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Amazing bro , glws !

Hey there – whats the opt in code build on? Thanks

What do you mean?

Also – where does the “Login” go? can this be removed from the site? Thanks

@rampupyourprofits If the user has an account he just has to login, you should add a link to the login page of your website. If you click the registration button it opens a registration form (lightbox). Of course you can remove the login button of this landing page, just delete that tag, we can help you if you want. Regards!

Very nice , GLWS .

for example, depending on what you are interested, you can send an automatic email?

I am not sure what do you mean. Are you talknig about the newsletter or the form?

hey friend, great job, I love it!

Super clean and original work! GLWS

In the preview, I noticed that in Safari the error message does not appear in the entry form. Is the error has been resolved?

@Drugon we see the message error on safari, we just fixed the background images, please let us know what else do you see. Thanks!

Hello, there are issues with safari. Please fix them. Background under “brands” does not show up and couple of other issues.

working on that, thanks. We will update very soon.

Please take a look at the demo in safari, the “brands” and “testimonials” background show up now. The update will be ready in a few hours.

Hi I wanna 2 merge it to my wordpress Can i or not ??


@OmarKaBoo A good solution is: Create a folder on your server (named edutime) Upload the files of Edutime there. Use the landing with this url:

The landing is very simple to use, you just have to replace images and text. If you need help just let us know.

Good luck with your project!

Good work, looks very nice & clean, good luck with sales!

Thank you so much!

Very nice , GLWS .

Great template, it helps me to increase my conversions %
5 stars for you my friend!

Dear macrapong, thank you so much for purchasing my template.

How do you run or manage this theme? what CMS engine can we use? Best M

It is a simple HTML Template. We can help you to set up all you need. :)

I just purchased this theme. WOuld you help me with the main tab like Home>> About>> Blog>> etc

@nomenesl Hello,
Thanks for purchased.
This is a landing page with one page. Would you like to add more items at the menu? Please add this question at our forum at our website, we will help you with that.

I’ve changed the form quite a bit. Can you tell me which files deal with form validation?

Sure, there are 2 php files, use the one for the form (not for the newsletter).

hello, can i used this in wordpress? i read and think that it’s difficult (i dont understand bootstrap), maybe possible make this wordpress theme ?

This is not a WP Theme. But you can use it anyway. You can create a folder on your server, upload all the files there
The url will be:
The forms are already working, you just have to replace the email account.

We are here to help you.

but i dont understand how i’ll can edit a template herewith

oh! I understand. To edit this tempalte you need to know just a little of coding, to open the file in a code editor and change what you want.

Good luck with your project!

Hello, i have a question on customizing my Info Request box to become green. Can you help?

Did you asked this question at the forum? By email maybe?
I remember it… we have a lot of questions, so please add it to our forum.

Yes, I sent email a couple of days ago, no answer What’s ur forum link, please!

Hi, Is it possible to put this page into an existing wordpress theme as a page?


mmm, a solution could be this:
create a folder on your hosting, drop all the files there.
You will have the landing page on the same place where your wp is, and with the same domain name.
But you will have to edit the code using a code editor, not by WordPress.
Is our solution, I hope it helps you.