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Curious how Eduma – Education WP is being used globally?

Check our real Education WP customer’s website

Check these awesome Education WP WordPress LMS’s sites from all around the world

Hello Ken Please reply to my email regarding video thumbnail in the home page

Hi goocha_charan,

I’m checking.

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Hi goocha_charan,

You requested for a custom changes for the course widget. It’s doable ;)

Just continue our email discussion.

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Any update for MemberMouse being supported?

Hi volusia,

Our team is 100% focusing on new LP 3.0 and we will need some bit more time for the MemberMouse integration. We will try harder to release it soon.

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thanks please

Please check your site :)

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Hello Ken! Questions again … When i customize design – I can not specify an exact color, for example # ffaa00. I can only choose something similar – . Are there any fields for inserting color code in the subject?

I have bought this theme but I have to give you 0 marks for documentation. It’s an absolute joke, you have nothing out there but how to install the theme. No documentation on the plugins, customisation etc. You have to do better than this for a theme with thousands of sales. I’ll have to look for another theme now. It’s an absolute waste of time. For anyone looking to purchase this theme, I’d suggest you look elsewhere to avoid disappointment.

Hi guys on the events page, event participants is not updating.

How do i get it to display all the event participants?

Hi Ken195,

I have sent a customization request through the form on your website, but no answer. Could you please review?

After adding a product to my cart and going thru the checkout process. I am not able to click the paypal button because right below it says ” Your cart is currently empty.” My cart is not empty, I do have a product , but I keep getting that error. Please help.

I created my own woo commerce product, is not a course thru learn press.

hi nice looking theme curios a few thing which of the plugins are required and is it’s compatible with wp multisite. thanks!