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Just upgraded to the new version and now my theme options page is broken, nothing under the third menu item on the left even comes up when you click it. How to fix?

There’s no “License Certificate” next to “Regular License” like in your picture.

Contact Envato support to get this code, Thanks

I am interested in purchasing your theme, I understand that it supports Arabic language however, I want to make sure whether the design layout matches the type of writing in Arabic from right to left. Will the layout of the theme be styled to suit the language?

Thank You

Yes works well, and also there Arabic font :)

presale question :D

in post, can i remove big image in top post and remove author box in bottom post?

you can control everything :)

Hello; I have some issues with the theme: 1- the fonts are not changeable even after change the font name from “Typography”. 2- video impeding is not working (just show the video box but the video is not working). 3- how can i remove the theme social links from the lowest bar in the footer

thanks; i submitted my questions there. hope to get answer soon.

hello; no one answered my first two points in the forum!. could you please support

no support here please use the support forums, Thanks

Thank you

After updating strictly following the theme instructions for the updating; all the Theme Options seem to be frozen. It is not possible to edit any option, except the General Settings and the Header Settings all the following items shows an empty panel if selected.

as instructions given by you before i am not able to do please can you do it for me for that where can i send you the dashboard and my cpanel password.

Please use the support forums , Thanks

more recently, instead of posts is a blank page. after changing the define (‘WP_DEBUG’, true); there is a mountain of errors:

Strict Standards: Declaration of WPBakeryVisualComposer::addShortCode() should be compatible with WPBakeryVisualComposerAbstract::addShortCode($tag, $func) in /wp-content/themes/effectivenews/composer/js_composer/composer/lib/composer.php on line 8

and so on. what can I do?

Hello valeevadward, Please use the support forums

i have purchased this theme and using for developing a website in hindi but there is some problem in post title … it is displaying some unwanted character like square box in home page slider and news boxes ..please tell the solution

Hello rahulsingh2909 , Please use the support forums

what is the last Version ???

I do not understand What do you mean ?!

May be error for you, the latest version is 3.1.1

helo effective lab I tried to sign in you forum support but I did not find the option of license certificade in my download option to include in your forum

Contact Envato support to get this code, Thanks

how can i increase the post title length in slider and news boxes .. as i am posting the content in hindi and it is not displaying more than 3 word instead it is displaying ….. or square box type character .

Hello rahulsingh, Please use the support forums , Thanks

I said, if the posts are in multiple categories – that fall into a slider images that are present in other headings:

Hello valeevadward, Please use the support forums , Thanks

Pre – sale Q!

Is the header logo (the website logo, name) customizable? I’d like to make my own website Logo and put it on the header.

Do you plan on making an audio widget for the theme? I’d be way more convenient than to deal with soundcloud.

How newbie friendly is the theme?

Hello Djinjifila , for header logo you have 2 options logo image and site name and you have already soundcloud widget in effectivenews theme

1. Child theme are installed but broken. please see attached file. 2. When I upload the image, Sometimes I get the HTTP error. Though images are inserted in upload folder.Yet it shows the error.

Please answer, I need your help ASAP.

Please use the support forums from

One more pre – sale Q!

I want to create an artist catalogue and be able to build it so that every music artist has his own page with information, discography, tour dates, etc. Will I be able to build that with your theme and how?

I wanna do the same thing for labels as well. Be able to post reviews and then automatically connect them to the label’s page so that it shows when you click on the label’s page that this album is by this label.

Thanks in advance.

And what are the gallery options btw? WHat I mean is that I want my users to be able to browse through different galleries for every artist/album/label.

I think it will not help you on that :( you can use some plugin to do that

hi I have buy this theme but the problme how i active rtl

Hello Dear, please use the support forums

Hi, I have an established blog with many previous blog posts. I installed this theme but none of my images are showing up on the front homepage. Please help?

Where do I find the license certificate number to activate my access to support forums? I followed the instructions here but I don’t have that link called “License Certificate”

nvm i got it!! thanks

Hi what is the logo dimensions.

in demo site 211w x 62h, But there is the possibility of the use of any dimensions you want


hey i will like to buy this theme but i want to know if there is video tutorial for the theme

How can I change the post date format?

yes, please use the support forums

I can’t find the Envato Purchase Code. Please ensure that the envato download interface is not changed from this screen:

Contact Envato support to get this code, Thanks