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Sorry if I repeat but, Is there a date for the delivery of the Wordpress version?

Thank You very much for your answer

HI Is there a date for the delivery of the Wordpress version?my client and saw the template but want it in wordpress thanks

hope in october…please contact me at i can update when launched the wp version

Great Theme, when you will release the Wordpress version? I am waiting for that!

hope in october…it’s quite complete.just waiting for approval. please contact me at with the subject “EDU WP” so i will update you when released

hi i very nice theme but i need to ask if it support RTL languages or not and if yes how can i do that

hello…this edu is an html site template…not a wordpress theme. contact me by email so i will update you when the wordpress version will be released

LOVE this template! I’d love to get an update on the wordpress theme as well. I’ve sent you an email already :)

Hello do you plan to add a layered PSD version of this template? Thanks!

Hello, you didn’t answer, I have a project on drupal 7, that’s why I asked if you plan to add a psd version of this marvelous template… Please tell me yes ;p

Hello..i am sorry. No any plan. Too busy with other projects. i am sorry

Too bad! Thanks for the answer :)

Hello, all people who was purchase your EDU WP THEME are in problems, i adquired it and now it’s not longer availiable. Please, can you give us support?

Hello, Support for EDU worpress version is still available from SmoothThemes Author here . The item will be available soon improved with new featuers

Hello…Hi…I’m zaki…May I ask something…?Is this theme suitable for…?

No i am sorry, but if you are interested there is also a wordpress version of the theme with a working blog inside


I purchased the theme, but it would be valuable if you created an Admin theme to go along with it. Any possibility of that occurring?

Thank you for purchase one of my item.No I am sorry.Regards

Hello, I’d like to add some additional fields to contact form.
Are the dimensions of the form defined somewhere in css?
Because when I add additional field the form fields move to the left as though form height is not on auto but defined in pixels.
Could You please give me some instructions on this?
What do I have to change in validate.js, contact.php and css file to add more fields?

please take a moment to rate the item in your downloads page. thank you

Hi to all. I want to download of this website but i can’t, can you help me

hi…go here…

and click purchase…then go into your downloads area regards

Hello, could You just tell me where exactly in the css are the code lines that relate to configuring contact form?

I saw Your support ticket and I understand the part with contact.php and validate.js but I can’t seem to find how to modify contact form within css

Could You just point out where in css, maybe which code lines or sth like that?


Hello…in style.css there is section /* Forms */...aprox line 106…note that the styles are applied to the selector…other style are in bootstrap.css….but suggest to change or add css…in style.css without modifiy bootstrap.css. regards

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at “localhost” port 25, verify your “SMTP” and “smtp_port” setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\cusem\assets\newsletter.php on line 36 ERROR!

Why I am getting such an error…

worked ok in linux hosting. but the mail does not come.

hi, 1) have checked you spam folder? 2) have set the script with your email?

please provide you ftp access at and your host name or link site. it’s strange this script never had any issue

I’ve got some problems Can you help please, mailed to you.

Hey is it possible to have a simple menu implemented instead of Mega Menu.

Please advice how to go about it.

i will let you know if it is possible

Hello, one question regarding this logo – small opened book with colored pages:
Can I use it as logo on my webpage?
Are there any copyright issues ?
If there is some problem with it I will use a different one.
What’s Your suggestion?

it’s better you use your own..this is logo it’s only for demo purposes. ragards

This could be a nice theme with just a few changes; for a start not everybody is going to want the mega-menu. That includes me. Apart from the fact that on the few times I’ve looked at it, it seems to be quite clunky in operation, most websites only need a simple menu. You should add a different header option for those who want the choice.

yes…you’re right. in the next update will surely be inlcuded…suppose in two weeks. thank you

Hello I did this purchase by accident I was trying to purchase the Wordpress version can you please refund me so I can get the wordpress version of this site.

hi…for this you have to contact themeforest support. regards

thinks bro your are the best :)


If i have IIS server 6.0, can i use this theme? I ask this question because in “Themforest Files Included” i see PHP Files.

Hi…the php files included process the forms present in the item (newsletter, contact form). iis can can have php language installed…but it depends how is configured…sincerely i can not garantee that the forms works properly in iis. other pages are simply html..they works

Thanks you for your reply.