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How i can translate elements? In STtranslator I translate but i save and nothing is recorded. After save look white again.

The update is available for download. Download it and replace the theme file.


Unfortunaly i replaced theme without sucess. Please can you check it on my site? I dont understand why the translation is not saved. On the other hand how can i change “course” url in custom post by other one as “asesoramiento”.


Please post this issue at our support forum and use private reply to send us your site information, we will take a close look.


Not finding directions or samples … please help…

Doing the import, a lot of media failed to import, shopping products, ... Also “Invaoid Post Type product_variation” errors on some items.

The slider also would not import.

On completing the import (what would import) I manually set the top menus (the menus import but you need to tell WP which of the imported menus to use). The menus show as regular dropdowns, with out the fancy images, multiple columns, embedded videos, etc.

It’s because you didn’t install WooCommerce plugin, All are fine

Still waiting on a response – can I download the correct theme now – and is updated version available yet – need to get working on this. Thanks.

Yes, we just update the correct fine, Do not understand why it’s not the, it worked fine for other buyer.


Very nice theme. I really like it.

Can you adapt it for other things such as recruitment? How flexible is it?

Maybe this theme doesn’t support that feature :)


Before purchasing I’d like to know if this theme is compatible for the Event Espresso plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Carlijn

We not yet tested with it :)

Over all, a very good theme. I’m trying to come up with my own way of “nesting” major categories, minor categories, courses and then lessons.

For example:

Marketing > Internet Marketing > Setting Up Facebook > 6 Lessons

The theme lets you create a course “Setting Up Facebook” and then have multiple lessons under that.

I’m using custom menus to create the Marketing > internet Marketing > Setting Up Facebook structure, to keep the menus clean.

Be sure to go through all screens, edit course screens, etc. The builders are very powerful and if I had scrolled down deeper I would have found the control that would say “no sidebars”, enabling me to have a full-width page, with a 3/4 1/4 layout on that page, and then put my own custom widgets into the 1/4 layout.

It seems like it can do it all – and very nicely – but because it is so specific to course work / education, you need to think through how you want it structured. That said, all the tools are there, and I’m happy.

Great job.

Thanks for your kind of words ;)

Hi. This is an incredible theme—good job! Would have already purchased but I’ve learned to check things beforehand. I want to use LearnDash (LMS) and Paid Memberships Pro with this and want to be sure I’m not going to have compatibility issues with it since this seems to already have a course creator? I just want the theme side as I already have a LMS. thanks :)


I asked you about this. Any news? I need to find a solution. How i can translate elements? In STtranslator I translate but i save and nothing is recorded. After save look white again.


Hi there.

I just update the theme to fix the translator issue. Waiting for the reviewer.


Hi, i saw your video tutorial for Create Mega Menu in EDU – EDU WP Theme . but i have problem with shortcodes, can u send me please yours, bc i put display_style=”grid” i view it list :S..


That’s our bad, you can go to a post -> select shortcode to insert -> insert your data then copy that shortcode to menu

The shortcode UI is very easy for you for select any input your data.


Thanks For your help :D…i have second question : at any courses at ur demo play video it’s lightbox pop up but at my website it take me to youtube link, i think it’s about permission for codes, can u help me on it ? i need to know witch javascript or css i have upgrade the permission ? Tkx

Actually it’s a small issue with the code, you will have an update in next some day.


Could you reply to my question please? I want to buy the theme but need to be sure LearnDash and PMP will work with it. thanks.

The theme works like the demo, we not yet tested with any 3-rd plugin intergrate.


Is Theme compatible with wishlist member plugin.. I want to use this to create into a full membership site?

Thank you

We not yet tested with it. Regards.

This is a problem with themes these days. You have to buy them to test them out and see if they will work for you. If they don’t, you’re stuck with a theme you can’t use. I don’t mind testing the theme with the plugins but don’t want to get stuck with it if I can’t use it.

Also, I see the theme is very new, but with the explosion of online learning, it needs to be compatible with some type of membership plugin so people have a way to sell the courses. (I didn’t see anything under the features.) Otherwise, the theme is limited in what it can do and how people can make money from it.

Will keep it in mind in next update or in feature list in next theme for sure.


Could you also consider making a version that works with an outside LMS and membership plugin so people can access the extra features the plugins provide without you having to develop them within the theme.


In my case, when I did the installation via FTP not find the file “style.css”. Unzipped the file to check and do not really have the style inside. What should I do?

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

SmoothThemes Support Forums | Create an Account

HI, I am importing edu-dummy-data.xml file but it is not importing successfully. Error comes failed to import…Please help me. Thanks

But you don’t have any buyer badge.

My boss purchase it from his own account. If you want purchase code , i can give you.

Please post your issue at our support forum, our support staff will be there to help.


Hi There,

I haven’t built a website before. The template looks great. Do you have any video tutorials or e-help on how to use these templates, dashboards and publish them etc and edit the page etc etc? Something for someone who hasn’t done this before. Also, do the images come with the template?


Yes, video and document included is download files.


Hey There,

Great job. Question: Is there a way we can login as user to see how the online courses look from a user’s point of view?


There is nothing different between login user and normal visitor.


Oh I see. I just read other comments and now understand that this can not be used, out of the box, for protected online courses (behind a membership plugin, for example).

That, like many others, is what would make this purchase a no-brainer!


Thanks a lot! this theme is wonderfull! but i have a big problem, when i try to show a map in MegaMenu it only shows the address and the google map buttons’ but not THE MAP so there’s a gray background…

Please install one more version of EDU on your localhost and import our sample data, you will be able to see it in page builder area.


thank i did it and now i know how to do… thanks again

You are welcome, next time if you have any problem feel free to post it to our support forum, our support staff will be there to help. :)

I really like this theme… Is it a possibilty…

to shopping cart where the in other pages… duration:2:35 | video link| download| buy I would luv to have purchase option there too…

is it possible?

I think it’s impossible. You need to do alot of hard works

Hello SmoothThemes,

Can you please give us info about validity (html+css) and seo?


The theme is SEO ready, that mean the coding is follow the standard of SEO such as : H1 is the title of the page, all a,image has title, alt. Working fine with all-in-one seo pack and Seo by Yoat plugin.