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for Bugs

All of a sudden the theme features stops working for no reason

for Flexibility

can't install a theme on WordPress 4.9, it was showing 500 error, KIndly release an updated version of this theme.

Thank you.

for Customer Support

EDU-educational courses college WP theme ----- kskinfmedia@gmail.com

we bought this theme its not working ...... How could u help us .....we need ur help to design our theme

its complete doesn't work ...kindly need ur help

for Other

Very bad documentation. A lot of bugs. No Support!
Don't buy this theme!

for Customer Support

I've been using the theme on my website for at least 6 months and, I can say, it is convenient and works perfectly. When I was puzzled with something, I could always write to the Support and get help in almost no time. Thank you, guys!

for Documentation Quality

Beautiful theme with lots of features. However, the documentation is very poor, almost useless, so it is very hard to set up, manage and maintain. The training videos are also inadequate in that there is no voice / audio. You have to guess what it is they are trying to do. Then the worst part is it seems they make wrong clicks and typing errors regularly that they then fix , all in an unedited demo video. So it is impossible to know what the correct process is.

The support forum is only fair. I would have rated it poor except that when the English language fails, they will often ask for login credentials and then go in and fix it for you. Trouble is, they don;t tell you what they did. This leaves you dependent on $45 (US) support fees every 6 months. All-in-all I wish I had not used smooththemes products for my website.

for Customer Support

Inefficient support.
When the customer needs to solve any thing, maybe receive once answer, if this answer not solve the problem and the customer reply this, support team dissapear and we not receive any comunication.Inefficient support.
When the customer needs to solve anything, maybe receive once answer, if this answer not solve the problem and the customer reply that support team get dissapear.
I'm very upset whit this because we payed for that.

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