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use learnpress Add to cart To be translated into Chinese Is there to translate


Hello, the key your provide, is not correct. Please provide right key so that we can verify and provide you support. Drop a line support @ themexpert.com for more query. Thanks.

I haven’t received any reply from the support team since 5 days ago. What should I do now?

Hello, I didn’t find any issue regarding your name. Let me know where did you send your issue. Thanks.

I use the ticket system from themexpert.com website.

This is the screenshot my conversation. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bZ6fODwqtsTA0iWystqDFWWvB60JKNX5/view?usp=sharing

Hopefully you got response from my team. There are some technical problem from our end. Now it fixed. Please cooperate. thanks.

can i use unlimited site?

No, For your help, please check this link for licensing.. https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Hi! I need disable the options for “Sign In Link” and “register Link” on menu, how I can do that? Thanks!

Hello, Let me know, if you still have the same issue. Drop a line support@themexpert.com for dev support. It’s my mistake that, I missed this comment. I am really sorry for this. Thanks.

I want a clarification before the purchase, I review the regular license and it is reported that customers cannot be charged for the use of the final product, I cannot charge for accessing the courses because I would need an extended license?

Hello, You can buy regular license and create your website. You can charge for your course. You just can’t sell our theme and plugins without extended license.

Hi, presales questions

1.can i have filters in courses grid for example math, physics, language etc? or there are all courses? Do you have filter functionality?

2. in each single course there is a sidebar right that i can add other widgets, right?

3. Can i have in home page different sections with different courses , for example i have a row with ” English Courses ” and below another row with “german Courses”, in order to be easily for users to choose?

4. Can i hide from each course the instructor, reviews,comments and the views?

5. Can i add more tabs if i need it each course page?

6. Can i create coupons via woocommerce and are valid in courses?

7. Is woocommerce bulid in in the theme or i must pay extra in order to have woocommerce payment methods?

Many Thanks

anamhossain Author Team

Hello, As you didn’t mention any specific LMS plugin for your site so I appreciate if you please explore all our demo at first https://demo.themexpert.com/wordpress/edumodo/. Our theme deeply integrated with popular 3 LMS ( LearnPress, Sensei & LearnDash ) .Based on those LMS, I will answer your question one by one.

1. Course filter is only available with Sensei LMS in course page but you can show filterable course grid in any page with our Elementor widget for that LMS course. Check the homepages of every demo https://demo.themexpert.com/wordpress/edumodo/.

2. No, you can not have full control over course sidebar.

3. Yes. You can create different section with different course with the help of our widgets for elementor with some beautiful layous. Check our demo for layout design.

4. If you are dev, you can hide all, but if you don’t you can only hide comment.

5. There is no option to add extra tab in the individual course page.

6. WooCommerce is free to use. But all LMS doesn’t support WooCommerce to sell course.

Please drop a line support@themexpert.com for more query.



grazynqa Purchased

Hi, I have a presales questions. I intend to use Edumodo with Sensei and other Woocommerce plugins to sell courses.
  1. Will Sensei LMS Course Progress plugin https://woocommerce.com/products/sensei-course-progress/ work with your theme?
  2. I’ll have long courses with multiple lessons and modules so I would like to use Collapsible Content for Sensei LMS https://wordpress.org/plugins/collapsible-content-for-sensei-lms/. Otherwise current course overview would be extremely long. Will it work out of the box?

anamhossain Author Team

Hello, Sensei is deeply integrated with our Edumodo theme. If you want to use any of these plugin, it will work fine but our theme style and color. Because we didn’t test these plugin with theme. If you want, you can use but some style mismatch issue can be raise. If you have more query, fell free to drop a line support@themexpert.com. Our support dev will take care about your issue. Thanks.


grazynqa Purchased

Thank you!

Hello, I want to know if your system has this option, in addition to the normal exam options:

1. That the user, when she answers a question wrong, does not let her go to the next question. 2. And when answering incorrectly, a suggestion or hint of the correct answer appears. This, obviously previously filled in the backend.

This only for one type of exam or quiz.

3. I also want to know if upon successful completion of a course, your diploma will automatically be generated. And if this diploma can be personalized.

4. Is it compatible with the latest version of wordpress?

5. Does the MLS have to be paid annually or only once?

6. Can I link videos from vimeo?

7. Do you have a demo?

Thank you

Hello, Most of your questions are LMS specific. We support 3 most popular LMS named LearnDash, Sensei, LearnPress. Please individual LMS site for annual payment option. The answer of your first 3 question is yes for every LMS.

Yes, we have LMS specific demo. Please click on this link for demo. http://demo.themexpert.com/wordpress/edumodo .

I appreciate if you please drop a line support@themexpert.com for you query.