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Just a minor question. How do I install the update without losing my theme modifications?

You can replace all theme files via FTP.

Why is the theme loading so strange? The demo loads first all elements without header and only then header appears and Slider appears the last…. It looks weird. Can you solve it. I’m waiting for fully functional theme to purchase it. Screenshot –

It’s delay because the loading of slider images. If you use cache plugin it will help with the loading time.


Pretty Awesome theme. I just want to reconfirm before purchasing the theme, Is it possible to embed a Search form in the home page like in this website , and also the course search based on various filters with reference to the same website.


Sorry this theme does’t support course search filters functions :)


Can you suggest any other theme supporting this features ?


I want to set contact tab as shown in Demo theme. Can you please provide me steps. Please see this link : Thanks, Niyati

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

SmoothThemes Support Forums | Create an Account

Thanks for reply. I have to create new account OR I can use this theme-forest username and password for login ?

You need to create new account :)

Does the theme come with any PSD files?

sorry can be updated wordpress theme version 3.8 please? :crying:

What is your issue when running EDU on 3.8?


How i can make the same slider of the demo?

We will add the layerslider demo data next update, next 2 or 3 days.


please reply me when the update is out

Can you please tell me how to add layerslider banner..??? same as your demo theme…I will appreciate quick response.

You didn’t purchase our theme ?


applicist, were you able to get sensei to work? i am attempting now to but its not going well so far… the EDU theme is overriding content needed, such as start this course…

We not yet tested with sensei because it’s WooCommerce commerce plugin and it doesn’t has extended license for theme developer.


I added a “Icons List Box” shortcode. But on the page the icons are coming smaller than you have in the demo.

You should install one more version of EDU on your localhost, that way you will fully understand how the builder item and how the theme works.


Hi, I purchased the theme and every thing is great except the search widget never works the search source files have not been modified at all. It just says “Not Found !”, looking at the search.php page in the theme it seems like there are no results or is it talking about the loop-search.php???? either way I am not sure but would love some advice.



Sorry but you don’t have buyer badge?

haha whoops so I don’t! I thought I got it under my account but my manager used his, how do you want to verify? I can get him to email or something?

You can post your issus at our support forum. Our support staff will be there to help. ;)

hello , i have problem when i add menu the menu button disappear !

Can you please post this issue to our support forum, our support staff will be there to help.

Best Regards.

how can i put the slider in the place same DEMO ? and how can put three wedgets under the slider like Demo?? hope u reply soon thanks

We included demo XML and Layerslider .json files. You should import them and you will get new site look like the demo


i mean how to make the slider under Primary Navigation !

Please post this question at our support forum, our support staff will help you there about it.


I don’t have any page templates or a slider this a blank template with a css attached. That’s it. I had purchased this so I didn’t need to build the whole site from scratch and make my own template. Very dissapointing

We included demo XML and Layerslider .json files. You should import them and you will get new site look like the demo


Will SmoothThemes customise this theme for a price?

I want to make the menus have a brick pattern and some other colours changed to be different types of brick and masonry patterns.

Send us an email include the detail of your project ;)


Before I purchase the theme I want to know if this theme support Sensi plugin I am looking for Sensi theme.

Regards Pramod

We not yet tested with Sensi. :)

I want to buy this theme but i have some questions :

Does it have feature when i play demo videos must login before he play it ?

Can i make demo video on every category to play without login ?

Can i add categories of courses and add sub categories on them ?

Can i change the whole colors of theme ?

Can i add the slider that it shown on the demo ?

Does it support LTR or multilingual?

Can i change the size of slider to be small than demo?

Do you have manual guide for theme after i buy it of how to work with it?

Thanks for your interested. 1. No

2. Yes

3. Yes

4. Yes

5. Yes, you will have demo file to import

6. Support multilingual, no LTR

7. Yes

8. Yes.


thinking about to buy this theme but im not sure if this theme has been test on wp3.8. also i missing landing page which is most important for any educational website.

Working fine with WP 3.8 :).

I’m Waiting your answers please for decide to buy EDU Theme

Just replied to you :)

Hello, your demo web-site for the theme is unavailable. What happened to it? Moreover can you add navigation for language change? I tried to add WPML and if I put language bar in Top Menu it becomes messy.

Well, give me your topic URL, I will look into it and give you the solution.

Best Regards.

Now it’s solved, thank you for a good job!

You are welcome!