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Hi, I just purchased the theme and installed on wordpress. I want to get the default theme view and run the site. Please help.

Hello visaac, Please use the support forums

Nice theme Good Luck :)

Thanks onesmfa :)

Hello, I want to ask. How to translate word comment in another language, see photo. I have tried to POEDIT but opportunity is not. I even tried to editor but even there I can find. Please do me a solution.


Hello fitims, Please use the support forums , Thanks

Hi Could you urgently advise why, only since Sunday when we updated our WordPress theme template to yours, we are having so many issues with our site? We have changed the colour on breaking news to blue, yet every time we have an issue with the page loading it shows up red, and when this happens none of the pictures load and the lower parts of the pages, including footer, won’t load. We have been in 3 newspapers this week and getting so much traffic to our site but we are concerned with it not showing up and its only been since we used your theme. Please advise URGENTLY. Thanks Junior Nomads

Hello Dear, Please use the support forums , Thanks for using effectivenews theme

Nice theme Good Luck man

Thanks hact0r :)

Hi do you have just html version of this theme?

Unfortunately does not have a HTML version


How often do you attend the support forum? We have out site broken by a javascript error in a theme js file from yesterday and have no answer yet.

have been answered

Hi EffectiveLab, Can you please advice how to make the letters darker in the theme, because they are too light and you have to strain your eyes to see? Thank you

Please use the support forums

Hi, when I want to choose some work at theme options, open “” adress. Why? Help me please. I sent message your profile.

Please use the support forums

Unfortunately, I can’t find support. I’m sorry that I bought this theme. Because of the two times in the same problem is repeated. I do not think to use this theme. The problem continues.

In fact this is not a problem in theme and no one of the buyers talked about this problem However the support forum works if you need Thanks

I need help with the Caro slider, it will not work for me on 4.0. I am not using the support forum because my account is not matched with my product key, can you simply just fix this for me? I am frustrated constantly with your updates.

Please send your dashboard in private message from my profile

sent to you.

i have been answered

i’m very happy with this theme. Just to problems. 1. The pinterest button is not working, i get an error when i want to post some thing 2. In the tabbed wiget i want to hide “comment”can not find were to do this. Hope you can help me.

Hello dear , please use the support forums thanks for using effective news theme

Great theme! I purchased it two days ago, but I have two problems:

1) None of the sliders display images.

2) The right sidebar widgets display perfectly on sub-pages, but are at the bottom of the left column on the Home page.

IMO, the jury is out with this purchasing system because it requires too many clicks, at least with this theme developer <—very frustrating!!!

Also, who is supporting this theme anyway?? I read in one place that the developer is providing support and read in another place that Themeforest is providing support. In any case, I’m in an infinite loop when trying to register at—I can’t find any information or solution to my problems outside of that site and the theme is not well documented.

Please email me form profile and send your dashboard

Is anyone else having a problem with the sliders?I’ve resolved my sidebar widget problem.

Has anyone found a fix the the slider problem? I’ve disabled absolutely ALL of my plugins and none of the sliders in this theme are working.

Is there any way to shrink the site via CSS for mobile devices? I’ve asked this question three times now and still no answer. And my forum ID or whatever is all messed up so I can’t get into that.

Hello dear, We did not see this question earlier, and please use the support forums or contact from effectivelab profile to get help, Thanks for using effective news theme.

I have updated to latest version and there is problem with the slider on the Home page. Some of the pictures are not showing as they did before update

Hello dear, please use the support forums to get help , Thanks for using effective news theme

Hi, please I send a message in the private area on Thursday. Please can you help me? Thanks a lot.

We are sorry for delay, answered

Hi, I’m thinking about to buy this template, but my most important question is: Is it possible to use chinese characters on the site, and translate all the menus, etc. to this language? Thank you in advance.

Hello Dear, Yes you can use this theme to your language and you can translate all theme files.

Hi, just some feedback, your demo site doesn’t seem to include Woocommerce or forum examples. :( Hope you guys can update the demo site – let us know when you do! Cheers.

hello dear, thank you for feedback , We will do it for you :)

I am very pleased with the thema. Congratulations!

Thank Adagilson, this our pleasure :) and please don’t forget to rate it

Getting very frustrated now with thie $40 theme!! I continue to have problems with it and I upgraded to v4.1.2:

1) The home page sliders still don’t work—none of them have worked since I first installed this theme (v4.0).

2) Now most of the thumbnail images across the entire site are broken (yes, the files exist on my server and I am using the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin suggested by the theme’s documentation). Ihave tried resetting Permalinks but that hasn’t helped. I have also deleted the featured images in the posts and updated them. And I have edited the images in the Media Library.

3) Also, the Facebook social counter widget doesn’t work and I have entered my FB ID number as required.

Anyone have suggestions?? Your assistance is appreciated.

pe6o87, have you found a solution to your home page slider problem or received assistance by way of a solution?

Can I get some support for this template? You keep telling everyone to go to but that Web site doesn’t provide any support for this template.

your password in support forums has been sent

I decided to do some debugging (turn debug on in wp-config.php) and am getting the following:

Notice: wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.) in /home/...serverpath../wp-includes/functions.php on line 3041

please use the support forums, Thanks