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Any timescale on when the new version with the above changes might be available? Are we talking days, weeks or months.. So I know to look out for it, don’t really want to check back every day. Don’t have the time.

Also, just checked your website on my iPhone and it could be better responsive on that aswell. I like to see the boxed design in desktop but on tablets and mobiles, I like screen to screen – Full responsive width. Looks better on a small screen. Every bit of space counts on smaller devices.

Next week, God willing.

Hello again, you can download version 5 now

I thought responsive issue was fixed you said, the demo still shows all the same responsive flaws as before. Just visited on my iPhone 4S and 5 and it still looks skewed.

Until now have not updated the demo site, The existing version on demo site now is version 4.0.0, We are now working on a new demo

Hi, I just updated the latest version. All seems OK after modifications have been lost.The problem now, if i click effective news theme option or theme option to customize my theme it would not open and gives me only a blank page. My customization is gone then there’s no way to bring it back through ‘theme option’.Please help.

Please follow up your message within the support forum

i just did

Hello Guys After i installed the theme in my site i got the following issue: All post meta, review, share and related articles doesn’t work or show in all old posts, i have to edit each post and update it to make it work!!

Check your spam

got it , Ticket sent..!

Hello everyone, I would be interested in buying the template, very nice. I want to know if it also contains any plug-in and the database (simpledata) to make it equal to the demo version.


Hello Dear, The xml demo content included in theme package check this video From 1:27, Regards

I installed the template, and after I imported the. Xml file, but I can not display the template as the demo version. Where am I wrong? Thank you for your help.

Hello Dear, Thanks for purchasing effective news theme, and if you need help please use the support forums

Regards EffectiveLab

I’m hoping to use this theme for my newspaper.

Can you tell me, if a post does not have a featured image (which will occur if a story is about a concept and nothing visual) How does the theme react? For instance, will the text automatically slide up or left to take the place of a missing image in the category blocks? How about the “most recent/popular” block?

Also, can you set the slider to be static? (Just one photo?)

This will be very helpful! Thank you!

Hello Dear, Sorry this theme does not work without pictures and for the static slider in next version It will be available.


Hello, if is possible to provide the file single.php, for this update, as i see, the frame work has change, for better, but im have the same problem, in the first contact, tanks i will look to hear from you mate, thanks for the good job in this latest version..!

Thanks, have nice weekend.. mate..=)..!

We are happy to serve you ;)

Ok just spoke with someone who owns this theme and having looked at some screenshots of the latest installation 5.0.1

You have not fixed the responsive look for Iphone or google nexus like you mentioned you had?...

What is going on here.

Hello Dear, This problem was resolved in the latest version and has already been tested.

Well this is v5.0.1… Do you have a newer release?

Here is what I looks like on an iPhone. That doesn’t look very good. Massive gaps on left and right side. Not very responsive.

Please you can send screenshot for this

logo have some problem. i use logo but it brake when i use blog style.
i also see the source code it shows like this:
<img alt="Stay With My Blog" src="Array" />
please suggest me the solution.
Please check your spam or email me from profile

I also check my spam/junk folder but there is no mail… :( i am sending you via mail. thanks

The issue is resolved

Screenshot as requested

It’s the same with tablet. Not very responsive. I think there content should go to the edge of the screen. No border, or tiny tiny border. Fully responsive for all devices. Except desktop view.

Unfortunately, I do not see a problem in this picture because this demo is fixed !

What do you mean you do not see a problem, the fix you were supposed to implement was making the theme better responsive and edge to edge for better viewing….

Looking at the image I’ve showed you, you have blatantly not done this… Unless you have a special version of this file..

This needs fixing, otherwise this theme is useless to me and I’m sure it will eventually annoy authors too.

Dear if you bought a theme and who is experiencing a problem I hope to go to the support forums to get help.


Hello – I just installed the new version of the theme and am having troubles. Yes, I opened a ticket on the support forum days ago…

Here is the issue:

The news alerts across the top bar have stopped scrolling on my site. The thumbnails on the news carousel have also disappeared and the home page menu drop downs aren’t showing up.


