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Hi, I have this problem related to compatibility between Gravity Forms an Edu ST: preview inside wp admin’s control panel works only on some forms. The error page says (I translated it from italian): “note, this is a page preview. If you add a page based on a theme style, it will inherit its style and could be displayed differently”. I cannot understand why some forms are displayed correctly (the ones I don’t need)... Gravity Forms staff told me to try activate twenty fifteen theme and this way Gravity Forms work. So it seems to be an Edu Theme problem. By the way, what should I do when my support period end? Yours sincerely, Enrico

Hi! after activating theme i have this error Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $options in /home1/bornatvo/public_html/wp-content/themes/edu/st-framework/importer/radium-importer.php on line 277

is this theme still supported? I see last update is from July 2016

When are they going to launch an update ??

When will support for Wordpress 4.8 be out?

hello, just one question,

Do I happen to build forms in it?

Like I want to make some forms like registration with attachments and those attachments be visible in an email when sent?

Hi, Is this theme being supported and updated?

Hello I purchased this theme today and can’t seem to find the demo content .xml file that is supposed to be in the assets folder. I also did a search for .xml files within the entire folder, no demo content. Could you please advise, this is time sensitive. Thank you

I believe I found the demo content. is it in this file…. esmarts.export.xml?

Hi there! I am finding it difficult to find any updates and my theme will not automatically update either. Can you help?

I Have Purchased Theme My Domain is http://www.technologics.in/new/ after uploading the theme its redirecting to deleton ads. Kindly Assist me to resolve this issue at earliest.

After installing the theme, I tried to import demo data with the menu of Appearance>>Import Demo Data, but there huge error like 1) Failed Problem etc. Now, I am not clear enogh to what to do or how to solve th eproblem. Please let me get your prompt answer.

Hallo, I need to enter about 20 courses Registration for courses must be an online registration (only online registration) however, the courses will have a maximum number of participants, that is, courses with a limited number So, when there are, for example, 20 people that are registered at one course, then the course must be reported as “closed” or “not available” or “completed” Is it possibile with your template? thanks!


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Hello, Is there going to be an update of the theme soon? Thank you.

Hello: The Theme stop working in last update WordPress 4.9.6 seems that your last update was in WordPress 4.0 can you make an update of the theme my client is waiting to see shes site working again. Thank you Kind regards.

I am sure this company is out of business now. no update no answer.


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Having the same issue – the theme is not compatible with the latest version of wordpress


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Hi, I tried to edit the home page. Home page has lots of contents but why still I get this error: Welcome to your visual preview area… You don’t have any content at the moment.


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I am not able to use this theme, you can check my license i am not using, please refund my money to my account.