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delwark Purchased

Hi, your megamenu does not function properly for mobile users. It only shows the top item but nothing that is “inside the menu”. For example in your demo version you have the “courses” as a mega menu but mobile users cannot access any content from within that item. They can only click on courses. Do you have a solution?

Hi delwark,

Please send us a request to with subject “delwark – Eduma Support”. We will try find a solution for you ;)


felipetto Purchased

The theme is very beautiful but it has an incompatibility with the Redis server cache which makes it regardless of the options chosen by the student in the quizz, the result is always to say that he skipped the questions even though he answered the questions correctly.

After much research and several problems with students, I discovered that the only way to fix this problem was to disable the server cache (Redis). But as we know, a site without this type of cache is very slow, so I ask that developer to correct this incompatibility between plugin Learnpress and Redis urgently, or it is impossible to use Education Theme and Learnpress.

The problem has been detected for months by the wordpress community:

Hi felipetto,

I recommend you shouldn’t use the server cache.

Because you should run Web Cache if meet a few of the following conditions:

1. Your ISP is really, really slow.

2. You have multiple users browsing duplicate content (otherwise the browser cache will do this work for you).

3. You have plenty of unspent resources on the NG Firewall server (mostly disk I/O and CPU; Web Cache doesn’t require much memory).

4. You have really expensive pay-per-usage bandwidth.

And please send us a request to with subject “felipetto – Eduma Support”. We will discuss more ;)

Please I have an error that I can not resolve. Follow print

Hi nacientifico,

Please send us a request to with subject “nacientifico – Eduma Support”. I will need to take a look at your current site. ;)


It is possible to have the registration form with the checkbox “Want to become an instructor?” activated by default.

Thank you

Hi DiegoAngeles,

It is possible right now ;)

Please send us a request to with subject “DiegoAngeles – Eduma Support”. We will discuss more about it.

I’m searching lms system which answers all need I requested.
So i’m a bit close this theme only a one question i have my mind.
, That’s the video chat not a live streaming. I mean CHAT. Can I handle face-to-face learning system by video chat via your theme or plugins?
If i need purchase extra extension or plugin could you please give me a name? or system?
I’m waiting for quick reply.
Good luck

Sorry chemistrap,

Right now the system can support live streaming but not live video chat :|

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I see, if there is a plugin or script for video chat i can integrate your theme. Could you please suggest if you know any plugin or script?

As you have 2 Page Builders now and we actually don’t prefer any of them as we usually run on DIVI or Oxygen. Which site – the one for Visual Composer or the one for Site Origin Builder would be the much better one in terms of performances. We tried both and realized that the Visual Composer theme is about 80 MB Bigger then the one of Site Ground, when packed. Which one would you recommend as the better one in terms of features and performance.


Oh just see I wrote “site Ground” that was a typo – I meant Page Builder by site origin OR WP Bakery Visual Composer. which one performs better from those 2 base Layouts you provide for each of your Sub-Themes.

Do we actually need one of those Page Builders at all? are your Pages using them or are they only a help for additional pages to design them?

Hi lisandi,

SiteOrigin will be lighter than Visual Composer. Let’s send us a request to with subject “lisandi – Eduma Support”. Our team will set up some other things to speed up your site too ;)

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That’s a word – thanks a lot – give me some more days for testing out some other stuff we need to have in the site and then we can get things done. Our people here are still not sure with what design they like to start ;) Give them some more time. Its good to have an Asian team :) Happy greetings to Vietnam!

i have 2 problem 1- i can’t see register new user in main home page & sign in page in eduma theme . 2- subscript in main page don’t work please tell me how i can fix this problem ? thank you in advance

Hi Nukessh,

I will need to take a look at your current system first. Please send me a request to with subject “Nukessh – Eduma Support”. We will try the best to help you out.

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Hi Ken,

I have sent you the info for the custom page to your email…please reply

Thanks, Ihtezaz

Hi itecreed,

Our team is checking your request ;)

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Sorry Deveshkumar, right now we don’t have mobile apps :|

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how add paging to post page

Hi roni3bed,

You mean blog page, right? If so, please go to menu Settings / General / Reading and check this option ;)

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I am unable to import demo. It shows “File not found!”, “Please check the existence of file/var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/eduma-demo-data/data/demos/demo-va/demo-01/theme_options.dat” Please let me know how can I find this file and upload this file to the website. Thanks,

Hi TTLmarketing,

Sorry to hear that. Seems your server doesn’t allow to download the data demo plugin. Just email me to with subject “TTLmarketing – Eduma Support”. I will check your site more carefully and find a solution ;)

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CHECKBOX IN REGISTRATION FORM Hello, I would like to add an additional checkbox in the registration form where the user can accept the “terms and conditions” before registering. Thank you

Hi ivorlandoc,

Let me help you ;), just email me to with subject “ivorlandoc – Eduma Support”.

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Comprei o tema porém estou com problemas para fazer a instalação. Estou rodando ele localmente a principio antes de subir para um servidor. Rodo ele em um Mac com xampp v7.2.1-0 Apache/2.4.29 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.2n PHP/7.2.1 mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16.3 Já dei permissão 777 na pasta plugins e mesmo assim continua dando o seguinte erro: Can not put file to folder /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/escola/wp-content/plugins. How to change file or folder permissions in WordPress. Como devo proceder diante desta situação?

Hi breguede,

A server configuration on your localhost not allow to install plugins. Let me check it more carefully. Please send an email to with subject “breguede – Eduma Support”. We may need to use TeamView so I can access your site.

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Hello …., last 3 days you guys checking…, i want to complete this project today .., i am emailed FTP and WP-admin details 3 days before.., you guys simply checking checking checking….,

what can i do ????

Hi Mariajohn1010,

Your server didn’t allow to download those images completely. We are trying to find a solution for it. Please wait.

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Okay…, i am waiting.., because, i need to complete website today..,

Hi Mariajohn1010,

All set ;)

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I hope you support me well, but for over a week I was not supported, you did not respond to us, we are stupid to use them …

Hi sangracer,

The issue was fixed. We already responded to the email. Please check again :|

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