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How can I change the font color of the Phone number and the Description in the upper right hand corner in the header.


Also, how would I change the hover cover for the three Service boxes on the home page?

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

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I am really upset, I purchase this theme two week ago the instructions were good at the beginning , I asked for help to technical support and I haven´t receive a solution to my problem yet. Basically I wanted to have my theme as same as the demo so I could customise from there, the team of smooth themes have answer me that they can not access to my cpanel , which I have sent my password several times, if someone is can Really help me out I would be more than happy with my purchase…. If not this was just a waste of money…..

Can you send me your topic URL?

We will update Edu in next version in next few days and will let you know when it’s ready for download., I just need the look as the demo, is there any way that I can get a more direct help (Skype or a chat). This company is waiting for this website and I can no wait a few days till you finish your work or answer me every 1 day…. .. I need effectiveness. Can u help me or no….. I have to show results too.

You Edu’s issue is translator tool, if your website in English you don’t need to worry or update.

Edu come with demo .xml files that you can use to import ( and our document show you how to do that ), can you let me know your support forum URL, so I can take a close look.


How can I change the color of phone number in header? I try to register for support but it didn’t allow me to use my purchase code it said “Sorry, but that item purchase code has already been registered with another account. Please login to that account to continue, or create a new account with another purchase code.”

It’s because you already registered or you had share your purchased code to other.


I never registered or share my purchased code…

You can follow this picture to get your purchased code in order to register an account at our support forum :

I would like to purchase this theme. Is there a way I can add paypal for the courses so that only paid members can access them and if they are not paid, they can simply purchase it via paypal? Nice design by the way

There is no way to do that. Sorry

Will the mega menu be always full width or can it be in 2 colums too? Can sub menu be shown without clicking the main menu? Thanks K

It can config to has 2 columns. There is an option to display sub-menu when hover.

Thanks for your interested.

Hi, i have a question before purchase Can i use your theme to sell my courses? And how i can to do it? Thanks a lot !

EDU doesn’t come with payment function for courses. :)

Please do something about service box in Home page. Because i can’t change service box images in home page, also service box Title.

Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the SmoothThemes support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue ;)

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I signed up for your support forum . Unfortunately even after entering purchase code .. It is not available for me . I need a quick help to import XML data . It is strange why you dont tell the same here itself !

Or at least you could have included it in your documentation !

The import shows so many failed import .

The failed import maybe you didn’t install WooCommerce plugin.

In order to singup at our support forum you will need an Username and Purchased Code.

In next few days we will have a page that buyers can get quick start files, you can use that file to install our demo to your server without any actions.



Link to view order from account page is wrong for woocommerce 2.1.x. Please fix.

Can you post this issue at our support forum, our support staff will be there to help. Thanks.

Hi ,

When i am trying to add menu items !

And when i click “add to menu” the theme is taking me to “404 not found page .

I am unable to create menu now

I have replied to your email . please check !

WordPress has limit menu items, you need to delete unused menu item and then add another.


actually the problem was not with number of menu items but the clash of multiple jquery within the theme ! I installed Google AJAX plugin which utilize CDN of google and the issue was solved for me !

Can you please tell me Short codes for EDU Theme to create such structure .

I checked out your video but it dont tell HTML codes or short codes for mega menu to create :


or any of these type !

I have raised similar question in your support forum as well

Can you please post this issue at our support forum. our support staff will give you full detail.


Hi there, we’re customising this theme now but need to remove the picture of a shopping trolley (the cart) from the main menu. How do we do this please?

You can use CSS to hide it.


Can you tell the me css please

Here is the code : .man-nav-wrapper .woocommerce-cart{display:none}


Pre sales question – does this theme have child theme support for customisations?

Many thanks


Currently the download package doesn’t include child theme, you can create one for yourself by follow this tutorials:



I would like to have a joomla version of your edu theme. How much it will cost and for how long?

Many thanks

We don’t have joomla version for EDU.


I paid for this template. But – instead of WordPress regular version – I got just HTML version.

Envato designer can’t work on HTML version. He needs Wordpress version to install it.

I lost my 20 USD !!!

Sorry to hear that. You are comment on WordPress version right now ;)

PRE SALES QUESTION I have to build a site for a training school that provides courses in the classroom. So we have to create a system where we have a page for every course and then the opportunity to indicate that the course takes place on a certain date and at a specific location (schedule). If necessary, we also need to allow online course subscription. Your template allows you to do this directly or with modifications? Because from frontend demo I don’t understand if it’s possible. Or have you already tested your template with a few plugins for event management (eg Event Espresso?)

EDU doesn’t offer any payment functions, sorry to say that ;)

Best Regards.

Hi, for first part of my question? About possibility to schedule corse in certain date or location? If is isn’t possible, have you already tested your template with a few plugins for event management (eg Event Espresso?)


we have purchased the education theme and facing some issues while importing the dummy data to the template. Its showing “failed to import” notice for many files. Also the mega menu not working exactly as in demo template… please resolve the issue.


Go here to download quick start file : It include complete WP file that you can use to install the demo quicker than XML file :


Hello, great code, thank you. I have a question about the “Edit Course” or “Add Course” pages. I have created a course, called “Craft 1”, on this page, I’m using the ST Page builder and as Content Elements, I have added, from top to bottom: 1- Lessons Box 2- Lessons Box 3- Table Data with header and one row / four columns 4- Button “Apply Now”

Here’s my question, when we click on “Apply now”, how do we get the information about this particular course to transfer from this page to the next page, which will be a pre-populated form about the course followed by other fields which the user will add himself. To be more clear, I want the information from both lessons boxes and table data to be transferred from this course information page, to the course application page. Please help, thank you.

There is no way to do that, sorry.

You will need to hire a freelancer to do that. :)

Best Regards.

Hello – Pre sale question! I understand theme does not have built in payment capability (which is a good thing for me).

If I understand correctly, I can use my own membership software (aMember) to integrate with this site, and protect online courses, correct?

In other words, I will use this theme to layout and design my online courses and protect them with aMember. Possible?


Perfect, so I can use this theme to layout my courses, place them on the pages, and connect amember to protect (like I do with many other themes).

I just needed to make sure that there was no built in membership or protection system that would conflict. Thanks. Going to purchase shortly.

There is no built in membership or protection system in Edu theme.


Perfect. I bought theme yesterday!! Love it.


thank you for this great theme! It is really easy to work with. Is there a possibility to print the courses when created with page builder? I don’t find a solution for it. With PDF to print Plugins it is not working.

Thank you in advance Sausebaer

Hi, are there any news? Regards, Sausebaer

hi, again my question as I didn’t get an answer : are there any news?

Hi again 7 month later I got no further answer did you look into this case? Would be great to hear about ;-)

How do you disable breadcrumbs?

Add this code to custom css : .st-breadcrumb{display:none;}