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Hello Small Rectangle boxes are appearing at the end of title in caro slider and others. How can I fix it

My website is

Facebook Social Counter also doesn;t count total likes.

I also used your support forum. but till yet i didn;t receive any response

Answered within the support forum

dear author , kindly tell me how can i add background under the sidebar title like that image >>

and also please tell me how can i use different side bar for home and posts. i mean , suppose i have 2 custom side bar . which i called sidebar 1 & sidebar 2 . now i want to show sidebar 1 on home page and sidebar 2 on every posts.

and please show this url first >>

at the bottom area u can see 12 bottom boxes are not in same line. the’re broken, i also use latest version (4+) , but i the’re also same problem. please fixed that.

:) thank you

Hello dear, Please use the support forums from

topic submitted , kindly see >>

WOW! I love this WP theme. It’s pretty much what I have been looking for, for almost a year. And the price is good too. Thank you Effective Lab

hello dear, This is our pleasure :) Thank u

can i add my own background on this theme

Hello Dear, yes sure in effective news you have 4 options for backgrounds : upload your background or use patterns or use background slider or background color

How can i change the logo

from theme option > header settings > Logo Options you can upload your logo image or use the site name

i had send you a question on s support page i still don’t get respond

Widged-Tabbed: How can I change language of the three tabs (popular into ‘popularno’, recent into ‘najnovije’, etc.). Also, is it possible to remove ‘(0) Comments’ next to the headlines of the news on a homepage. And finally, how do I change English names of the months on the homepage into some other language?

Hello Dear, Please use the support forums , Thanks

How can i create custom blog template within this theme? Can you please tell me? Pagination for the blog template & Pagination for the posts also?

Hello Dear, Please use the support forums

PreSale Question !

Is it possible to add left and as well as right side bar in this theme ?

And whether the width of boxed type can be increased ?

Hello Dear, you can add 2 sidebars in right or left only and for box width you can use custom css option in theme options

Hi, very impressed with the them pack. Having couple of queries;

1. Does it come with user rating feature in rating system? 2. Does it come with lightbox feature? 3. Does it come with BBpress feature? I dont see BBpress in demo site.

your early reply will be grateful.

Hello Dear, first for user rating is not available in this theme but lightbox shortcode included as for bbpress demo i will try to display in demo site.

Hi. I don’t see a shopping cart in your demo. Is WooCommerce integrated with your theme?

Hello Dear, Available but not available in demo site sorry i don’t have more time now but I’m going to activate the WooCommerce in demo site

Hi. Does that mean that if i activate WooCommerce, the shopping cart, checkout pages etc will be according to EffectiveNews theme?

Must I do any design customization on my part?

No, everything compatible in effectivenews theme only activate woocommerce plugin in your wordpress

Hello :)

I have a Question. You can order the homepage layout in the theme options. you can add sliders, categorys, news. Is it possible to do that with several pages? I need some single pages, where i can add these sliders from the homepage. are there some shortcodes to generate all the different slider types?

would be great if it works

Hello Dear :), for your question you can use a visual composer page builder in pages to add sliders or news boxes

Thanks, I have one more question. I installed the theme in my blog. But the posts are not with all the stuff like share-bar, related posts, meta, featured image. I found out, that i need to go in a single post and have to update the article. after clicking on the update button the things are there. but only for this single post. i have 1500 posts. and this is a lot of work. the second problem ist that, all the post are set as Article Type “none”. but i need the featured image. is there a trick to do the featured image to all my posts?

Ok please use the support forums to get help

I’ve sent a request for a password to the support page but there is no reply. My featured images aren’t being shown on the home page posts and now when I try to save any changes….it says “error”.

Getting frustrated.

Hello Dear, Has been sent pwd

Hi can I show directly a video on the front page true blog layout? I want them to be able to press play right away on the front page of the site? is this possible if so how can I do this?

Hello Dear, Please use the support forums

The description mentions blog layout options. Is one of those options a full width image on top and blog excerpt below the image?

Is there a random post option? Where it will pull a random post from all categories?

Hello Dear, Certainly you will find a full width blog style within the theme and also tow other styles, and you can use the slider and scroller in blog style. But to display only the last posts from all categories.


same issue with this theme as with GoodNews theme on here….

Not responsive enough for 7 inch tablets, Looks find in landscape mode but portrait view has over a 1 cm gap each side. doesn’t look good. Just a bit of advice, i would have been tempted to use buy this alongside that theme but this is something i really dont like…

Also its sad that i cannot see the review system in action on the homepage if i wanted to..

Hello again, For this problem was solved in the next version and also changed other things like theme options to make the theme more flexible and better in-use As for the review system in home page has been taken into consideration in the new version, Thanks again for your suggestions :)

Why not consider a user review and editor review system, similar to CNET… alot of people are looking for this type of feature so they can create a community.

The previous suggestion of integrated buddypress for this is a good one. Would take your theme to the next level.

Also does your visual composer editor extend to post page types as well as pages page type? Its nice to customize a post with elements as well as a page.

Hello Dear, Thanks for your suggestions will be taken into consideration in the next versions and for visual composer extend to pages.

Hello, How to change font on Tabbed, Rel (Last News), Slide and Title? Please send answer.

Thank you..

Hello Dear, Please use the support forums to get help , Thanks