Hello, I want to know what font is used on logo? I wish to make my own logo but I like that font, and need to know if is included in theme?

Hello Dear,

We will include the logo PSD in the next release, Good day :)


Hello, The template is interesting, and I am interested in purchasing this theme but I have some questions, I know that this template support RTL, my question is: 1- Is the template translated to Arabic ( .po for Arabic language is already exist) or I have to translate it (all the buttons and menus ..) 2- dose there an option each page (on the header for example) to switch between the English and Arabic content.

Thanks a lot

Hello Dear,

RTL supported in effective news theme and translated to arabic and for the other question you can do this by using plugins ex: WPML

Regards EffectiveLab

I purchased the theme and it has some major technical glitches. I need to get into the support forum but you need a password and the password never gets mailed to me. Before you ask, no, it is not in a spam or deleted folder. The password simply does not get mailed and I have re-sent it dozens of times. So how can I get some technical support?

The 3 main issues I’m having is that 1. the videos do not work in the video post mode and 2. there is no home page icon for people to navigate back to the home page. It shows there is one in the demo version but not in mine. I am using wordpress version 3.8.1 and the third issue is that the bottom boxes do not show even though they are enabled in the settings.

Hello Dear,

Please email me from effectivelab profile


Great work! Hi, I have a pre-purchase question, please. I know this may sound really odd, but if anyone can please let me know if the Events plug called, “The Events Calendar” by Modern Tribe, Inc works out-of-the-box with this template? That plugin normally does work out-of-the-box (i.e., picks up the template’s style-sheet for the events pages), but I had a very bad experience with another template where it didn’t, and so that is one of the criteria we want to confirm before purchasing a replacement template. Thank you in advance. Regards, JD

Hello Dear,

Sorry, This theme does not support this plugin “The Events Calendar” now.



Why on earth this theme is so handicapped??! - does not have a simple way to place a simple button in the simple center? - Why icons are not listed alphabetically? so frustrating! - Why do you have a visual builder that constantly loads nothing?

Can you do something about it? Like, can you make it a cool theme as it deserves? Right now this theme looks good but it’s pathetically un-user friendly. I want to use it, but you are not giving me the good tools to manage it.

Please do me this favor of fixing it and by doing so you will do a big favor to yourself as well. Looking forward for updates.

Hello Dear,

Please use the support forums or email me from effective lab profile to get help ,


is this a joke? I left 200 comments and thats your reply? im leaving bad review after this

Dear unfortunately we do not offer support here in comments use the support forums or email ,


Gurify, the thing to remember here is that the author seems reluctant to fix issues brought up and any comments he doesn’t like he just reports to envato to remove. If he is going to start reporting user posts, I’m going to start reporting his posts.

Whether I bought the theme or not is irrelevant, I have asked you several pre sale questions which not only have you ignores but you have had removed because you don’t want your other potential buyers to see what you do…

Your comments area is stuffed full of people who get no answers from you on here or anywhere else… What you don’t like is negative reviews on here or posts that show what your like as an author… Incase it affects your sales… The answer for you is to provide better pre/post sale support as well as stop abusing the comment moderation. I have reported this to Envato by the way.

My posts are neither abusive or inappropriate. I’m also well within my rights to speak my mind, as long as I don’t get aggressive. You on the other hand are exploiting the comment review system which I have brought to the attention of Envato

None of my posts have been offensive or abusive… These are 2 criteria envato use to moderate comments… Sadly they are not properly monitoring them and you get away with reporting everything… Well until envato sort this out.. I may do the same.

You asked about things buyers themselves did not complain about them , And we get back to you more than once, and you still ask at the same point, although you did not try the theme so far , This is our product that you would like to buy this is an honor for us and we will support you and that you do not like do not buy it and please stop to comment.


Sir Please include Privacy Policy, Ad Choice ,Terms of Use ,Mobile User Agreement.In the footer Options and i request you to add in the the next Update

You make this pages and add this pages to footer menu

How can we assign to footer

i will add footer menu for u in next version ;)