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This is truly awesome !

Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks you.

Neat touches , congrats. Looks great.

Kind Regards,

A tradition way to present the new idea, good work.

Didn’t understand your comment :)

So the customer can’t purchase and take classes online, can they? Like the Academy theme on ThemeForest?

This theme doesn’t support that function :(

I think I can use this. On this page: – on the courses where they say: course once, course two (underneath the images) – what if the words are longer than what will fit here – will it create a line below it – or will it be cut off. Also, on that page and this one: – can the little icons be changed from admin – or could you help if I purchased? Beautiful theme regardless – mega menu is simply fantastic!!

Thanks for your interested.

1. Here you go : 2. Yes


Awesome work ! GLWS :)

is this just the template..or does it come with course delivery system to create test,quizzes..upload documents like a learning center?

This theme doesn’t support that function :)

Really Awesome Work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Fantastic…I will continue to kick the tires but I see this being purchased very soon by my clients.

Oops…forgot to ask: does “dummy data” come with this template?

Yes, of course.

Does it have online classrooms?

It only support course list, staff page as you can see on the demo.

re: Terrep263 question, are you saying that it DOES NOT support online curriculum? There are other plugins that can be used like SENSEI: . I would like to purchase your theme but want to make sure I am clear that 1. It DOES NOT support online classes and 2. SENSEI would work with your template. If so I am in. Many thanks in advance!m An additional plugin is WP Coureware:

We not yet tested with SENSEI, theme just support Course, Lesson, Events and page elements.

Hello everyone what an amazing theme, has anyone tried it with buddypresss? Will your ever incorporate buddypresss?

We not yet tested with that plugin :)

I vote for it as I really like your theme and I will purchase it because I am doing something with it but need the buddypress to work with it.

Great theme – I just downloaded the files and installed the theme zip. However, a theme called ‘The One’ was downloaded – not sure why – and there’s no xml file. Let me know when fixed – can’t wait to start working with it.

We are looking into it right now, very strange that it’s fine for other buyers :)

I see you updated your theme today – is this version now available for download? – Have you checked into my download problem? I’ll try again to download this and see if I have the correct files then.

Yes, you can download it for now. I just update it to correct the files.

Good job!Good luck with sales…..


I also received “The One” theme. Can you help me as well? I sent you an email just now requesting other info :)

Please download it again, we just update it to correct the file. It’s strange.

I just bought it and received the right theme.

But where is the sample data / sample pages / sliders / menus ?

The theme appears to be a blank slate. You really need to have the sample pages so you know what to build off of …

The XML demo file in assets/dummy-data/ you can import it and anything ready to go :)


Please follow this video tutorials play list on Youtube :