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Awesome work. GLWS :)

Thank you!!

Great Work ! GLWS

Thank you!!

This is very nice!

Send you a msg via your profile page.


Superb and gos so well with the main site I also purchased, great work, it is perfect to have a site down site to go with your main site. 5 stars

Good…thank you!!!

Great work, good luck with sales.

I am trying to get assistance with this template via your support system. I have registered using my purchase code and received the password email. However, when I login is says, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

Anyway, I am going to post my question here: I want to change the book icon on the menu bar to the light bulb icon (fa fa-lightbulb-o). My code looks like this: <li class="last"><a href="#section-4"><i class=" fa fa-lightbulb-o icon-2x pull-left" /><span>About Us</span></a></li>

However, it is not working. Where did I go wrong?

thank you….sorry for the support site…i will fix and improve it asap. for the Fontawesome icons…it is 3.2.1 version, that have some class name differences …you correct class is icon-lightbulb. for other icons don’t use “fa fa-...”. will update Fontawesome in the next update

Thank you very much :D

One more question:

I am trying to place a google maps iframe in the “Visit Us” section, but it appears the jQuery tabs that comprise the menu system cause an issue with this, making the map only load half way and in the wrong location.

See here:

Is there a way to fix this?

I removed the map and put an image in its place for now.

Hi ansonika, great coming soon page! How do I change the background behind the top left logo? I have a logo with a lot of white and I want the background to match that white (currently it’s dark grey/blue) Thank you, George

Never mind, i found it. It’s the background-color:#2d343e line in style.css

Hello I am trying to change the location of the google map but the url that I am using just opens a new window instead of the pop up box. The format is also different than the url in the demo for both static view and street view

hi…can you provide a demo link so i can check whats’ wrong…thank you

Thanks for your help and congratulations on the subject, very good job.

thank you :)

Loved it enough to buy it, loved it more after I bought it. Could never get the countdown clock to reset properly but we are launching in 10 weeks so its no big deal. Really nice work. Very pleased!!