is the theme flexible enough to allow me to change the main colors easily? Does it come with any other colors besides blue?

Thank you

Also, I noticed that the mega menu, which is awesome by the way, does not open when you hover over it. You actually have to click on it to drop down. Is it possible to have it open upon hovering over the menu tab item? Thank you again.

Hello, for the menu on over ..yes it is possible. for the colors..i am looking for an update in september with other colors variations.