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Hi guys – can you send me a list of active sites who have used the templates – so i can better explore the possibilities of the template? Thanks !

Hi nakasafari,

I’m so sorry.

We can’t send it to you because it’s private.

I need Announcement Add-ons, GradeBook Add-ons, Assignment Add-ons, Co-instructor Add-ons, and Front-End Editor Add-ons. I do not need 2Checkout, Commission Add-ons and other not paid add-ons. I really want to buy another license. Is it possible to get the add-ons without paying extra?

Hi HLSolution,

I’m so sorry.

Assignment Add-on, Announcement Add-on and Front-End Editor Add-on aren’t included in the theme so you need to buy it.

Pr-renewal question : What are the add ons i will be getting along with this theme . Is it possible to have more than one instructor

1) Is the plugin (without any additional plugin) support multiple trainers 2) Can i send notification to students when a new content is added 3) Can i sell multiple courses as a packaes using woocommerce 4) Can i show add preview option for the course topics 5) Do i have automatic progression for the topic or lessons 6) Can i specify course duration and topic duration 7) Can i specify the upcoming 8) Is it possible to sell more than 1 course under a single membership scheme

Thanks ..let me rephrase my question

1) I want to run quiz programs,So do I have an option to create a free course with quiz alone and ask others to access them.

2) Can I sell the course as WooCommerce product and benefited by features like multi currency

3) I want to show the course fees as Indian rupees in India and rest of the place as US dollar. I am using woocommerce multi currency option . Is there a better method u can suggest

4) If I renew my support ,I will be able to get the latest version of eduma and add one ,correct

Another question on Announcements add-on . If i use this add-on , will the students of a course get a email notification if the instructor add a new lesson/quiz to the course

Do you have short codes for courses , lessons and topics


ezzittech Purchased

there are a lot of accounts created in the website and they are fake, I think there is such a hacking how to stop this issue, I don’t want to stop registration completely, I just want to disable those unreal users of creating accounts

Hi ezzittech,

Please try to use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-captcha/ and set it it.

Hello, before buying, is there anything extra that you have to pay? Or some complement that has cost?

Hi tumarcaenfacebook,

You just need to buy the theme, there is no extra fee.


Can you make live broadcasts of youtube and insert them in the theme?

Hi tumarcaenfacebook,

Yes, you can embed youtube links in the course.



paayepezc Purchased

Hello, I’ve change the language to spanish, but there are a lot of words that are still being shown in English, I’ve double check with loco translate, and it does say the word in spanish, even though its showing it in english.

Hi paayepezc,

We have replied your ticket on our forum. Please check it out.


We are a tutoring business. We offer one on one tutoring to students in our physical location. We will now be offering online one-on-one tutoring to our students. We will not be uploading online courses or earning commissions. The students pay us flat rate for x number of sessions per week. We have 1 – 5 sessions per week they can sign up for. Then the same tutor will provide custom training through zoom. Can this plugin be used for this purpose. The ability for each instructor to upload their availability schedule on a calendar and then assign students to the tutor’s calendar?

Hi dptechgroup,

We support to use zoom on our theme.

You can read more here: https://thimpress.com/tutorial-to-integrate-zoom-with-learnpress/

Hope it’ll fit with your purpose.

Hi, I want to add a new tab inside single courses pages in order to add some text

Thanks in advance for ur help Best,

HI lips75,

We haven’t had that feature yet.


Hi, Thanks for your reply !

One more thing. Course duration does not appear on the course features. Just duration on the course features. I really need this feature to show up.


Hi lips75,

You should set Duration and Duration Info are the same. So it’ll show duration in the Course Features.

Hi, why i cant edit other pages with WPBakery Page Builder plugin? only the home page..!!

he ask me to log in , i did then he returned me to home page , then when i try to forums to support again he ask me to sign in again i tried 10 times ???!!!!!!

Hi Qarqash,

You never create any ticket on our forum before. Please check it again.

Hi, i cant create any post because when i go to this link : https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/eduma/ your website sign me out ??!!!!! how can i ticket ?

The default search functionality of the courses is not working just after installing the template. We are using the latest version of the template.

Please find the link below. As you can see if you select Free, it should show only 1 but showing all.


Hi vishnupkv,

Please send an email to support@thimpress.com with subject “vishnupkv – Eduma Support”. We’ll help you solve it.

Besides, please consider renewing support.

Thank you. I did send an email. I haven’t been using template actually. Now that I started using, I am considering to buy. I hope your team looks into this default simple functionality and fix it ASAP.

Can you answer me ? i got 6 month support and there is no support ?!!! i ask you here you tell me go create ticket i cant create any post because when i go to your link : https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/eduma/ your website sign me out ??!!!!! how can i create ticket ? i send email to and i got no replay,i need help I added lessons but I can’t assign them under a course. Why ? the assign is empty in the lesson find the attached photo with this email pls

HI Qarash,

We have replied to your email. Please check it out.

About you cannot create a ticket, please try with the incognito window.


Hi, Yes i did also replied to you the email, and the incognito window worked thanks alot

I bought the template, but I can’t find the other demos templates.

Hi dymblest,

You can go to your Dashboard => Eduma => Import Demo

You can see other demos.


Hi i am using your theme(eduma) really well but there is two problems i am facing first, if i make a class one time, i can not edit information inside, for example the price , the number of students and thumbnail images as well could you help me? it is a huge problem on our biz second, is there any way i can make full-width on Overview pages?


Please go to the Eduma forum: https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/eduma/ and create your ticket.

We will check all your issues.


Question 1: can we remove the enrollment function while user still have to pay for the course? https://ibb.co/vYJ2gZg because when the user already bought the course and then in the lesson still have to take course again will be abit troublesome to them. is it possible to remove this step and directly show student the lesson? https://ibb.co/yFrM9wm

Question 2: how can we modify the order confirmation sms sent to customer? because we dont know why the order confirmation sms content our personal phone number =((

thanks for your help we really appreciate that

Hi kianyong,

We have replied your ticket on our forum, please check it out.


Can this system work with other membership system? e.g. wishlish member, digital access pass…

Hi horacetee,

Please send us their links. So we can check if it work well with our theme.