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EDUZERO - Education PSD Template

EDUZERO - Education PSD Template

EDUZERO - Education PSD Template - Corporate Photoshop

Eduzero is a PSD Theme designed for the companies which take part in the sector of education and for those who use LMS system. Eduzero will serve your purpose of choosing a new PSD Theme both for your educational website and for your system if you want. You will have a website which scores with your visitors under favour of favorable colors which are appropriate for your sector, different webpage alternatives and customizable areas. Eduzero has 28 different PSD files which include different alternatives for many pages. Images are located ONLY in the demo file, not in the PSD file you will download.

Highlighted Features :

  • 33 Fully Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files
  • Clean & Trendy Design
  • Awesome Clean Typography
  • Well Organized Layers
  • 2 Different Homepage Layouts
  • 4 Different Header and 4 Different Footer Design
  • 4 Different Types of Dropdown Menu Designs
  • Google Free Fonts
  • Free Font Icons
  • Easy to Customize Photoshop files
  • Nonstop Customer Support

Including PSD Files:

  • Main Page Style 1 (01-main-page-style-1.psd)
  • Main Page Style 2 (02-main-page-style-2.psd)
  • About Us Page (03-about-us)
  • NEW Event Page Style 1 – Classic Event Page (04-events-style-1.psd)
  • NEW Event Page Style 2 – Timetable Event Page (05-events-style-2.psd)
  • NEW Event Page Style 3 – Timeline Event Page (06-events-style-3.psd)
  • Gallery Page (07-gallery.psd)
  • Gallery Page with Open Image (08-gallery-open.psd)
  • Blog Page Style 1 (09-blog-style-1.psd)
  • Blog Page Style 2 (10-blog-style-2.psd)
  • Blog Details Page (11-blog-details.psd)
  • Teachers Page (12-teachers.psd)
  • Teachers Details – Teachers Profile Page (13-teacher-details.psd)
  • User Profile Page (14-user-profile.psd)
  • Course List Page Style 1 (15-course-list-style-1.psd)
  • Course List Page Style 2 (15-course-list-style-2.psd)
  • Course Details Page (17-course-details.psd)
  • Course Text Reading Page (18-course-text-reading.psd)
  • Course Video Page (19-course-video.psd)
  • Course Exam Page (20-course-exam.psd)
  • NEW Forum Main Page (21-forum-main.psd)
  • NEW Forum Topic Page (22-forum-topic.psd)
  • Contact Page (23-contact.psd)
  • Price List Alternatives Page (24-price-list.psd)
  • Register Page Style 1 (25-register-style-1.psd)
  • Register Page Style 2 (26-register-style-2.psd)
  • Sign In Page Style 1 (27-sign-in-style-1.psd)
  • Sign In Page Style 2 (28-sign-in-style-2.psd)
  • Not Found Page (29-not-found.psd)
  • Shortcodes (30-shortcodes.psd)
  • Header Alternatives (31-headers.psd)
  • Header Elements (32-header-elements.psd)
  • Footer Alternatives (33-footers.psd)

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