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Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you the best sales :)

Thank you!!!

just purchased it and really enjoy your code makes perfect sense to edit it. I really wished you have the color options as well so we could apply some color theme to match our logo.

Thank you for purchase one of my item. i will try to update the item in a couple of weeks (sorry i am very busy) with new color schemes.

I would love to see this theme come onto drupal!

quite impossible…i am sorry. i have any experience with drupal

I want to add a Google Calendar in replace of the Map on the contacts page could you please provide me with the right code, i need to have it by Sunday to show the users by Monday. Im not rushing you i just like your support as soon as you have the time.

Here is the Embedded calender code:

<iframe src=”” style=” border-width:0 ” width=”800” height=”600” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

~~~~~~~~ ~ I need it to replace : ~ ~~~~~~~~

<!- Begin Item ->

<iframe height=”300” src=”,-74.005973&sspn=0.868126,2.422485&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=New+York,+Stati+Uniti&t=m&z=10&iwloc=A&ll=40.714353,-74.005973&output=embed”> </iframe>

Thanks In advance i truly appreciate it. The community may help too

Hello Chrigga, please purchase the item first. it seems you have not purchase it. best


just wanted to ask you if you can create full-width pages or will you be creating any similar template using the megamenu ? if not, can I reuse the megamenu inside of an external template or is there some custom code required ?

Thanks for your support Cheers UOU

can I get an answer please?

hello i’ve replied via your profile page two days ago aprox. i am working on a new site template, with megamenu version but i don’t know when will be finished….hope in a week. if you wont to use the megamenu of Edu in another template i can only tell you that it is based on Boostrap Framework and the javascript is very simple…so you should not have problems. You CAN NOT use my megamenu in a site template created for Themeforest. Regards


Thank you for this great template! I have a problem with the responsive menus: when i resize (to smaller) the browser (latest firefox or chrome) the responsive menu working ok, but when i resize back to fullscreen the original menu never came back to the normal state and remain hidden.

I tried to register to your support forum, but the confirmation mail with my password never arrived.

Please advise! thank you in advance, kostas

please contact me by email. provide and ftp access or send your entire files as a zip or via we transfer

Any chance of having a wordpress version soon

Hi, I just purchase the template, everything is good but in IE 6 dosen’t work. Can you please help me…. please.

i will let you know as soon as i can

any news for me??? Please help me out. thanks

i’ve done some test….the function on over on mobiles makes navigation very difficult. if you are not interested on mobiles and tablets compatibility..i can implement on over function, but next week because i will be out of office for a couple of days

Hello congratulations for the great job. I’m almost buying the theme, first I would like to know if I can leave it in Portuguese of Brazil?

hello…you wont to know if portuguese language is supported? yes is supported regards

Hi, is it possible to change the color scheme later? will everything fit perfect?

Yes …it is possible.

Dear Author,

Presales query before purchase. Colleges listing structure is missing, no demo/sample page.

Can you customize the site as per my requirements, Looking for comprehensive careers/courses/colleges education portal.

Pls. update me.


Please contact me at


This theme is NOT installing properly. I have tried several ways to install it.

1) Tried installing by uploading as a zip file, but WordPress says style sheet is missing.

2) Tried unzipping on PC and then uploading directly to themes sub folder on my web space, but WordPress then complains template is missing.

3) I even downloaded the zip file a second time and retried installing it.

3) I have successfully installed themes from WordPress and ThemesForest, so not sure what the problem is.


hello, i am sorry but EDU is an html site template not a wordpress theme

Thanks for the super quick reply. School boy error on my part. So, used the search on ThemeForest and forgot to filter for WordPress.

Never mind, I loved your theme. Enjoy a drink on me. ;)

Hi. Nice theme :D

Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce??


Hi there,

Would love to purchase a WordPress version of this theme, any decision on that, or a timeframe? I think due to its nature (education), it would make most sense in terms of usability and general everyday maintenance that a WordPress version be available!

Thank you so much!


the wordpress version will be released in october i hope.

hello I want to know if this version of wordpress and manageable or

hello I ok thank you so I looked forward to the wordpress version to buywant to know if this version of wordpress and manageable or

Still one of the nicest themes on themeforest. Looking forward to the Wordpress version, I will be your fist customer.



thank you!!!

reply my mail please.



nice template.

Any updates on wordpress integration ?


i susspose in the middle of october

This is a very nice template. I would like to purchase it, however, the colors will not work for my client. 1) are there PSD’s available to update the colors. 2) are the colors modifiable in the CSS? Thanks and I look forward to your response.

hello…no psd inclued…only a psd for the banner used in the item…yes you can edit colors via css. but wait…we are planning to release a word press version…maybe in october


Very nice template !

A specific date for the worpress version? I can wait 10-15 days if it’s confirmed :) .


than you…my partner is working on it but we can not define a specific launch date at the moment.